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Online media is replacing newspapers and TV. Is that a bad thing?:

Best free apps to watch TV online:

Saving the media from itself:


A Long-Wave Theory on Today’s Digital Revolution:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  


Wendy Boswell How to Effectively Use a Search Engine:



Wendy Boswell-  The Lazy Man's (or Woman's) Shortcut to Finding Good Content on the Web: Content Aggregators:

Best video search engine for online video watching:

Bing gets friendlier with Facebook:

Will Zanran be the Google for data?:

A kick ass guide to growing your website traffic online:

Top 10 free software download sites:                                  


Important and useful for research bloggers: Thanks to Peter Matthews!

Unleashing social knowledge

A social network for making future plans:

This is your brain on Twitter:


10 creative social media resumes to learn from:


Google boasts of 64 billion in economic impact:

Wendy Boswell- Google Advanced Search Shortcuts:

Six reasons why Chromebooks are a bad idea:


Why Google Chromebook's Success Depends Entirely on Apps:

Schmidt: “Elites’ not common men fret over Web privacy:

Google E-books gets dictionary, translation, search:


Publishing Milestone: “Amazon Kindle E-Book Sales Top Print”;

Video Presentation: “E-Book Wars: Ten Years Later”:



Reading the Fine Print of Perception: Human Brain Learns by Interpreting Details, Study Shows:


Evolutionary Adaptations Can Be Reversed, but Rarely:

Mammals first evolved big brains for better sense of smell:


Standing Up to Fight: Does It Explain Why We Walk Upright and Why Women Like Tall Men?:


It's Not Easy Being Green: Scientists Grow Understanding of How Photosynthesis Is Regulated:

How speech patterns sway opinions :


Tracking the flow of knowledge. Study shows scientists’ location influences how widely their work is read and used for innovations.


Earthquakes, Networks, and the Tricky Topic of Quake Prediction;


Biophysics of Snakebites: How Do Venomous Snakes Inject Venom Into Victim's Wound?:

Contaminants Can Flow Up Waterfalls, Say Physicists:

The Virtual Museum of Bacteria:


RAND –energy and environment:


Solar power The third way A new method of making electricity from sunlight has just been tested:


Do biofuels reduce greenhouse gases?


Record Efficiency of 18.7 Percent for Flexible Solar Cells on Plastics, Swiss Researchers Report:

A worldwide nuclear slowdown continues:


Nuclear Catastrophe: How the lack of fundamental research on alternative energy led to a wrong energy policy

An open letter from an international group of scientists and engineers


Super Energy Storage: Activated Graphene Makes Superior Supercapacitors for Energy Storage:

World’s first 100-watt equivalent Led replacement bulb:



Splitting Water for Renewable Energy Simpler Than First Thought? Manganese-Based Catalyst Shows Promise:

A new source of green energy- LEDs:

Discovery could lead to faster computer clock speed:

Which technologies get better faster?:

Miracle material- graphene


I am a long-time reader and admirer of “The Painter’s Keys”,

Robert Genn ‘s wonderful newsletter. A special issue:

John Shea: Need for critical thinking can't be lost in education:\



Sharing Information Corrupts Wisdom of Crowds:


The real revolution- working with Nature vs. working against her:


Flourish: A New Understanding of Happiness and Well-Being — and How to Achieve Them by Martin Seligman — review:


Want to Stand Out From the Crowd? Be the Subject of Gossip:

No concept of time: The Amazonian tribe where nobody has an age and words like 'month' and 'year' don't exist


ARTstore digital lbrary (needs subscription):

As Time Goes By, It Gets Tougher to Remember New Information:


Problem solving 101:

Saying NO to the boss:

Lead like you, only better:


How to Write Nonprofit Mission Statements:

Future Babble: Why Expert Predictions Fail and Why We Believe Them Anyway:


Increase in Internet Access Parallels Growth in Prescription Drug Abuse:

Sensing brain pressure without surgery:

Alzheimer\s risk gene disrupts brain wiring 50 years before disease hits:


A Blood Test Offers Clues to Longevity:


Researchers Identify New Dental Cavity-Causing Species:

Coffee linked to lower risk of fatal prostate cancer risk:


Can recipe search engines make you a better cook?


New Strategy for Drought Tolerance in Crops: Shutting Down the Plant's Growth Inhibition Under Mild Stress:


Beekeeper's Lament': A Rare Glimpse Inside the Endangered World of Beekeeping:


Routine Periodic Fasting Is Good for Your Health, and Your Heart, Study Suggests:



If you read this- then some people are dangerous false prophets:

End of the World, May 21, 2011:


The Enduring Appeal of the Apocalypse:

Nice- thanks to Harry Veeder:




Study Sees Way to Win Spam Fight

Anatomy of a spam Viagra purchase:



Six rising threats from cybercriminals:

Bob Rankin- who is watching you on the Web?:

Protect Yourself From SMiShing (SMS Phishing) Attacks

Windows scareware fakes impending drive disaster:


Man in the Browser attacks:

How Google Spies on Your Gmail Account (And How To Stop It):


INTEL CEO- big shift to mobile:

Google wants to control your home (via mobile):

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