Saturday, October 15, 2011


My dear Readers,

It was a good week for informavores and info-gourmets.
My favorite piece this time is the idea to replace the “knowledge worker” with the “insight worker” who is higher on the DIKW scale- if applied in practice this could make the world much better.

This newsletter still has a very moderate success but I enjoy being fast and well informed and I try to inform my friends. It seems this publication will never enter the epidemic phase, being as attractive and mainstream as an advertisment for “brain enlargement”.
It will be popular when “intellectual” will be something good and positive.
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Internet regulation: The need for more transparent Internet filtering systems and improved measurement of public opinion on Internet filtering

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

Check what time it is anywhere in the world on the Web:

Excessive use of search engines leads to memory loss, says a study:                                                  


Just Released: Full Text: 2011 Social Media Consumer Trend Report:

How social media is a lot like dating:


Crowdsourcing Democracy Through Social Media:

Reference Resources: New Infographic: Facebook Facts and Figures 2011:          

Can Twitter predict the future? Internet forecasting: Businesses are mining online messages to unearth consumers’ moods—and even make market predictions:


The Social-Network Chip The growth of social media, search, and shopping could help chip startups get a foot in the data-center door:



Improve your Google-fu with these 13 vital search commands:


Google rolls out two new features: Real-time search and improved hashtag support:

Google Wave, Reincarnated Wave is often considered one of Google's most embarrassing failures, but several startups are bringing the ideas it introduced back to life:

Larry Page Google + has now over 40 million users:

Is Google+ a Solution in Search of a Problem?

It’s not clear what Google+ has to offer that is much different from Facebook and Twitter; it will be difficult for Google’s social network to gain as broad a user base:

Why you can’t compareGoogle+ user  figures to Facebook or Twitter:


Common errors in English usage:

And non errors;


Almost Wikipedia: What Eight Collaborative Encyclopedia Projects Reveal About Mechanisms of Collective Action:

Ebooks don’t spell the end of literature:


Dramatic Growth | LJ‘s Second Annual Ebook Survey:

Redesigned Europeana Portal launched:



Is the Brain Good at What It Does?:


New way to gain a clear view of the Brain:

UCLA researchers discover rhythmic secrets of the brain:


Brain imaging reveals why we remain optimistic in the face of reality:                                    


How Life Might Have Survived 'Snowball Earth:


The Quasicrystal Laureate

Nobel Prize winner Dan Shechtman discusses the potential uses for quasicrystals:


New 'Diamond?' New Form of Superhard Carbon Is as Strong as a Diamond:


From Blue Whales to Earthworms, a Common Mechanism Gives Shape to Living Beings:


Ray Kurzweil: The Six Epochs of Technology Evolution:



Low-Cost Tablet Runs on Three Watts of Power Designed to teach math to students in poor countries, the device will be the first to use a new energy-efficient computing strategy:

How to count nanoparticles:


Researchers discover material with graphene-like properties:

Green urbanism:


Beyond the PC Mobile digital gadgets are overshadowing the personal computer, says Martin Giles. Their impact will be far-reaching:                      

The toilet of tomorrow:


World Development Report 2012;

by steven Pinker:

Penn Jillette: Reconciling Atheism with Libertarianism:


Three interesting essays by one of my favorite bloggers, Dave Pollard:

Perils of Polite Misunderstandings:

Antonio Damasio on emotions and reason:



I Loved What I Did' What we can learn from the legacy and life of Steve Jobs:

What We Should and Shouldn’t Learn from the Life of Steve Jobs


Valuing Differences…Here’s to the Crazy Ones:

What I have learned from Steve Jobs:

FiveBooks Interviews  Dan Ariely on Behavioural Economics:

From selling products to delivering services  (it is about Amazon):

Want to be in top 10% of all leaders? Develop 3 exceptional strengths…:

How iteration-it is kills good ideas:


Wealth, poverty and compassion The rich are different from you and me

They are more selfishz;

No such thing as extrinsic motivation:

Leadership in Complexity:

Spreading social capitalism:


Ten realities of working for a startup:


Secrets of a Successful Business Pitch:

The Gamification of Poverty A game with a message points the way to a future in which games are one of the best ways to teach ourselves just about anything.

Goodbye, Knowledge Workers. Hello, Insight Workers!

Why nice guys don’t always make it to top:



How aging-related brain diseases affect the brain:

Scientists Determine Alternative Insecticide Dramatically Reduces Malaria Transmission:

Tendons take shocks muscle won’t handle:


Genome of the Black Death Revealed Samples from a London cemetery of the bacteria that caused the plague are almost genetically identical to strains circulating now:


A New Twist on Artificial Muscles Carbon nanotube yarns produce as much torque as an electric motor:

First Physical Evidence Bilingualism Delays Onset of Alzheimer's Symptoms:

The Meaning of Hockey Our game is like no other. Nor is its history:



Agriculture With a Future Comes to Dinner:



Global Meat Production and Consumption Continue to Rise:


Gene Technology Can Help Food Crops Must to Withstand Harsher Weather:


Infographic: All The Genetically Modified Food You're Eating:

Healthy Apple Bread:


Five surprising foods that boost immunity:


Health Benefits of Broccoli Require the Whole Food, Not Supplements:

Which direction are herbicides heading?:

How to go vegetarian or vegan:



9 strangest gadgets you have ever seen:


Better Living Through Hilarity: Looking at the Healing Power of Laughter Yoga:

Outsmart the test!:





Viruses explained:


Cyber threats 2012: search poisoning, mobile Web attacks, selling social-media data:

Most damaging malware:

Man-in-the-Browser Attacks (MitB):


The Mobile Web - Learn More About the Mobile Web:

Smart Phones: Keeping Business Data Secure While Allowing Installation of Personal Apps:


  1. Dear Peter,
    I read of on 22 passi blog.

    I would like to get a camment about what I wrote on

    Do you believe I'm crazy?

    Thank you. Marco

  2. Dear Marco,

    I have subscribed to your Blog and will follow LA theory with attention.
    The problem per se is not solvable yet and you cannot apply the rules of scientific thinking a la
    Galileo (see what I wrote about Piantelli on my blog,please.

    Your question is simply not good, according to great thinkers you have to ask yourself if you are crazy enough to discover something really fundamental.

    I see you are from Padova - I like very much your town, have visited it in 2002 at the invitation of a very good old friend, Francesco Carlin who had a plant of special chemicals there. A great polymer
    Best wishes,