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Staying in Shape: How the Internet Architecture Got Its Hourglass Shape and What That Means for Future Internet Architectures:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

Wendy Boswell:: Search engine hubs - all of their services, sites, and tools in one convenient place:

Gerry McGovern- what can we learn from Yahoo:


Use Bing to track your search history in detail

One of my long-time favorite publications::
I advise you to subscribe


10 Things You Should Know About Social Media:


10 ways to increase your Twitter followers:


Helping Social Networkers Connect Even More

New apps let social media users connect through many different channels.:


How to find blogs you like:

10+ The Most Useful Tools And Applications For Bloggers | SaveDelete

Digital Storytelling: 30+ Social Tools to Create Sharable, Memorable Stories:                            


A 17 Item Roundup of News From and About Google and Google+:                     

Building a healthier, greener Google:

Why Google+ is great news even if you don’t use it:

How Google+ is like Twitter — but not in a good way:


Google's 16 biggest purchases, and how they worked out:


Google Extends Search Into the Page

A new Chrome extension helps users find related content—and more Google products:

New From Google Photo Sharing and MusicDiscovery Sites:


Non-traditional book publishing:





Speaking and Understanding Speech Share the Same Parts of the Brain:


Biodiversity Key to Earth's Life-Support Functions in a Changing World:


Hidden Soil Fungus, Now Revealed, Is in a Class All Its Own:


Scientists Have New Help Finding Their Way Around Brain's Nooks and Crannies:

The Brain on Trial:

Why do humans reason? Arguments for an argumentative theory:

Everyday 'Clairvoyance:' How Your Brain Makes Near-Future Predictions:

Earth's Rapid Recycling:


Why Pierre de Fermat is the patron saint of unfinished business:


The best astronomy websites:

The Ocean is swimmimg in viruses:

Altruistic wasps? More like plain self-interest:

How Butterflies Copy Their Neighbors to Fool Birds:


Most Primitive Living Eel Discovered: Creating a New Species, Genus and Family of Animal:


Energy Storage for Solar Power

Startup BrightSource announces a new system that could allow future solar plants to run at night.


Gold nanoparticles boost organic solar cell efficiency:


IBM makes brainy breakthrough in computing;

Energy-Harvesting Displays

Adding solar cells to screens could prolong the battery life of many electronic gadgets.:


Carbon Recycling: Mining the Air for Fuel:


Lessons Learned from the Two Worst Oils Spills in US History: Microbes Matter:


A New Look Below the Surface of Nanomaterials:


 Nanostructured Glass for Imaging and Recording:

Engineered Bacteria Mop Up Mercury Spills:

5 software tools to back-up your data safely;

Bob Rankin- why is my Internet connection slow?



Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathemartics Network:


How Meditation Makes You More Rational

A new study suggests that people who regularly practice Buddhist meditation make decisions in a more rational way:.


The Empathy Ceiling: The Rich Are Different — And Not In a

Good Way, Studies Suggest

The 'Haves' show less empathy than 'Have-nots:

Kids with “number sense” excel in math:


Wendy Boswell teaching websearch to the students (4 links)

Back to School Web Guide for Students

The Most Useful Resources on the Web for Students of All Ages:


Back to School Web Toolbox

All you need for back to school on the Web:


Reference sites on the Web:

How to Find Free Textbooks Online

Find free college textbooks on the Web!:

You Are What You Think- What Are Cognitive Distortions?:

A remarkable essay about Bureaucracy:

All the Laws of Murphy in one place:

How To Be Happy Program Overview-Four Weeks to More Happines:

10 pleasures and pains of being beautiful:


How your childhood is written in your face

The story of your life really is written on your face, according to new research by scientists.:


The armored child

Babies in helmets. Toddlers tracked by GPS. Has modern parenting gone haywire, or is it just … parenting?:


Are beautiful people 'selfish by nature'?

People with symmetrical faces are more self-sufficient and less likely to co-operate, new research suggests:


New riot-control technology  The sound and the fury

Quelling unrest is a lucrative trade:

Digital history;

The World of Forensic Meteorology:


How to Prevent Self-Inflicted Disasters:        


Can Stock Markets Regulate Themselves? History of Markets Offers Insight Into Effects of Regulation On Success of Initial Public Offerings:


The Case for Intelligent Industrial Policy;

Trend hunting on the periphery:



Brand-Conscious Consumers Take Bad News to Heart:

There is an “I” in Conflict:



INFOGRAPHIC: The Five Biggest Medical Discoveries In History:                 

One Word Can Save Your Life: No!:

Possible Therapeutic Target for Depression and Addiction Identified:


Banning circumcision  Against the cut

The “intactivist” movement takes on the oldest surgery known to man:|pub|08-17-2011|publishers


Smelly socks could help curb malaria:


How Microbes Travel Around Earth: Models Show Bacteria Sized Microbes Carried Between Mexico and Australia:

Look into my eyes

Biotechnology: Smart contact lenses exploit the unusual characteristics of the eye to diagnose disease, deliver drugs and more besides:


Nightcaps do not aid sleep, scientists find

Bedtime whisky drinkers who insist their nightcap helps them drop off for a healthy sleep might have to find another excuse because scientists have found it has the opposite effect:



Urban Farming: Crops Grown Right Downtown?


Science of cooking:


How Tofurky and Fake Bacon Actually Glorify Meat-Eating:

Scientists Highlight Link Between Stress and Appetite:

4 dirty secrets hiding in your tuna can:

Assessing Global Status of Tuna and Billfish Stocks:


Six Once-Forbidden Foods that Aren’t so Bad for Us:


Dark Beer Has More Iron Than Pale Beer or Non-Alcoholic Beer:


Heavy Drinkers Have Poor Dietary Habits:



Mind Reading: Everything You Wanted to Know About Poisoning:

When galaxies collide:

Conflict Levels Don't Change Much Over Course of Marriage:




Report: Spam is at a two-year high:

Massive rise in malicious spam:


How I got hacked and why you must have a backup:


Fighting the Good Global Cybercrime Fight: Q&A With Security Guru Mikko Hypponen, Part 1:

Top ten online scams:

Fraudulent links scam:

What are social engineering attacks?:

Generic Trojan / Adware Removal Procedures:

Bob Rankinn-are you prepared for a data disaster?:


Why Google bought  Motorola:
Besides an impressive patent portfolio, Motorola will give Google greater control over the future of the mobile Web:.  See also:

Google CEO Larry Page blogs on why he's buying Motorola Mobility:

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