Saturday, October 22, 2011


My Dear Friends,

I still hope you will multiply successfully and disseminate INFORMAVORE’s SUNDAY everywhere even if the time
of this type of newsletters is, more or less, over. I am thinking
about how to increase the immediacy of the information I am
sending to the world. But first I want to arrive to issue 500.

You can find many good papers here- especially about thinking
and social sites.
In the real World, the Crisis is still our bad neighbor and the world
is increasingly suffering from chronic Probletence-  but eventually a very resistant dictator was lynched and has learned that the inevitable happens. But not only such things happen and this makes the world really interesting/

Very truly yours,




Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2011 — Global, Mobile, and Immersive:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  
Use Clicker to track your favorite TV shows:


50 Kick-Ass Websites You Need to Know About:


Social Media- video:

10 Truths about Social Media & Social Business you need to know:

Social Media Report: Spending Time, Money and Going Mobile:

A Social-Media Decoder New technology deciphers— and empowers—the millions who talk back to their televisions through the Web:



G oogle's Brin touts company's focus and research:

How Google’s self driving car works:

A new look for Gmail:          


Ambiguous words:


Shakesperae Insult Kit:

Free Audio Books: The Top Eight Websites:


Reading a Book Versus a Screen: Different Reading Devices, Different Modes of Reading?:         


How Touch and Movement Contribute to the Development of the Brain:


Young Human-Specific Genes Correlated With Brain Evolution:


Unexplained communication between brain hemispheres without corpus callosum:


IQ Is Not Fixed in the Teenage Brain:

CENtral Science:


A New Discipline Emerges: The Psychology of Science:


New Evidence for the Oldest Oxygen-Breathing Life On Land:

Interpreting Bloodstaim Patterns:



Microbes help giant pandas overcome meat-eating heritage Researchers find the microorganisms that help bears digest bamboo:


EmTech: Get Ready for a New Human Species Now that we can rewrite the code of life, Darwinian evolution can't stop us, says investor Juan Enriquez:

Science anti-aphrodisiac:

Researchers reveal baby-killer birds:


Interesting news on Technology, Web and Internet: (I have subscribed to this)


A Fish of an Idea.  Analyzing swimming schools of fish inspired a California biophysicist to try to improve the performance of wind turbines:


Plastic Fantastic: The Future of Biodegradables:


Industrial By-Products Upgraded Into Fuel:

Three new developments in creating better grapheme:

Kinect Turns Any Surface Into a Touch Screen Researchers combine a Kinect sensor with a pico projector to expand the possibilities for interactive screens.:


Seeing Through Walls: New Radar Technology Provides Real-Time Video of What’s Going On Behind Solid Walls:


Why the  Scientific Revolution Happened:

Use the Khan Academy to learn almost anything for free:

Musical aptitude relates to reading ability:


Infographic – The Science of Peer Pressure:

Forgetting Is Part of Remembering::

Geography quizzes:

The 50 coleest fictional cities:

Thinking Europe without thinking

Neo-colonial discourse on and in the western Balkans:

Nuanced thinking:


Why We're at War With Ourselves: Understanding Racism as an Introduction to Psychology:

…a thousand words:                  

The psychology of bribery:


Why Does God Love Beards?A discussion of facial hair in world religions:


Learning not to compete:


How to Punish Corporate Wrongdoers to Deter Bad Behavior

Learning, changing and thinking:


Competing for the Global Middle Class Three types of companies are jockeying for position in emerging economies, seeking to capture the loyalty of billions of new consumers:

13 tips for setting performance:

Larry Summers: Conscience is the Knowledge That Someone is Watching:

There’s Enough Math in Finance Already. What’s Missing is Imagination.

Creativity is a vital skill for leaders:                         

Get things done:


Hidden Genetic Influence on Cancer Discovered:

Bioengineering to Generate Healthy Skin:

Molecules to Medicine: Clinical Trials for Beginners:


Drunkorexia:' A Recipe for Disaster:



All for one aim: Multi-pronged approach to fight hunger:


Agricultural Development Key to Ending Hunger in Africa:


Global Meat Production and Consumption Continue to Rise:


Laser Makes Sure Food Is Fresh:


Taste buds- complementary flavors (visualization):

Food Without Preservatives -- Thanks to Self-Cleaning Equipment:



Psychopathic Killers: Computerized Text Analysis Uncovers the Word Patterns of a Predator


You Tube Insult Generator:





A Brief History of Malware; The First 25 Years:


Six most memoravble viru s mistakes:


Debunking Antivirus Conspiracy Theories

The Business Side of Malware


The Criminal Cloud Criminals are using cloud computing to share information and to superpower their hacking techniques:


New Malware Brings Cyberwar One Step Closer Stuxnet-like code found on industrial machines in Europe may have performed reconnaissance in preparation for attack:.


Smartphone malware could identify words typed on nearby keyboards:                         


Top 10 Best Free Online Virus Scanners




New Google Smart Phone Recognizes Your Face The Galaxy Nexus phone includes face unlocking, improved voice recognition, and touch-sharing.


  1. I agree with you that social networks are the best platform for promotion of a business and commodities.Many organizations have used it for marketing their products and have succeeded in it.

  2. You are right, INFORMAVORE's SUNDAY promotes the social network revolution. Please promote the INFORMAVORE!
    Thank you!

    1. I guess the current recession has crippled the entire world's economy.Many organizations have turned to other means for promoting their websites and products.One of these methods is through internet.I encourage social network users to actively support INFORMAVORE.

    2. Thank you! Actually they are people who read INFORMAVORE
      but nobody encourages it, When it was in Romanian it had
      around to 7700 readers per issue; now in English it has
      (very) few hundreds.
      Nothing can change this, it seems. I am ready to sell the newsletter.

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