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This is a sincere and realistic wish- if we all accept that 2012 has to be a year
of problem solving after so many years of problem manufacturing on industrial and global scale. To see that problems are here to be solved is a the start of
an intellectual awakening and will make the Year one of an useful apocalypse-
the collapse of human violence, greed and (even!) stupidity. Not of human life as predicted by some shameless speculators.
This change of mentality- from peaceful (read “idiotic”) coexistence with problems and capitulation to the dreadful epidemic probletence- to action
and systematic eradication of the painful chronicized nasty problems will
improve the state of our world. If I remain here downstairs- I promise to
help. Please cooperate with me!

Dear Friends- my very wise blog partner, Georgina, who is something between a daughter and a grand-daughter to me, has published an enchanting writing re

For many years, my newsletter INFO KAPPA had the privilege to publish Fireworks of Intelligence the newest aphorisms of  Valeriu Butulescu- whom I consider a genius, based on facts and reading. He is able to attain the highest ratio ideas/words in his writings. And these ideas are very wise. Please find a sample of the Butulescu aphorisms at:

Yours in 2012 too,



How the Internet will Change in 2012:


Funny Internet Quotes: Ten Hilarious Quotes About The World Wide Web:


Infographic: What Happens Online in 60 Seconds?:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

Search engine 101; Part 2:                   

The Top Ten Alternative Search Engines:

Website content key to attracting search engines:


It’s a social, social, social world:


The Year on the Web Social networking grew up in 2011, becoming more of a fundamental underpinning of the Web:


Social Media in Protests: Study Finds 'Recruiters' and 'Spreaders'

Search and Social Media:

The Myriad Future of Social Networks:


The Law of Online Sharing. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg will eventually have to deal with the fact that all growth has limits.

Texting, Social Networking Popular Worldwide:



Wikipedia of Maps Challenges Google Google starts charging for its maps, and developers jump ship:

Google Zeitgeist:

                                                                                                                                                                    Children Don't Give Words Special Power to Categorize Their World:

The book beyond the book:        


A Follow-Up Post About Scientism: 


The Universe in a Nutshell: Dr. Michio Kaku On the Physics of the Impossible;

Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs of 2011:


Forgetting is Key to a Healthy Mind

Letting go of memories supports a sound state of mind, a sharp intellect--and superior recall:

Subtle Electronic Effect in Magnetite Discovered: Long-Standing Puzzle in Study of Magnetism Finally Solved:

Bee Swarms Mimic Human Brain Neurons to Make Decisions



The Year in Energy Surprising successes helped offset disappointing failures in solar, biofuels, and nuclear power:


The Year in Numbers A look back at 2011's biggest technology stories, by the numbers:

The Year in Materials:

The Year in Computing

Computing has becoming increasingly polarized, with many hardware and software efforts focused on either small mobile devices or vast data centers.


Electricity from the Air California company Makani Power is developing a flying wind turbine designed to generate cheap renewable power.

Will the Next War Be Fought Over Water?:


What If Electric Cars Were Better? Improving the energy density of batteries is the key to mass-market electric vehicles:

Nanotechnology: Forever on the Horizon?:


New Material Cools Under Pressure:


New Way to Assess Risk from Chemicals;


'Nanoantennas' Show Promise in Optical Innovations:


More Powerful Supercomputers? New Device Could Bring Optical Information Processing:

2012 predictions:

What to Expect in Tech in 2025:

Electronic cotton:

EDUCATION, CULTURE, ART                                                                                                                          

The (surprisingly upbeat) state of the world A different perspective on the state of the world: four major areas where mankind's long-term progress is striking:

2011- The Year in Ideas:

Smartphones, E-Readers Replacing Textbooks:

Daydreaming: Distraction or Inspiration?:

To remarkable Random Thoughts:

Shroud of Turin- redux:

A letter to your sixteen year old self:

Dan Gilbert asks, Why are we happy?:

Dan Gilbert: Exploring the frontiers of happiness:


GDP Up, Happiness Down: From Twitter, Scientists Measure Mood:

Harold Jarche- Friday’s finds for 2011:

Robert Sapolsky on Stress: An Interview:                           


Crowd dynamics The wisdom of crowds The strange but extremely valuable science of how pedestrians behave:


The Arrogance of "Unlimited" Growth:

Corporate Ethics: Not an Oxymoron:

Wanted: Capitalist to Save the Environment:

Are you a Professional?
How would you define a Professional?

10 Big Development Goals for Leaders for 2012:                                                                                                                                         

Imagination Igniters: Books for Leaders:


Leaders Are Master Learners:



How the Brain Cell Works: A Dive Into Its Inner Network:


The Hidden Brain Flashy neurons may get the attention, but a class of cells called glia are behind most of the brain's work—and many of its diseases:             


High Intestinal Microbial Diversity Safeguards Against Allergies, Study Suggests:

How Bacteria Build Homes Inside Healthy Cells

Brain Cell Malfunction in Schizophrenia Identified:                                    

USEFUL NOW: Scientifically Tested Hangover Cures



Edible Education 101: A Complete Course on Modern Food Production:

Anti-aging diet:


Belgian beer Brewed force

How a small, unremarkable country came to dominate the world of beermaking:


Which Wheats Make the Best Whole-Grain Cookie Doughs?:                                                                                                                                                       

Emergency Ingredient Substitution List:   

Top Spanish  Tapas:



100 Things I Learned in 2011, Part 1:

Really weird: Is Necrophilia Wrong?:                                                                                                          

Time for a Change? Overhauling the Calendar:
I disagree- the good solution is to accelerate a bit the rotation speed
of the Earth- to exactly 360 days and then all months will have 30 days.





UPS, FedEx, Postal Shipping Scams:


System Fix Scareware:


Apple plots smartphones powered by hydrogen:


100 Best Apps for iPhone iPad in 2011:

Top 100 Best Android apps:

Twelve mobile predictions for 2012;   

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