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Is the Internet Polarizing Politics?:

Infographic: Email Isn’t Dead:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  


Web Search - It's Worse Than You Think:


Do Twitter and Facebook exert influence on search engine results?:


Search Engines Are Winning the War on Content Farms [STUDY]:

HOW TO EVALUATE INFORMATION: Hoax? Scholarly Research? Personal Opinion? You Decide!:



Dead? Social Media's Explosive Growth is Only Beginning :


Blogging May Help Teens Dealing With Social Distress:



Google Bases a Campaign on Emotions, Not Terms:

How To Find Public Domain Works with Google:

Larry Page “CEO Of The Year” — Investors Business Daily:



Thanks to Wendy Boswell,

Free Audio Books: The Top Eight Websites:

Free Books: The Top 20 Websites:


Nook From Barnes & Noble Gains More E-Book Readers:


How the Brain Functions Like a Social Network:


Tracing connections in the brain to reveal functions:


Understanding the science for tomorrow: myth and reality:

Ten things everyone should know about time:

Using Data, Can We Predict Everything?:


2012 Pictures: 6 Maya Apocalypse Myths Debunked:

Trouble in Paradise: Ocean Acidification This Way Comes Sustainability of tropical corals in question, but some species developing survival mechanisms:


Parasitic Fly Dooms Bees to Death by Maggots:


Big Technology Trends and Storylines of 2012:

2012 Industry Outlook:

Industry Perspectives for 2012:


Cleaner, Cheaper Liquid Fuel from Coal A new conversion process promises zero carbon emissions during production—but some question whether it will scale:


The Future Of Incandescent Bulbs Not So Bright:

A fabric 'stronger than steel': Scientists crack how to 'farm' spider's webs by making silkworms do the work


Nanotech Goes Big Large sheets made from carbon nanotubes could lead to lighter aircraft and more ­resilient space probes:


Nanotechnology: The Art of Molecular Carpet-Weaving:

One of the Most Porous Materials Ever Discovered:

New Material Soaks Up CO2:


Research may extend Moore’s law, enable silicon-based quantum computing                                    

Bob Rankin- replace desktop with lap-top?


New Super-Resolution Microscope:



Key to School Improvement: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic ... and Character?:


Elderly Can Be as Fast as Young in Some Brain Tasks, Study Shows:


People Don't Just Think With Their Guts: Logic Plays a Role, Too:

20 Life Changing Questions For 2012:

A great idea: Free of Advertising, Cities Can Flourish and Be Happy:

Why Humans Need Prejudice:


Men and Women Have Major Personality Differences: New Report Suggests Previous Measurements Have Underestimated Variation Between the Sexes:

Positive Psychology- Starting the New Year Afresh

Everyday Sociology Blog:

Gretchen Rubins blog _” The Happiness Project”:

How the Unconscious Mind Boosts Creative Output:


Why Economic Growth Is Not Imperative:

! Competitive Intelligence - A Selective Resource Guide - Completely Updated - December 2011:

Online Reputation Management: You Really Want To Defend This Company?

Gossip, or How to Ruin a Business:


The January Leadership Development Carnival: Best of 2011 Edition:


A Baker’s Dozen for 2012- great sources for management:


A new blog “the Grumpy Economist”:
Cultural Offerings- a great place for discovery!

Psychology: Open mind is best way to solve problems:

What’s Your One Big Theme?:    


What We Need The Most in 2012?:


How to Silence Negative Employees To turn a failing company into a breakout success, you'll need to inspire positive, creative thinking from your team:

Thanks to Cultural Offerings fpr Nicholas Bate\s Posters!

How to Manage a Perfectionist:



Device Tracks Blood Flow in the Brain A headset ultrasound monitor could make it easier to detect the dangerous aftereffects of brain injuries:


Imformation about diabetes:


New Clues as to Why Some Older People May Be Losing Their Memory:


Deep Brain Stimulation Shows Promising Results For Unipolar and Bipolar Depression:         

The Oldest Humans Have Mundane Genes:


Religious Beliefs Battle Hypertension, Norwegian Study of Church Attendance Suggests:


How Can Lyme Disease Be Prevented and Controlled?:


This Rat Can Drink You Under the Table (And Won't Get a Hangover):



The Produce Worker's Guide to Storing 25 Common Fruits and Veggies:                                            


New Technology Removes Air Pollutants, May Reduce Energy Use in Animal Agricultural Facilities:



14 Very Useful Free Music Players for Windows:





Not All Spam Deserves The Death Penalty:



A Better Way to Battle Malware Emulating the methods used to transform production quality could clean up the Internet - and might even pay for itself:


Expect more cyber-espionage, sophisticated malware in '12, experts say:


What's The Smallest, Fastest and Best AntiVirus?

Spphos Anti Rootkit:



The 10 Best iPhone Apps For Keeping in Touch:

Top 10 Websites For Free iPhone Ringtones


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