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To convince people is best done using good proofs; if they are public the name of demo, from demonstration (too long!) is used. I want to start a discussion- how have they to be organized and executed. The reason is that two important New Energy demos are due for the coming season;

a)     BLP/Randy Mills’s CIHT technology;
b)     Andrea Rossi’s US 1 MW NI-H LENR catalyst technology;

These will be events, potentially very important ones. No problem with Mills’ demo I know him and it is obvious he will do it only if everything is OK, i.e. as far as I understand he succeeded to transform discontinuous processes in continuous ones. A very challenging action technically- for my flagship research, suspension vinyl chloride polymerization it proved to be impossible and we know enough to state that it will stay so- in batches.
However, I will keep all my crossable parts crossed for Randy.
Please notice that he is not using anticipatitive bragging and does not want to be a favorite of the mass media.

How will Rossi execute his demo is not well known, he intends seemingly to combine an army of 330 E-cat generators to produce
1000 kWatts but other data are not clear.  This demo will take place in the last week of October- there are only 68 days left.
From unclear reasons, only very smart people will be present.\Is this contagious? A factor of success?

This is an opportunity to define and to think about a good demo.
The wise dictionaries say a demo is a showing of the merits of a product or service to a prospective consumer. Then it is easy to imagine that a good demo is one that convinces the customer that
product or service will please him- and this is an important step forward.
I think a good demo must be, first of all well centered- targeted on what is really significant and important, serious (see please ),

A stressing but sometimes pleasant life situation can illustrate well what I want to say. Take the event and institution of wedding night in its idealized way. According to the traditional roles of sexes, the young husband is the one who has to demonstrate that the marriage will be happy. He has more choices:

- showing his perfect muscles, huge biceps’s etc, demonstrating he is a real sportsman, strong and powerful and can take care of his new wife;

- solving a very challenging IQ test obtaining more than 150 points so she knows that she is the wife of a genius;,

masterfully interpreting e.g. “To be or not to be” or reciting some long classical poems (Ossian is the best choice; :
singing a beautiful aria like this better than Pavarotti:

telling excellent jokes that keep her laughing all the night and giving the revelation of a merry life;

preaching with enthusiasm, humility and dedication- so she feels with gratitude that he will take care of her undying soul;;

However, life is realistic, materialistic and pragmatic, actually the main and determining task of the husband is to convince his wife that they will have a happy sex life, using for this facts and experiment, All the other shows will come later- they will have perhaps 50-60 years to mutually discover other virtues- wedding night is specifically and almost exclusively for sex.
By analogy (as much as an analogy is possible) an energy source has to be potent, long-lasting, repeatable, renewable, quasi-continuous,  controllable, functioning with apparent minimum of effort, safe (in multiple senses), predictably good, natural.
With open, clear, transparent verifiable measurements.
I believe if Randy will make a demo, this will be a success.
Re Rossi I don’t know, everything is possible from a real triumph to a bitter fiasco.
Rossi has promised much. Promising and keeping promises or not
this reminds me an other episode of my long career. At my first workplace- the Synthetic Fiber Works Savinesti more Italian specialists were commissioning the plants... The director, whom I remember very positively but other colleagues said later he was a communist rascal working directly with the Secret Police, has asked us, young engineers to socialize with the Italians. So I played chess that I Like and contract bridge that was too complex for me- with Signor Cabassi and other foreigners learning the language and the game. Later I abandoned completely bridge and forgot it Playing bridge needs free, idle time that I never had- should I repeat?  for being restless.
But contract bridge (exactly as poker or chess) is similar to life in its own way. It is about the art of bidding. In contract bridge if you promise high and don’t attain you have promised, you are punished severely. You promise less and you do a little more, you are rewarded but not very generously.
Now, if Rossi demonstrates he can offer a commercially mature generator, able to compete with those already on the market,
this would be a real triumph, BUT if he fails- please notice! This will NOT be a catastrophe, will NOT push back LENR research with 20 years- NO, if Rossi’s demo fails, then Rossi’s demo has failed, that’s all. LENR is viable, is developing and has a great future, with or without Rossi...

PS. I have not sent this directly to these forums, but I think
It is about steam quality in Rossi’s kW level demos. Inexhaustible.
May I ask you to discuss better on “Anticipating the 1 MW demo” instead?



  1. Interesting article. I agree with your on Rossi. As for Mills, we haven't heard a peep from them in almost a year. I thought they had dropped off the face of the planet. I certainly do hope that they demo their CIHT tech this year. From how they describe it, it would blow the e-cat out of the water! Time will tell.

  2. Mills has been claiming new physics and energy breakthrough for 20 years. Is this an example of humility, Ego Out?

    Rossi is another massive ego with claims about new physics. Proving 1 kW of excess heat, if it exists, would obviously be easier than proving 1 MW.

    Mr. Peters, are you not repulsed by braggarts?

  3. - MG- Mills has always tried to demonstrate experimentally what he claimed theoretically.
    By the way, Ego Outas a concept is realiam, discipline, dignity, duty, generosity but NOT humility.

    Rossi's idea to use a collective of E-cats to demonstrate an energy source is a mystery technological, psychological, I am unable to detect
    his motivation.

  4. Jonathan- I will ask Randy now. But please a look
    to his website he has publications and presentations in 2011.

  5. Majid Ali- what is your problem and how could we help?