Thursday, April 7, 2011

A non-event not as harmless as I thought.

It is about the royal wedding, the wedding of the Century. I really like William and Kate- they are nice and good looking, exactly as
many millions of other young couples. But I am not able to see any real difference between them and similar human pairs- so I thought the best is to ignore them and the wedding- completely.

and have changed my mind- I know now that it is my duty to tell why I am NOT writing about them. It is absolutely useless to try to temper the moneytheistic and Koalemosistic frenzy of the mass media- but the event is not good for Great Britain and for the US- and there is no reason that it should be good for any country from Albania to Zimbabwe. See please the 6 main bad effects of the wedding in the Alternet article. Especially this one:

6. Gawking at such a thing contributes to a dehumanizing, hierarchical culture.

A few of my septoes seem to be written for this occasion. By the way I hope to finish the 77 Septoes Project next  week.

Human rights are threatened by Human Privileges.
All privileges are unjust, and people so easily accept them for some people celebrities and aristocrats. Why? The effect:
The world is grosso-modo an inverse meritocracy.

The cult of celebrities is the Disaster.
We have to choose: decelebrization or decerebelization?
Mass media imposes to the masses the attention and even admiration to weird people some of them of very low artistic, moral and human quality. Destructive, bad, stupid, crazy models offered for the young generations.
The most common crime is attention theft.
And mass media is the greatest attention thieve.

The 21st Century is the 12th, resurrected.
A horrible surprise, perhaps even for Andre Malraux- see e.g. the actions of the pastor Terry Jones and the reactions to them. Do not forget: Sacred is something you are allowed to kill for.
Or this is too “soft” you have the duty to kill in order to defend it.

A royal wedding is not so bad as book burning but it is also an anachronism. It seems that:
Starts the terminal phase of chronic anachronism.

The great noise around this not-so-royal wedding is a sign that
This new century has irreparable birth defects.

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