Sunday, April 24, 2011


Many news - the world is still functional! Issue 451 of this newsletter was relatively
successful 3 times more than usual, I hope this will continue. The world needs
serious and useful information, about the true interstingness of  existence.
In the present issue- some good papers about religion. I have a new e-friend, John Neeve
a Joshua Bell of Twitter.
New Energy continues to develop!



Internet penetration and freedom:

5 myths about the Information Age:

The Internet is killing the Planet (infographic):

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

Five visionaries sum up the future of  search Part II:

Wendy Boswell ten Google alternatives:

Gerry Mc. Govern: Web navigation must face forwards not backwards:

The search engine that can predict what you want:

Why New Link Shortener Stands Out:


Your attention please, dear Readers!

I have discovered that Twitter is like an musical instrument,
you can obtain wonderful effects with it. But you need a good
skilled and generous teacher- a maestro of Twitter. I have discovered one, a real Joshua Bell of Twitter- he is John Neeve from UK.
His Tweeter Marketing Crash Course :
is only the start of a careful guidance process. I advise you to subscribe. Twitter is not made for amateurs.

Is social media an empty tech revolution?:

Research Paper: “Who Says What to Whom on Twitter”:


Innovation is Google’s key to maintaining search leadership:

What’s it like to be  a Google search engineer?:

Google's Education Evangelist Preaches the Gospel of Creativity:



Evolution of Language Takes Unexpected Turn:

Use foul language to relieve stress and pain:


e-Book usage in China is booming: Foul Language to Relieve Stress and Pain

Use Foul Language to Relieve Stress and Pain

Use Foul Language to Relieve Stress and Pain

Use Foul Language to Relieve Stress and Pain

What is a book? The definition continues to blur:



Navigating a New Age of Discovery for the Human Brain:

Brains that switch between active areas more often learn faster:


Evolution of Human 'Super-Brain' Tied to Development of Bipedalism, Tool-Making:


Meditation May Help the Brain 'Turn Down the Volume' on Distractions:


What Neuroscience Cannot Tell Us About Ourselves:


Genetic Study Offers Insight Into the Social Lives of Bees:

SCIENCE FRICTION Searching for truth in published research:


Visions of the future spaceflight:

Honesty- Ultimately, ethics in scientific publishing, as in life, comes down to one word:


Different Views of God May Influence Academic Cheating:

Antarctic Lake Hides Bizarre Ecosystem:

Largest spider fossil found in China:

A more human virtual crowd:

What causes deadly crows quakes?:



Biofuels need enforceable ethical standards. Europe's renewable energy targets have 'backfired':

Google plants $100 million in giant wind farm:


Mega Wind Turbines of 20 MW:




Novel Ionic Liquid Batteries:


Collecting the Sun's Energy: Novel Electrode for Flexible Thin-Film Solar Cells:

10 Emerging Technologies:

Limit to nanotechnology mass-production?:


Researchers Now One Step Closer to Controlled Engineering of Nanocatalysts:

Graphene paper thin as paper and ten times stronger than steel: 
Lasers could replace spark plugs for cleaner and more efficient engines 

Ageing populations will drive domestic robots innovation:


Physical storage vs. digital storage:


Another Dimension to Touch Screens:

Researchers overcome size hurdle in quest for invisibility cloak:

Plastic, heal thyself:

Bob Rankin- backup strategies : which files should I back up?:



High Wellbeing Eludes the Masses in Most Countries Worldwide

Majorities in 19 out of 124 countries "thriving," mostly in Europe and the Americas:

The good god guide  Tentatively, scientists are asking: exactly what is religion, and what is it for?:|hig|04-21-2011|editors_highlights

Childhood Music Lessons May Provide Lifelong Boost in Brain Functioning:

The Periodic Table of Story Telling:


Godless in Tumourville: Christopher Hitchens interview:

Deaf-world: The rise of a new American culture:

Scientists Make Bamboo Tools to Test Theory Explaining East Asia's Stone Age Tool Scarcity:


21st Century workplaces= democracies or autocracies?:

The keys to authentic and effective leadership:

What are you not good at:


The One Interview Question You Need to Weed Out Rotten Apples:                                        

If money does not make you happy, consider time:

Make the weekend last all week:



Vegetarians May Be at Lower Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Stroke:


Opening Up the Brain with Ultrasound

A startup is developing a simple ultrasound method to get cancer drugs into the brain:

Developing cancer drugs based on genomics:


Nanomedicine One Step Closer to Reality::


Nanoparticles With Honeycomb Cavities Containing Drugs Blast Cancer Cells:

High speed development aids drug development:

New Test Spots Infections in Hours, Rather than Days

A startup has developed a device that uses magnetic particles to identify pathogens rapidly:

How Peppermint Helps to Relieve Irritable Bowel Syndrome:


Gut Bacteria Divide People Into 3 Types, Scientists Say:


Learning to Tolerate Our Microbial Self: Bacteria Co-Opt Human Immune Cells for Mutual Benefit:


Nutrition and healthy eating:

Infographic- how to solve the water crisis:

Critical thought about sustainable agriculture and food systems:

Traditional Easter recipes- 10 top Easter recipes:

Two recipes for Easter ham:


A short video about symmetry:

Strange but useful human tricks:




How do I report Internet scams/fraud?:

How prevalent is malware, 1% or 50%?:


CAPTCHAs With Chaos: Strong Protection for Weak Passwords:


So what if Iphones spy user locstions?:

20 Most-Anticipated Features Of iPhone 5:


  1. That’s pretty much it. While the newer, high efficiency technology is best for solar panels, old fashioned technology is
    best when it comes to batteries for a home solar power system. For home solar systems, sealed lead acid batteries are what you should use.

  2. Thank you for commenting re solar!
    I have been watching continuously the development of renewable sources of energy for many years. In the first 437 issues of Informavore's Sunday (Info Kappa in Romanian)SOLAR appears 281 times. in the 15 new issues 9 times.
    Unfortunately the natural sources- wind, solar, geothermal, wave power, biomass etc. - all together cannot replace the huge quantities of fossil fuels used today. Re fission atomic it is better to not mention it today- even if we consider its real contribution.
    New sources- see papers labelled NEW ENERGY at the blog- will solve the Energy Problem. But they need a new infrastructure.