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I am very indebted to those friends who started reading issue 438, the first here - it gives me hope that the virtues of this newsletter will be discovered. My soul, my enthusiasm, many discoveries and a lot of "fast" ego-out is in this publication. It is Sunday again- now comes my offer to you, dear informavores:




World's information consumption: 9,570,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes per year:


The Rise of the “Second Internet” and What It Means:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

Here comes Search 3.0:

Wendy Boswell about Tim Beners-Lee:

Wendy about Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google:

Wendy about Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon:

Wendy about Jimmy Wales creator of Wikipedia:

Search engine reviews- Topsy and Blekko:


Nice and very useful animated explanations:

Battle of the Browsers: Impacting Search Share:

Can Firefox Be Saved? Two Proposals:


Wendy Boswell- how to find people on Facebook:

Twitter search is now 3X faster:

Twitter predicts future of stocks:


StumbleUpon Hits 1 Billion Stumbles Per Month:



Google launches page speed analyzer for PC and mobile websites:

YouTube Is The Real “Google TV:

Google and Bing- a look at te social strategy:



New Research Demonstrates Language Learners' Creativity:


What Are The Hardest Languages To Learn? [INFOGRAPHIC]:


Mom, Mum, Mam: Different words?:


How Do Neurons in the Retina Encode What We 'See'?:

New neurons help brains discriminate:


Chimp, Bonobo Study Sheds Light on the Social Brain:


 Research shows adult brain capable of rapid new growth:


Political Views Are Reflected in Brain Structure:

Study reveals how the eye is formed:

Rare Discovery of Plant Genus:


10 beasts that used to br mythical, even in the 20th Century:

Empty universe: Cosmology in the year 100 billion:


Star-Eating Black Hole May Be Producing Universe's Biggest Blast:


Metamaterial Reveals Nature of Time and the Impossibility of Time Machines:

What the frog’s eye says about the frog’s brain.
Thanks to my friend George Kouvakas who has called my attention to this outstandingly interesting old study.


Mangroves Among the Most Carbon-Rich Forests in the Tropics; Coastal Trees Key to Lowering Greenhouse Gases:


Algae That Live Inside the Cells of Salamanders Are the First Known Vertebrate Endosymbionts:



Nanoparticles improve solar collection efficiency:

Floating solar power plants coming soon:

Wind turbine makers working on giant offshore turbines:

Agilyx Alchemists Turn Plastic Into Black Gold:

Chameleon’s balistic tongue inspires robotic manipulators:


Nature Helps to Solve a Sticky Problem: Beetle Foot Pads May Inspire Novel Artificial Adhesives:


Mussel Adhesive Inspires Tough Coating for Living Cells:


Michael Lefenfeld's Offbeat Power Play

The chemist has designed a safe, cheap compound to power fuel cells. Starting later this year it will be used in electric bikes and phone chargers:

Speedier Nanotube Circuits:

Graphene transistors have a nanoscale cooling effect:


Advance Toward Making Biodegradable Plastics from Waste Chicken Feathers:

Instructables- make, how to and DIY:



What the World Needs Now? More Wisdom:

The population bomb- how we survived it:


Egypt's dirty hands Archaeology's origins in colonialism and racism, and how they continue to mar it today:

Why a lack of empathy is the root of all evil:

50th anniversary of Gagarin’s flight:

A book about mnemonics:

PianoMaestro guides pianists through the music:


Images of Colonialism:

The Greatest Film Quotes of All-Time:

Sibling rivalry helps youngest catch up



Capitalism for the long term:

Leadership storytelling 3.0 from arithmetic to calculus:  

Leadership Storytelling 3.0: From Arithmetic to Calculus

Leadership Storytelling 3.0: From Arithmetic to Calculus


Leadership Storytelling 3.0: From Arithmetic to Calculus

The Coming Wave of “Social Apponomics”:   

From Miki Saxon: April Leadership Development Carnival:


Why Variation Is The Hallmark of Outstanding Presenters:

Earnings effects of personality, education and IQ for the gifted:

Managing yourself- stop holding yourself back:


How to Recover from a Personal WikiLeaks:


Authentic Leadership Can Be Bad Leadership:

Do you work for a servant leader?:


IBM nanopartcle breakthrough destroys drug resistant bacteria:


Quantifying Your Sleep:


Students Around the World Report Being Addicted to Media, Study Finds:


Demystifying meditation- brain imaging illustrates how meditation

reduces pain:


Mosquito inspires near-painless hypodermic needle:


Novel Methods Used to Identify How Cigarette Smoke Affects Smokers:


Infectious fungus may contribute to a rise in dangerous  disease carrying insect populations:


Insomniac Cavefish May Hold Clues to Human Sleep Disorders:


Manipulating morals: scientists target drugs that improve behaviour:


Device Drops Blood Pressure in Patients With Difficult-to-Treat Hypertension:


Clear Link Found Between Height and Longevity in Historical Records:


Mapping global food spending:

Genetically modified cows produce milk akin to human milk:


Spaghetti Aglio e Olio :


Kitchen Fundamentals: The 6 Knives Every Man Should Have in His Kitchen (And How to Hone Them):


Coffee Drinking in Your Genes? Genetic Variants in Two Genes Linked With Caffeine Intake:



Dollar bill sculptures:




Spam, spam, spam: Twitter's arms race:


Symantec Internet Security Threat Report trends for 2010:


Off the Hook: Who Gets Phished and Why:


Epsilon breach: hack of the century?:


Wendy Boswell: Protect your Facebook privacy with

Bob Rankin- is the Internet getting safer:


Bob Rankin: how to install a wireless router:

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