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Dear Readers,

I have planned to stop the publication of this newsletter after No. 500 due to its chronic lack of popularity but I have changed my mind and I will continue it till I am relatively functional. It is very interesting to compose it and it keeps me informed about the World – the real one and the world of ideas.
Take this rich issue- I found very inspiring the new paper about Steven Pinker’s idea- Mankind’s violence is at a minimum now. My opinion is that, contrary to the direct rigid logic, there are many things that are both deeply true and strikingly untrue in the same time, depleted violence is one of these. I fear that this is only a first step and Pinker will come with a an other book saying that human greed is lower than ever and altruism has attained epidemical proportions, the 1% and the 99% have developed mutual understanding and love. The third book will necessarily demonstrate that the third cause of our great troubles – human stupidity (see is also melting away- fast. It is so good to believe these things- the world will be better!
By the way, the very first link in this issue is also optimistic- the Internet is great and can help us to be smarter. The author, Gerry McGovern is one of my favorites- a very wise man. I have translated more than 40 of his papers for my Romanian language
I hve enjoyed the two papers about the interview questions at Google, based on intelligence and creativity, plus the Google gospel for speed and the latest achievements of this company.
Many good papers about things I like- as brain, search engines, e-readers, the CES, innovation, leadership, new species discovered, medicine, capitalism, health good food etc. etc.
Perhaps INFORMAVORE’s SUNDAY will remain an intellectual, unpopular publication for ever (why you are not informing your cousins, bosses, enemies and rivals, aunts and friends, collaborators and dentists, former colleagues and confessors, teachers and dieteticians, car instructors and members of your church or community,  all the journalists you are friends with, all the people in your contact lists etc about it???).
However I will read it with attention as long I can.

Best wishes,



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The Internet is helping us move towards a more educated, prosperous, healthy and wealthy world


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Solar Energy: New Sunflower-Inspired Pattern Increases Concentrated Solar Efficiency


Renewable Fuel: Clearing a Potential Road Block to Bisabolane:


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Shocker: Is Our World Becoming Less Violent? Many believe the 20th century represents the pinnacle of human violence, but psychologist Steven Pinker argues that the opposite is true:



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Dirty Minds: How the Brain Evolved to Glorify Monogamy Yet Make Screwing Around Irresistible With so many of these same cultures putting a premium on monogamy, why do huge numbers of people around the world still cheat?:


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All The World’s Gold:      



Technological Healing. A leading researcher says digital technologies are about to make health care more effective. But is so much data really beneficial?:


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Gut Microbe Networks Differ from Norm in Obese People, Systems Biology Approach Reveals:


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Mathematicians Solve Minimum Sudoku Problem Sudoku fanatics have long claimed that the smallest number of starting clues a puzzle can contain is 17. Now a year-long calculation proves there are no 16-clue puzzles:



Bob Rankin- do I still need  antispyware protection?



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Very useful in a world where scams abound:



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