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A lot of  quality info- the most interesting – for me
was- “Bad is stronger than Good” Please demonstrate that it does not tell the truth, if you can.
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Top 50 U.S. Web Sites (Properties) for September 2011:

The Internet, peer reviewed:               

In the Future, We Will Wear the Internet:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

The best sites for free sound effects on the Web:


Ixquick Scores Another First: Encrypts ALL Searches

The World's Most Private Search Engine now makes SSL encryption the default:                        


Unblock a Blocked Website: Ten Different Ways:



Twitter and TV Get Close to Help Each Other Grow:



Gmail & Google Reader Getting Redesigns:

How Google is pushing Google + in your face:

Blogger to Integrate With Google+


Google's Business Experiment: Nothing but Web Computers that do everything in a Web browser are touted as an inexpensive alternative for companies.


Google's Eric Schmidt: Top 10 Reasons Bureaucrats Drive Me nuts:          top-10-reasons-bureaucrats-drive-me-nuts-2/


An update on Google  TV:



10 Words You Might Think Came from Science (But Are Really From Science Fiction):                        

Subtext makes e-reading social:

ebrary now offering e-book downloads


The 21st century brain- a new series at Big Think:


Reading the brain:

Mind-goggling It is now possible to scan someone’s brain and get a reasonable idea of what is going through his mind:

What Neuroscience Tells Us about Morality
by Patricia S. Churchland:


Brain Scans Support Findings That IQ Can Rise or Fall Significantly During Adolescence:

Your brain won’t allow you to believe the apocalypse could actually happen:                           


Astronomers discover complex organic matter in the universe:                         


Watching Motion of Electrons in Molecules During Chemical Reactions:

Researchers Identify Mysterious Life Forms in the Extreme Deep SeaP:


Do Bacteria Age? Biologists Discover the Answer Follows Simple Economics:


Production of Biofuel from Forests Will Increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Study Finds:

Disadvantages of Aviation Biofuels:

Amory Lovins On Creating A Prosperous Economy Without Oil, Coal, Or Nuclear:

10 inventions that wiped out businesses:

New Technique Turns Viruses Into Useful Tools In one simple step, viruses can be turned into sophisticated structures with novel optical or biomedical properties: .

Scientists develop affordable solar panel that work in the dak:

The all-telling eye Webcams can now spot which ads catch your gaze, read your mood and check your vital signs:

Inphographic- the tablet revolution:

New Method of Growing High-Quality Graphene Promising for Next-Gen Technology:

Mind-reading The terrible truth

Technology can now see what people are thinking. Be afraid:


Steven Pinker: Humans are less violent than ever:

Joel Cohen: Top 10 key population trends on Earth with 7 billion:


Rethinking Higher Education:

7 billion people and you: What's your number?:

Grist for the cognitive mill:



Curiosity Is Critical to Academic Performance:

Decision-Making: What You Want Vs. How You Get It:

Psychologists Defend the Importance of General Abilities


Bad is Stronger than Good: Why Eliminating the Negative is More Important than Accentuating the Positive:


The defenders of Negativity:

Nice: ten things you should be able to say before you die:


A Rest, a Meal, Then Death for 5,000-Year-Old Glacier Mummy: Scientists Consolidate Results of Research Into Ötzi’s State of Health and His Death:


Women Aren't Becoming Engineers Because of Confidence Issues, Study Suggests:

What is the “Zeigarnik Effect” and how does it help you avoid distraction, focus and get things done?:


The Depression: If Only Things Were That Good:


The Global Innovation 1000: Why Culture Is Key. Booz & Company’s annual study shows that spending more on R&D won’t drive results. The most crucial factors are strategic alignment and a culture that supports innovation:              


Disappointing Recovery, Not Much Growth in Sight:


Yet More Grim Inequality News from the CBO:

Gerry McGovern-The Customer Spring: Empowered customers rise up:                          

The economy in haiku:

From Cultural Offering- Exepundit’s greatest hits:

Why should you keep it simple:

Managing Yourself: How to Cultivate Engaged Employees

The Dangers of Comparison shopping:


Studying Depression: Researchers Demonstrate Rare Animal Model:


Human Brains Are Made of the Same Stuff, Despite DNA Differences:


Brain Scans Reveal Drugs' Effects On Attention


Religious, Spiritual Support Benefits Men and Women Facing Chronic Illness, Study Finds:

Natural intestinal flora involved in the emergence of multiple sclerosis:


A More Modern Blood Thinner Researchers get closer to making the drug heparin without raw animal materials:.

Babies and toddlers should learn from play not screens:


How Cannabis Causes 'Cognitive Chaos' in the Brain:



How many people in the world today are hungry?:


Vertical Farming: Apple Store Meets Greenhouse Meets Skyscraper:        

High-Tech Hydroponic Farm Transforms Abandoned Bowling Alley  (with thanks to Jed Rothwell)

Scary Can Be Exciting When It Comes to Strange Traditional Foods:

'Magnetic Tongue' Ready to Help Produce Tastier Processed Foods:



A good read for weekends:




Take the Web safety quizz:


Antivirus Testing: The Two Most Important Posts You Will Ever Read:

How to Check Out a Hoax:


Biggest Ever Study Shows No Link Between Mobile Phone Use and Tumors:

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