Sunday, January 1, 2012


Butulescu Quotations

History. So many fossilized lies.

I am seldom bored and never by myself.

The way to some ideals leads downwards.

The death. Is it a full stop or a comma?

The city is a graveyard for living people.

Just like a bee, I can strike deeply only once.

Our living is not always proof of our existence

We only have hope left. Nobody wanted to buy it.

Any intelligent believer has his moments of doubt.

I have a lot of courage, but I am afraid to use it.

Laziness must be very tiring. Lazy people rest most.

To define nothingness, you will need a lot of words.

Some people's wealth exceeds their ability to count.

As a rule, after a high obstacle there comes an abyss.

Tell me what you read, and I will tell you who you are.

In order to be given wings, I had to promise not to fly.

Lord, I prefer Hell, if it is connected to the Internet.

Whenever he gets off a plane, he becomes an atheist again.

Hatred lingers in obscure souls as snow on sunless slopes.

So utterly poor was he, that he did not even have enemies.

Honorary heroes great experts in the theory of danger.

Days full of hope separated by nights of sleep. Man's life.

Just like the stag's horns, wisdom is a cumbersome ornament.

The thirst for light often cuts short the wings of the moth.

The level of culture is so high that people fight for books.

Culture seems to be an occupational disease with some people.

What we call rottenness is just the return to inorganic eternity

The ideal of any man is to earn more money than his wife can spend.

I will love my fellow man, but he had better keep his distance.

The most difficult thing is to make people think. Or not think at all

If you lend wings to a bureaucrat, he will only get to his office faster.

Many enemies, just like germs, are invincible because of their smallness

When you feel you are drowning, you should not speak of mutual assistance.

Mythology. The owl sleeps all day long and passes for the symbol of wisdom.

There is no greater misfortune than being born, except not being born at all

Ignorance is the heaviest of burdens, yet he who bears it is not aware of it.

I am not afraid in a graveyard by night, but I am afraid in a stadium by day.

You can demonstrate that white is black, but you will need vast bibliography.

Lucky is the man who passes away in his sleep. He shall never know he has died.

We know death from books so well that I sometimes wonder why we are still dying.

When a cannibal devours himself, it is no longer cannibalism but self-sacrifice.

There is a poetry of the things that appeal to us without having any meaning at all.

Science has not done away with cruelty. It has only given it a scientific character.

A man of experience gives advice. Each piece of advice means a new experience to him.

You must have a thorough knowledge of the mechanism of banality to be able to rise above it.

The earth? A cosmic accident. The life? A chemical accident. The man? A biological accident.

There is a sinister kind of color blindness when the dark side of things is seen as bright.

I have been thinking of death all my life. When I die, they are sure to say I had a premonition.

I have been asked where I gather these thoughts from. I must admit: from my own head, a private property.

I used to have a sickly friend who would move heaven and earth to get old sooner for fear of dying young.

I want to be embalmed - not that I believe in the life to come - only to spring a pleasant surprise on archeologists.

Certain ideas are like the tattoos of youth; we can not get rid of them no matter how much ashamed of them we might be.

Nature errs, for indeed, it is an error to place so many aspirations and so much thirst for life in a frail and perishable body.

Shall we ever be able to fathom the mysteries of the Universe with only the five senses which Nature has temporarily entrusted to us?

Is that evolution? We have made ourselves clothes and lost our fur; we have made ourselves fur caps and lost our hair; we have made ourselves computers and only the devil knows what we are going to lose next

Water. The poorer it is, the purer.

When life gets inertia, the years are running.

Democracy- the autocracy of those chosen.

Monotheism. To replace thousands of small disillusions with a great one,

A responsible being is never absolutely free.

The ignorant does not know. The fool found it out but does not understand.

I belong to the most evolved species of predators. I am a Human.

My God differs from that commercialized by the Church.

The religions have evolved constantly, from heresy to heresy.

Identity. Everybody’s official mask.

Populism wants to move the Center somewhere to the periphery.

The voluptuousness of corruption: money plus a dose of adrenaline.

Religious intolerance- we are angry with those who believe in fantasies that differ from ours.

Autobiography- a colored picture of a grey life.

Ethics is like a wall made of flowers. Behind it hides the huge slaughterhouse of reality.

Demagogy is most convincing in choral formulas.

Candles we are; and we burn painfully up to the last drop of light.

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  1. There is so much wisdom in these phrases that one can only promise to visit this often, read them again and again and say: THANK YOU!