Monday, December 24, 2012


Today it is a peaceful day by definition therefore I really regret that I have to answer to this attack of Gary Wright – a self-made Rossi killer. The message is this and it is impressive by taxonomy and logical flux.
However my admiration stops abruptly here. The main issue of this dispute is a statement from a recent publication of Gary i.e.

“Now if any person would like to challenge our claims above we would be happy to meet you in court.”

It is a rather strange verbal construct how the neutral “any person” becomes the threatening “you”? By which logic? And who can be happy in the court – a very stressing place, except sadists and masochists? De gustibus non disputandum.

See please:

I have interpreted this message of Gary as ACTIVE:
 “If you do not agree with what we say, we will call you to court”

Very angrily Gary says repeatedly that I have grossly misinterpreted his statement that is PASSIVE and has to be read like:
“we are ready to confront those challengers in court, if they will start some legal actions”

 However, please take a look to
the challengers (any person, you) do not take him (Gary) to court. Why Gary, who is hopefully a native American-English speaker, has not used a better wording? As “we are prepared (please add how are you prepared?) to confront in court Rossi and his accomplices, collaborators, fans, supporters in - if they call us there. That “happy to go in court” formulation is, in my opinion clumsy and very open to interpretation.
It is a proof that Gary is not an alter ego of Steve Krivit who writes crystal clear sentences.
I have NOT misinterpreted Gary’s statement the fault is entirely his. (Dear readers please VOTE, who is right?!).

Gary informs us that the court issue was caused by people associated with Rossi who don’t like the shutdownRossi idea. and are threatening him with legal actions but where are these documents attesting Gary’s victim status?

Gary says he respects democratic values and freedom of opinion
And he really respects those opinions that are similar to his.
However the calling in court issue is NOT over!

Gary Wright writes:
I believe in the right for everyone to say and believe whatever they choose.  What I do not think is right is for someone to violate laws and morals by carrying on a fraud and scam, defrauding people out of their money.  And in this case I am devoting a little of my time and effort by concentrating on Andrea Rossi’s e-Cat scam and fraud, only because it is connected to cold fusion/LENR

This is more interesting than it seems a la prima vista!
First Gary knows hat Rossi is doing a lot of harm to many people and instead of boldly going to Court as a good citizen (of US and of the world), he chooses the inefficient method of blogging – thus being an e-paper tiger fixed to words but fearing action.
He has some excuses:
- he needs victims of Rossi to represent them; where are these victims?
- he needs an identity, but apparently he is just a nickname, face- and CV-less, ungoogleable (if you make a search for “Peter Gluck” first comes a successful American architect and I am the second with many statements for which I take full responsibility. Gary Wright is hidden by some celebrities and it seems he was born when his ShutdownRossi website has started.)
- Who are you, Gary Wright? This question is not a personal attack, just curiosity. The weird thing is that you are interested in Rossi’s criminal activity just because it’s connected to LENR/Cold Fusion. Ergo, you are a member of our community of LENR lovers- but nobody knows who you are. Why?

Gary, I am happy to see you are also using the Gordian Nots style of my 20 Problem Solving Rules- therefore you know that what you do not say, the implicit questions you do NOT answer is/are more relevant than what you say. How could Rossi fake his experiments with a zero excess heat device? Again where are the people whom he has done harm? Why so many people who had been in touch with him have rejected his invention but also many people and some smart and nice sincerely and in the disinterested mode are his friends?  Have you commented about his Italian fans and associates, about the Swiss presentation and now about the
Swedish TV issue how could he mesmerize known scientists, smart journalists and a well reputed TV channel to appear there? Corruption and Hanlon’s Rule explain it all?

The rest of Gary’s paper is mainly about Rossi not many new things but systematically presented.

It is obvious Gary does not like my request that if the very improbable happens and Rossi puts a working generator on the market he (Gary) should make seppuku and asks reciprocity i.e. something similar from the supporters of Rossi in case it is finally and absolutely demonstrated he is fraud who has nothing, nor excess heat neither energy source.

The Great List of Rossi’s lies and other sins follow - quite useful. The suspect thing is that at all Rossi-sins-lies Gary starts with the formula: “I am NOT the one who…”  Why?

