Sunday, May 1, 2011


This newsletter is one of my longest personal projects, after suspension PVC- 25+ years
and Cold Fusion- 22+ years. I started it 459 weeks ago, only for 6 weeks it was interrupted
and than double issues were published- due to 3 Christmas- New Year vacations,  one travel
to Marseille (International Cold Fusion Conference) and two travels to Italy- new energy
conferences at Grottammare. I want to continue it because it helps me to be informed.
One my turn, I want to keep all my readers informed. It is not easy, IS 451 had a decent
number of pageviews, No. 452 seems to mark some regress- now comes No. 453 and I hope
it will be more successful and popular.
I have tried to do my best, unfortunately the Internet was a bit crippled by an anachronic
pseudo-event used to separate people from their money and to steal attention at a
planetary level. Koalemos was ROFL.




Internet privacy: At every turn, our privacy is compromised by technology:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

Wendy Boswell –about the Deep  Web:                                    

Bob Rankin free Wimdows troubleshooting tools:
What communicators need to know about the changing searchengine landscape;

Search and download files from the Internet:


Six problems with social search:

Twitter confirms it has passed 200 million accounts:

The Huge Potential Of The Facebook Send Button – Get One Now:



Bob Rankin- fun with words:

Former Random House CEO Alberto Vitale: 'Paper Books Will Evolve into More Precious Products:


Creating an e-book: Tips on formatting and converting your document:

Market Projections: “2011 Global eBook Reader Shipments to Reach 27 Million Units”:                    



Toward a Science of Consciousness: Brain, Mind, Reality:


The Science of Why We Don't Believe Science:


Researchers find gene responsible for brain size:,0,5831352.story


From the Beginning, the Brain Knows the Difference Between Night and Day:


Microsleep: Brain Regions Can Take Short Naps During Wakefulness, Leading to Errors:


Mutations in Single Gene May Have Shaped Human Cerebral Cortex:


Mind-Gut Connection: Why Intestinal Bacteria May Have Important Effects on Your Brain:


Decoding Human Genes Is Goal of New Open-Source Encyclopedia


Evolution Can Cause a Rapid Reduction in Genome Size:

Mississippi tornado was highest rated ever:

Experimental Biology 2011 - Blood Pressure Regulation in Giraffes:


Annual Energy Outlook 2011:


Wind Turbines: In the Wake of the Wind:


Solar Power Goes Viral: Researchers Use Virus to Improve Solar-Cell Efficiency:


New Solar Cell Technology Greatly Boosts Efficiency

Cooling down solid-oxide fuel cells:


\Cheaper Hydrogen Fuel Cells: Utility of Non-Precious-Metal Catalysts Documented:

World Nuclear News:

All things nuclear:

More Power from Rooftop Solar:


The full global warming solution- how the world can stabilize at 350-450 ppm carbon dioxide:


Peak Oil and a changing climate:


Peak Oil just around the corner:


Earth’s limits- why growth won’t return- water:


Fate of the World, new environmental computer game:


Squeeze power: First 'practical nanogenerator' developed:


Fine Chemical Processes Safer and More Efficient With New Type of Reactor:

This news make me nostalgic- I have worked so many years in the chemical industry and a new type of  reactor is great!

Smart Transformers

Controlling the flow of electricity to stabilize the grid;

TR 10 – solid state batteries:


Can Harvesting Fog Bring Water To The Thirsty?



The Possibilian:  What a brush with death taught David Eagleman about the mysteries of time and the brain

Music Changes Perception, Research Shows:


Music with the Mind: The Brain-Computer-Music-Interface:

In praise of typewriters:


Redesign out, continuous improvement in  Gerry Mc +Govern is one of my favorite authors

The sharing economy:

When there’s no such thing as too much information:

In Praise of Vagueness: Malleability of Vague Information as a Performance-Booster:


What To Do With Your To-Do List:

Management is an authority relationship:

Wally Bock- Beware the Magical Numbers:

Leadership requires the courage to fight for real changes

Don’t be compromised by compromise:

A psychologically healthy workplace, some things to keep in mind;


Neuron migration in the brain suggests how cancer cells might alos travel:


Cancer: The beat of an ancient drum?:


Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Have Evolved a Unique Chemical Mechanism, New Discovery Reveals:

5 bizarre accidents that helped invent modern medicine:

10 weird allergies that actually exist:


Understanding How Crops Deal With Stress -- Yield's Biggest Enemy:


Michael Pollan: It's Not So Much What We Eat, As How We Eat It:

Video- how to bake bacon:


When a Salad Is Not a Salad: Why Are Dieters Easily Misled by Food Names?:

Top ten most nutritious vegetables and how to grow them in your garden:



Mongolian Death Worm: Legendary Creepy-Crawly Desert Killer




Twitter is in Denial About its Massive Spam Problem:



Google, a Giant in Mobile Search, Seeks New Ways to Make It Pay:


20+ Excellent Sites To Send National And International SMS For Free:

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