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When I have published my rather successful- (it even was presented at my friend Giorgos’ fine Talefta blog too!), surely some readers thought that kind of chronology
will follow. Over 22 years- this is too much, too sad, cannot be something captivating- I am not the historian type and I am focused much more on the future than on the unchangeable past.
This is NOT a chronology but a kairosology. The ancient Greeks were really smart people and they have established experimentally
and understood deeply that two kinds of Time exist Chronos- that is just quantitative (and, inter alia kills you and everything methodically) and Kairos that is qualitative and is a reason to live.
Wikipedia knows this issue well If you read a bit about kairos,
you will see that religions have tried to hijack and use it, and the American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has rediscovered
it creatively and calls it Flow. My Romanian readers could know
that I have embraced the concept of kairos in the issue 115 of my Info Kappa Newsletter and have reviewed the book of Csikszentmihalyi
To discover kairos and to study this wise book are opportunities
for kairos experiences per se.

Now if chronology exists –see  
It would be quite natural to think about a kairosology- unique, decisive, unforgettable moments connected to something.
I came late this time- the word was already coined by somebody else before me, explained and beautifully illustrated; however it gives only two hits on Google- actually one writing.
Extreme sadness is kind of negative kairos, you will see now.
Let’s go back in time (chronos) and to my cold fusion history.
It is autumn 1998 the most terrible and tragic period of my life.
My son Robert, 30 years old, autistic had the third surgery for ganglionar cancer- but the illness seems unstoppable. A visiting
American oncologist brought here by a Baptist church consults him- too many metastases, too big, sorry it is late. Chemotherapy was ab ovo excluded, it needs patience and discipline. Roby is
moving incessantly when he does not sleep and he takes a lot of tranquillizers.

Mike Carrell my all time best cold fusion (and BLP!) friend invites me to the US including to a scientific symposium at Manchester. N.H. An unique opportunity for me. We hire a former nurse- to help my wife; the lady is a Jehovah’s Witness and tries hard to convince my desperate wife to join the sect, promising God’s help and reading from the Bible. And I go. It is only a week! Full of remorse, extremely stressed, confused but curious. So many years
I couldn’t travel at all. And I want to meet those cold fusion people.

I enjoy the hospitability of the Carrell family in New Jersey Mike drives with me to Philadelphia, Washington, New York and other interesting places; he is a very cultured and knowledgeable guide.

Mike is driving to North- the  colors of the leaves are really wonderful At Bow we meet with Gene Mallove, the great CF writer and journalist, so soon and so tragically dying some 6 years later. An enchanting personality!

The Manchester Symposium- many cold fusion people. My unforgettable friend Akira Kawasaki. Ed Storms speaks about "My Life with Cold Fusion as a Reluctant Mistress”Very reluctant indeed! It is the year 9 of the Cold Fusion Era – could we guess that we have to  wait so many years till a relative of cold fusion- Ni-H LENR will keep the initial great promise- the practical possibility of a real new energy source?


Somebody says something about “barking at the bad tree”- I cannot remember in which context. Suddenly I have a revelation and I imagine the stupidest metaphor ever. It is about the historic bad chance, a real curse: Fleischmann and Pons have discovered cold fusion using palladium, and palladium is NOT good for cold fusion.

I am thinking about the fact that the bulk and the surface of this noble metal are competing for deuterium, I am worried that the active sites

where cold fusion takes place are so very sensitive and easily deactivated and destroyed. Why have they used palladium?

Cold Fusion has so bad chances as a lion born at the North Pole”

Really idiotic metaphor- how can a pregnant lioness go to the North Pole? Who carries her there? Why? But metaphors must not be taken seriously, I even give a short speech about the idea that palladium can be a bad choice (Patterson’s Ni-H2O based electrolysis had not disappeared then) but nobody cared much. The Guinness Book is not recording stupid metaphors- in some extent alla are based on slippery logic- therefore I have not published it. But also could not forget it.

I traveled home, in February Robert died, I hold his hands and he tried to smile –his face destroyed by tumors one of these rupturing his carotid. I have learned how you die of cancer- dreadful. Many better choices.


Life has continued cold fusion too- in different ways Pd has not worked- gave a lot of interesting scientific results but energy source needs intensity, reproducibility, continuity and a few other sine qua non conditions that are technology and engineering.

In a way on palladium there is really arctic cold- lions cannot survive. Ni-LENR needs high temperatures. So has worked- with zero input- Piantelli’s 70W cell- for months, so were working the E-cats and E-kittens of Rossi in 5 demos.

Thinking about Lampedusa’s novel. I hope Piantelli’s noble Gattopardo proton reactor will work soon. It seems I suffer of metaphoritis and need to be cured.

Writing this essay I remembered how I have escalated the Everest of sadness in 1998. This writing was not kairos- at all.

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