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Search and Email still the most popular online activities:

World of Ends  What the Internet Is and How to Stop Mistaking It
for Something Else.:

Bob Rankin –are you drowning in your inbox?:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

Wendy Boswell – how to search for people on Tumblr

How to Use the Inurl Syntax to Search Within a URL:


101 Free Online Alternatives to Popular Desktop Software:


The Top Thirty Sites for Free Videos Online

Where to find movie clips, music videos, funny videos, and much more!:


Free TV Shows on the Web

Nine Sites Where You Can Watch Free TV Shows:


Yahoo gives image search a new look:


 7 Best Websites To Convert Your Text to Speech Free of Cost:


Bing Beats Google On Search Effectiveness

Microsoft's "decision engine" more likely to lead users to a Web page than searches through rival Google, study finds:                                   



Infographic- social network wars- how the five major platforms stack-up:


Social Networking's Good and Bad Impacts On Kids:


Status Update: What's Facebook's Effect on Kids?


When Knowledge Isn’t Written, Does It Still Count? (it is about changes at Wikipedia):


What Do Facebook and Rembrandt Have in Common? Everything:


Twitter Vs Facebook: Which Is More Valuable For Brands? [Infographic]:

What the heck are we  (the Company)  doing on Twittter?

10 handy iPhone apps for better blogging:


When Social Media Mining Gets It Wrong

Big problems could be ahead if we rely on conclusions drawn from individuals' social-networking data:.



Google+ Poised To Become Number Two Network In 12 Months According To Survey:


The Growing Portrait Of Google As A Big, Scary, Expanding Everywhere Copy Monster:      


Google+: The New Kid on the Block, but is it Too Little, Too Late?:


Top 10 Desktop Apps Which Can Make You a Gmail Pro:




The Top 24 Sites for Free Books on the Web:

E-books cause publishing industry growth:

Amazon Launches Social Networking Site for Kindle

Amazon Sees a Good Read in the Cloud

Users can now access all of their Amazon Kindle content on anything with a browser.



Neuroscientists Identify How the Brain Remembers What Happens and When:


Think Fast: The Neural Circuitry of Reaction Time:


Research Reveals Genetic Link to Human Intelligence:

What can science tell us about morality:


Researchers Uncover New Catalysis Site:


Drive to Impress Females Pushes Males Toward Early Graves:


Rewriting E. coli’s Genetic Code

Researchers use directed evolution to create a bacterial strain that substitutes a synthetic base for thymine:



An excellent source for engineering:

Solar Energy: Smart Energy Management Systems Help Store Power for Later Use:


Venture Capitalists Back Away from Clean Energy

Their shift toward low-risk projects could strand innovative renewable-energy technology in the lab.:


Making biofuels 10 times faster:


Nanoscale Pillars Could Have a Big Role in Future Batteries

A new fabrication technique lets batteries use tin electrodes, and store more energy:


Nanoscale Secret to Stronger Alloys: Scientists Find Nanoparticle Size Is Readily Controlled to Make Stronger Aluminum Alloys


New microscope reveals nanoscale details:


Human Influence On the 21st Century Climate: One Possible Future for the Atmosphere:


IPad one of the most successful products ever:

iPad: One of the Most Successful Products Ever

iPad: One of the Most Successful Products Ever

iPad: One of the Most Successful Products Ever

Police use facial recognition technology to nab rioters:


Denial of complexity:

The History and Geography of Inventions:


10 award winning scientific simulation videos:


World Survey Links Religion and Happiness -- For Some:

The psychology of Creativity


The top 10 Psychology Studies from 2010:


The Science of the London Riots:

Education Affects Americans' Religiosity -- But Not How You Might Think:


False confessions Silence is golden

People have a strange and worrying tendency to admit to things they have not, in fact, done:


Toward a Post-Growth Society

It’s business as usual that’s the utopian fantasy, while creating something very new and different is the pragmatic way forward:

The Backfire Effect (again)

Venn diagram for authors:

In communication, substance comes first:

Migrants in the world:!


"Sea Monster" Fetus Found—Proof Plesiosaurs Had Live Young?:



The Link between Peak Oil and Peak Debt:

Sure Cure for the Debt Problem: Economic Growth:

Why Isn't America Innovating Like It Used To?

It's easy to imagine that our whiz-bang gadgets have made us more productive than ever. But what if that's simply not the case?:

Getting others ro embrace risks:

How to make a High Stakes Decision?

How to be Truly Global Company?:

A valuable leadership blog:


Narcissists Look Like Good Leaders, but They Aren't

We’re all marketers now:

CEOs say innovation is the most important factor of growth:



Connecting the Dots: Dental Medicine Team Describes How Enamel Forms:

To live longer, have a beer!


Can Blaming Others Make People Sick?:



Nina Fedoroff on science for global agricultural challenges:


Genetically Engineered Crops—What, How and Why:

The permaculture movement grows from the underground:

Mindless Eating: Losing Weight Without Thinking”

Who’s to blame for anorexic children:

10 easy and Delicious Zucchini recipes:


Ten horrible reasons to get rich:

Years of liberal dogma have spawned a generation of amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalised youngsters Tragic situation!

A list of funny questions:



How to avoid the SPAM label:

Bob Rankin – Gmail Spam Filter Settings:



Worldwide Cyber Espionage Revealed

The attacks are evidence of a growing political motivation among hackers.:

Bob Rankin- which browser is the most secure?:


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