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I am back to routine, a “sine qua non” condition for promoting systematically non-routine ideas.
Please read this new issue of IS and study and enjoy the exceptional essay of my blog partner, Georgina- very wise and painfully realistic:




SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

Wendy Boswell: The top 20 Web memes:

The top 20 strange websites on the Web:

Top 10 online tools for converting documents:  

Top Ten Time Wasters on the Web:                             

Top Twenty Web Celebs:

How does this site work?:

Versionista- track entire web sites:



Social Media Report: Q3 2011


Facebook Fans: Are They Worth the Excitement?:

The pleasure of the tweet:


Google celebrates 13-th birthday (Sept 27)

Google 21st century  robber baron:

Larry Page : Biggest Threat to Google? “Google”:

Inside Google +:

Google + may have 43 million users


Google is most-sought employer – again College students pick Google for third straight year; IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Apple also make list of most attractive employers:


The Nomal Verbal Dictionary of gestures, signs and body language cues::

Humans Make Language, Language Makes Us Human:

How children learn language:

The future of the book:

E-books, privacy and the library:

One in 6 Americans Own an eReader:


Amazon Kindle Fire tablet review roundup:

Learn about the Kindle Fire’s Web Browser (It’s New) Named Silk:


The Kindle Fire's Browser: Mostly Smooth as Silk:



WorldWideScience: the Global Science Gateway


Digitizing the Coin of the Realm Electronic publication has transformed the culture of scientific communication:

Richard Resnick- welcome to the genome revolution:

Why does the Earth have a liquid core?:


Glow-In-The-Dark Millipede Says 'Stay Away':

Winners of the  2011 IgNobel Prizes:



The energy of the future:


Wind Power: Long-Term Wind Speed Changes Estimated:


Cheap and Efficient Solar Cell Made Possible by Linked Nanoparticles:


Darker Than Black' Metamaterial Promises Better Solar Cells Scientists devise a trick to make a material absorb 99 percent of the light that strikes it:


New Battery Could Be Just What the Grid Ordered A Pittsburgh company says its battery has the long life and cheap cost needed to be practical for energy storage.


New material claimed to store more energy and cost less money than batteries:                                


New Advanced Biofuel Identified as an Alternative to Diesel Fuel:


Building Better Catalysts

Scientists and Engineers Create the 'Perfect Plastic'


Occupational exposure to hazardous materials:

New Method Cleans Up Textile Industry’s Most Dangerous Chemicals:

The Code War
The collapse of the
Twin Towers taught us many things about skyscraper safety. Will we actually use the knowledge?:

Amazon’s :Fire” Android tablet Undermines Google:

New Technique Maps Twin Faces of Smallest Janus Nanoparticles:


Why are Finland’s Schools so successful?:

The Digital Revolution and Higher Education:

Teenage brains:

Learning in your sleep:

Dan Coyle: the Talent Code:

We are the monsters we have been waiting for:

The end of strategy- an essay by Dave Pollard:

Jonathan Fields on uncertainty:


Who's the Best Leader: The Saint or the Scrooge?:

The art of integrative thinking:


Don’t accept conventional wisdom:


Musical Weather Shows Climate Influence:

All about romance:

A bright selection of quotations:



When the Problem Is the Problem

Finding the right problem is half the solution:

10 Clues to Opportunity Market anomalies and incongruities may point the way to your next breakthrough strategy: .

5 reasons leaders fera embarrassment  and three ways to deal with it:

Entrepreneurs role models:


Financial Crisis: Calculating the Probability of Extreme Events:

The greatest brandversation:



Oncology and genetics Grabbing cancer by the short and curlies

A new technique for analysing tumours promises better understanding and more effective treatment:


High Blood Pressure Is Linked to Increased Risk of Developing or Dying from Cancer:


Poisonous Effect of Intestinal Bacteria Explained: Researchers Identify Site of Action of Cytotoxin Produced by 'Hypervirulent' Intestinal Flora:


Big Tobacco Knew Radioactive Particles in Cigarettes Posed Cancer Risk but Kept Quiet, Study Suggests:


Common Genetic Contributions to Mental Illness Discovered:


Distinct Features of Autistic Brain Revealed in Novel Analysis of MRI Scans:

The Near Miracle of Male Infertility Treatment:

Rethinking Animal and Plant Disease for the 21st Century and Beyond:

End-Of-Life Discussions Do Not Affect Survival Rates, Study Shows


Greener pastures:


A solar powered alternative to insecticides:

Anti- inflammatory diet:


Public Ignorant About Key Messages Concerning Diet and Cancer, Research Finds:


Miracle Berry’s Sour-Sweet Mystery Cracked:



The Zombie map of the world What happens when you ask Google Maps for the location of zombies around the world?:





Microsoft Neutralizes Kelihos Botnet, Names Defendant in Case:

Bob Rankin- how to run a deep anti-virus scan:

Bob Rankin- Virus Alert, Fake Virus and Celebrity Scams:

Lessons from least infected countries:

Top Ten Ways to Get Infected:

5 more dirty tricks: Social engineers' latest pick-up lines

Today's social engineers are getting very specific in their plans to manipulate their marks:


Metascan Online, by OPSWAT, allows you to quickly multi-scan your files for malware using 17 antivirus engines!:


Smartphones Revolutionize Psychological Experiments:

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