Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Two proverbs- trying to support what I wrote recently


It is about two proverbs both hyper-intuitive, based on hundreds of years of experience of not very happy people, more useful than tons of philosophy. They are of Middle-East European origin perhaps a bit peripheral too- and I have them implanted in the DNA of my personal culture. I want to share them with you, friends, despite the great risk to be considered as uneducated – the proverbs are unpardonably indecent- dirty speaking. My dictionary is very mixed, I have read good books, have discussed with scientists and men of high culture but I also have lived between the proletarians having a really colored jargons, learned swearing at least in 4 languages
OK, my Blog will perish due to long introductions...let’s go…

THE FIRST PROVERB: is Romanian and says:”Ce are sula cu prefectura?” – literally, ‘what has to do the prick with the prefecture- as Institution’,, bien compri! It has an enormous field of application, it teaches that there many things that are absolutely nothing to do – one with other, it is no trace of relations between them. It is very important because we are all the time poisoned
with false cause-effect links and with inexistent correlations so much used in manipulations- populist or not..
I give only one example- now inspired by REFERENCES of Piantelli’s work. The question, proverbial in a peculiar sense, is
:”What has democracy to do with research and especially publication of the results?” Research decisions are not taken by vote it has to be somebody who assumes the responsibility and, in a high degree can be identified with his theme of research- the Leader.
Why the authors are regularly enumerated in alphabetical order? Even an aleatory order established by draw, throwing of dices would be better. So the first author is somebody who made very good analytical work, Focardi comes as second and Piantelli who planned, conceived and executed the experiences is almost the last. Alphabetical order of authors is a very harmful form of egalitarianism, is demotivational and unjust, Research is a realm in Extremistan, not Mediocristan- has to be based on the initiative, conception, real merits and not on a “good for all” spirit. Alphabetic order can be an University tradition but tradition and justice are many times as you-know-what and the prefecture,

THE SECOND PROVERB- Hungarian-and it says simply: “A technikaval nem lehet kibaszni:- seemingly “you cannot fuck-out with the technique (technology). The real sense is you cannot cheat the technology- and other case of the rules must be respected, respected absolutely in their entirety. Just think about your car, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, iPod. The builders of these have discovered and implemented the principles and rules up to the last
small detail. If I refuse to buy a car that comes easily to a speed of 200 km/hour, but has some occult trouble with the brakes, you will
Understand what the proverb and I wanted to say. I knew a good example something about felines or what (?) but I have a lapsus memoriae- can you help? 

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  1. It does matter what color the cat is as long as it catches mice. Not the one you are looking for but I like it.