Monday, April 11, 2011

First Project completed : 77 SEPTOES

My dear friends, readers of this blog!

I succeeded to compose the promised 77 septoes - fragment of my thinking,
philosophy, experience. I like this genre (thank you Edward de Bono!) and...
the next Project's name is 100 septoes.

1.The Universe feeds our insatiable curiosity forever
2. The Universe is obsessed to be interesting.
3. The world is simultaneously chaotic and ordered.
4. Evolution is the inherent perfectibility of Nature.
5. The Good and Evil are siamese twins
6. Good could take creativity lessons from Evil.
7. Greatest evil in world- collective, inheritable sin
8. First remove Evil then start building good.
9. Life is hungry matter and edible too.
10. People lie because most truths are bad.
11. Lies are shortcuts from problems to solutions.
12. Means are swallowing aims and replacing them.
13. Bad septoism is seven words not wise
14. All great crises are crises of thinking
15. Wisdom of crowds lies in their diversity
16. Brainair- four parts realism, one part imagination.
17. Future is bright but not for Humanity.
18. Human rights are threatened by Human Privileges
19. Even the best religions are mainly suicidal.
20. We live in memecracies, ideas dominate us.
21. In need, solidarity becomes liquidarity even gasidarity.
22. Greek Gods ruling today: Ares, Hermes, Koalemos.
23. Human nature plus idealistic theories equal disaster.
24. Unlimited greed and ignorance lead to disaster.
25. The essence of human nature is discontent.
26. Perfectionism is dangerous, we need sustained perfectibilism.
27. I am not perfectionist but maximalist-perfectibilist
28. Astrology offends Human Intelligence but is Business
29. My favorite metasport is swimming counter-stream.
30. Old researchers need infinite and impossible tasks
31. I am a stubborn claustrophilic old man,
32. My unique brain has two left hemispheres.
33. My philosophy infinite interestingness and neutral negativity.
34. My work: new energies and problem solving.
35. My values: independent thinking and humanitarian spirit.
36. My religion: human evolution to godlike beings,
37. My aim: to solve humanity’s real problems.
38. My incurable illness is the Cassandra Syndrome.
39. Initiative is the greatest differentiator of humans.
40. Save the world with the Seriousyne vaccine!
41. Victories over your former Self are triumphs.
42. The Future Shock was amortized by irrationality.
43. The problems are here to be solved
44. Always find the Solution outside the Problem.
45. Thinking people have problems, the others troubles.
46. Religion can not be displaced, only replaced.
47. Parts and Whole is the insoluble problem.
48. NO is always more significant than YES.
49. You have success because you had success.
50. Idealism has three opposites materialism, realism and
51. Atheism is the last step before negatheism.
52. Scipiology: how to convert disasters in triumphs.
53. Impotence in problem solving is called PROBLETENCE.
54. The cult of celebrities is the Disaster.
55. EGO-OUT: intellectual values lost when somebody dies.
56. Modes of thinking: prelogical, logical, superlogical, postlogical.
57. Anti-vaccine: perfect evil attacks imperfect good.
58. Sensational a cheap substitute for real knowledge.
59. Intelligence the ability to NOT mix viewpoints.
60. Good thinking- rejecting memes, addiction to facts.
61. The most common crime is attention theft.
62. Intellectual and bigot is like virgin whore.
63. Populism is moving the Center to Periphery
64.. Solar eclipses are rare, intellectual eclipses permanent
65.  We have to choose: decelebrization or decerebelization?
66. Anti-intellectualism is more against intellect than intellectuals
67. The 21st Century is the 12th, resurrected
68.  This new century has irreparable birth defects.
69. The world is grosso-modo an inverse meritocracy.
70. The world economy- a myriapode with Achilles Heels.
71.  Sacred is something you are allowed to kill for.
72. Avoid using intellectual aphrodisiacs in marketing, politics.
73.  Moneytheism is senseless, limitless adoration of money.
74.  Cultural high jump: bury the bar deeper!
75. Scam: one holiday equals 50 miserable everydays.
76. Starts the terminal phase of chronic anachronism.
77. Do not criticise theories, reality is erronated!

+1 Good taxonomies reveal deep cause-effect relationships.
+2  Differences in opinions attract only smart people.

There are 2 extra septoes because Nos 9  and 63 from the 
list are originally aphorisms of my friend Valeriu Butulescu
not my own ideas.


  1. Jim Corey @gmail.comApril 12, 2011 at 12:37 AM

    I like these very much. However, I would argue with some of them--like No. 8. Good and evil are like yin and yang; you can never have one without the other.

  2. Dear Jim,
    Happy you like some of them. I also do not agree with all my septoes. all the time; existence is too interesting to be described in a few words.
    Re No. 8 I have intentionally Not used yang-yin, because this is a form of harmony, while siamese twins are surely not enchanted for each other's existence in such a strong connection.

  3. Hallo Peter!!
    Compliments!! Your aphorisms are wonderful!!
    Roberto Germano

  4. Now I'm no more "anonymous"...

  5. Thank you, Roberto it is a honor to get such a compliment from an author as you.
    Please read what I wrote about Opera music, especially
    the first one and suggest me a list of other arias.
    Thank you

  6. What is this idea about ruling greek Gods? Are you talking about archetypes?

  7. Now that I searched, got it ! The masses might be dancing their tunes, though, there in the back are the rest of us.

  8. No, Jorge I had the privilege to meet the Goddess Athena (in 2007) and she told me this real story, that explains and predicts the Crisis. Please read:
    Real, undeniable, terrible facts!