Saturday, October 8, 2011


 (comments regarding the Oct.6 Fat Cat experiment)

Quoting from Ni-H LENR Genesis 40:21  (a chapter of the Transition Metal LENR Great Book)

 I was standing on the bank of the river when there came up seven Fat E-Cats generating energy. After them,  seven other E-cats came up, skinny and ugly and ate the Fat Cats.”

It has happened again- not the ugly facts were slaying beautiful hypotheses but bad experiments have ruined good ideas. First,
when the tweets of the journalists have announced that the  Fat Cat
is in the wonderful state of self-sustainment but the power is surprisingly low, 3.5 kW for a device of nominal power of 27kW I
thought it is a case of Pyrrhic victory i.e. Rossi has sacrificed 87% of the capacity in order to eliminate two weaknesses of the former
- measuring now the enthalpy of the fluids coming out of the E-cat’s core;
- going in self-sustaining regime and eliminating doubts re the plus solving the COP problem  (these two points make a good experimental strategy)

However as more and more data came out, the outcame became more and more like a kind of Pyrrhic defeat.
became a sad reality:

- we were promised a 12+ hours experiment, but it was stopped after 7.5 hours with no explanation; was it a case of vis major or just an ad-hoc capricious decision?
- the secondary circuit cooling water has worked with a small temperature difference and with low measurement precision;
- the primary steam hot water circuit was open and this can mean that the E-cats still cannot work with internal recirculation-as it was promoted by Defkalion;
- I insist in telling that for an open primary circuit direct steam sparging in a steam-water mixing valve is much better than a heat exchanger;
- different analyses of the global COP value gave different results from negative to 6, but all very low; please consider that electric
energy is more expensive than thermal energy (in Romania’s towns the price of 1Gcal thermal energy varies between 70-and 245 RONs while 1Gcal electric energy is  465 RONs) ;
- a new mystery has appeared – the frequency generator?
 I will not tell more about the  experimental data, our Vortex colleague Horace Heffner has made a bright analysis:
Thank you, Horace, great work, it’s a pity that the raw data were not better or more relevant!\

In many respects, it was a kind of poor and hurried man’s experiment. The context- no contract with the great US company, still no official collaboration with the two friendly universities added to the negative perspective.
After all these incomplete experiments, I can sympathise with Rossi’s complains but cannot agree with them see e.g.:
Andrea Rossi
Dear One-of-the-99%:
The more I work, the more the E-Cats will work, the more will pop up blogs against our work: the more they are afraid of us, the more they will try to talk badly of us. The more they talk badly of us, the more they give evidence that our E-Cats work: nobody is aggressive against something he is not afraid of..
Now let’s go to the start up of the 1 MW plant.
Warm Regards,
Wouldn’t it be easier to do at least one really good, well planned  and carefully executed experiment? Especially if the story that one E-cat has heated a space in Rossi’s building for two years is true.
But this repeatable event: we are shown a beautiful E-cat, and then comes an ugly one and swallows it –is very disappointing. To see how instead that high art of experiment optimization, the low practice of experiment pessimization (or ruin) is applied. does not promises a great future for this bold variant of LENR.

Some of my conclusions to the Oct 6 Fat Cat experiment:

a)     The Fat Cat really generates some excess heat (I made this statement before and have lost some good friends; I thought that “differences in opinion attract smart people and repels only those who are not so” but I was excessively naïve. For some people to not believe in the same Gods or theories as them, defines the enemy)
b)     To generate excess heat and to be a (potential) energy source  are very different things see e.g.
Actually explosives for example give a lot of excess heat but it is really difficult to use them as energy source.
c)     The ECat or the Fat Cat do not generate excess heat in a fully controllable way. My good friend Francesco Piantelli has warned many times that till you don’t know all the parameters of the Ni-H system, you cannot control it. And this needs systematic work, research based on the scientific method. There are no shortcuts
to an industrial solution for anybody. OK, I know Rossi claims his system has nothing to do with Piantelli’s,  is NOT based on nanostructures and deep degassing but on a wonderful one-man’s secret catalyst, strangely unpatentable.
On long range, I think the E-cat is still corrigible; re its author, I don’t know.

Rossi’s latest performance in simultaneously doing and not doing things is very subversive for my confidence in the 1MW demo—21 days left to this ‘historical’ event


  1. Just a comment to Horace Heffner's PDF:
    He wrote: A COP of 3 is marginal for commercial applications.

    It must be considered that electrical energy has as least 3 times the cost as oil or gas energy.

    With a COP of 3 the e-cat would convert high valued and highly controllable energy into lowest value and almost uncontrollable energy. It will even produce this energy when it is not needed and to dissipate this unneededenergy will produce additional cost.

    So Rossi has made a commercial disproof and a scientifically worthless proof with this experiment. It is intensely discussed, but all discussion is wasted time. Its the same crap as before, high promises, disappointing deliveries.
    I will not take this serious until he presents something that shows undiscussable results.
    Then we can discuss over hidden energy sources ;-)


  2. Unfortunately you are right It is about high currency and low currency energy.The problems of the E-cat can be solved but Rossi claims he knows better. I wonder who knows his counsellors e.g. Prof Hidetsugu Ikegami- if I remmeber the name well.

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    1. Thank you for your attention and kindness!