, Gary emphasizes the fact that Rossi is lying, NOT he; I think nobody has suspected him- this would be possible only with a very split personality and I am ab ovo excluding this fantastic possibility: Rossi is a religious person and his remorse for engineering a fraud can motivate him to simultaneously write about his sins and ask to be punished/stopped (It is not my idea I have read it at one anti-Rossi Italian website authored by “Serena”- if true this a problem of psychiatry- but I think it is nothing real)
With whom, or with “what’ is Gary dialoguing? I have accused him that he is threatening people with calling them to court for their opinion, he negates this saying I have misunderstood and misinterpreted his words, however as far I know nobody has said Gary is kind of destructive. competition of Rossi. What I have read on an Italian anti-Rossi site – a crazy idea of “Serena” is absolutely unbelievable and I have ignored it- I mention it for the first and last time.

The list of sins is spectacular, serious moral flaws and can be overturned only if Rossi has indeed a kW level working heat generating device. If he has one, even if not perfect, the lies remain lies but have to be interpreted quite differently.

I have added a lie to the list –Rossi actually don’t needs and don’t wants a patent and this has a generated a cascade of questions from Gary putting in doubt his abilities to understand a situation. I will try to answer systematically:

A) Rossi has many flaws but even you have NOT told he is lacking intelligence;

B) Even if somebody is not good in writing patents it is possible to hire a specialist;

C) Rossi’s “fighting” patent application WO 2009125444 is very badly conceived and written, a weak one. Just please compare it with Piantelli’s WO/2012/147045, WO 2010/058288 and WO/1995/020816; these make KO Rossi’s patent in the first minute. Rossi\s patent can only intentionally be so bad.

D) The Italian patent of Rossi has absolutely no value except the bureaucratic one.

E) Some of my patent expert friends agree with my logic and idea, say know this standard trick. Dear Gary, ask you experts, please and make a bit SunTzu reading it will help – if you will be called in the court too. You also need much better Rossi-speak to English dictionary, I think

F) The problem is insoluble actually, we can ask Rossi if he really wants a patent, surely he will not answer, will not tell the truth, very probably he would be pleased to see you hanged on a higher branch than I am hanged; he does not like us both, but clearly he does not consider us his good friends, except if the impossible scenario of Serena works…

Gary, it is very much against the elementary Netiquette to call “Mr. X” somebody with whom you have corresponded a lot using first names as it is normal even if you are very angry...

“And in the future, Mr. Gluck, please try not to misrepresent my words”

In the future dear Gary please use the proper wording and try to be more realist and …Merry Christmas to you!



  1. I visited Gary's shutdownrossi site shortly after it started, I have never seen so much vitriolic hatred in my life, never went there again. Will he get his turn in court as defendent? I hope so, and all his vitriol will be evidence against him, I'm sure there are plenty of people who have already made copies of his entire site as evidence.

  2. "Rossi’s fighting patent very badly conceived and written....can only intentionally be so bad....make a bit SunTzu reading "
    Interesting thoughts: Rossi filing intentionally weak patents that would never be granted. What reasoning could be behind this ? Having an excuse not to enter the market ?

    1. Dear Christian,

      Re the patent imagine the reverse: Rossi writes a good application describing what he has found: what are the functions of the special catalyst, what is its composition, how do you have to add it and other details. The solution is
      very probable simple (you are a chemical engineer and I am one with a 54 years practice so we can discuss the issue in some detail. The patent is OK and is approved and published. Rossi's secret is known. Known grosso modo, because know how is more than a patent (it happens that I have learned that mainly from German companies which sold us licences for technologies.
      Many good engineers worldwide try to reproduce the patent,
      some succeed - it is a process patent and relatively easily
      taken as such or modified. The process was far from being good and it is not perfect todays very soon Rossi is not more the leader.Writing a good patent makes him vulnerable so he has to keep his discovery as secret as possible.
      And to make so much smoke as he can. What he makes quite fine. The danger is not only that somebody copies the patent but uses it to make one better.
      Please retain an essential thing excess heat is a necessary but not sufficient condition it is a long, obstacled way
      from excess heat to an energy technology.
      I am ready to discuss with you other issues too, if you wish please write to:
      All these ideas are presented from long time on my blog posts labelled NEW ENERGY


  3. >if (...) Rossi puts a working generator on the market
    He already did, but there is a very small matter: you cannot have access to that market and you know you cannot count over a "secret market" to tell it is on the market...
    Must be because of this that you seem to speak about present days and (of course) even looking forward. How long forward mr. Gluck, for a product that, if claims are true, is already selled?
    You know, whe are near the end of 2013, and our market is still waiting the "quite ready for it" in 2011 product.

    1. Details are not known however it seems Rossi still has problems
      with the control of excess heat, but definitely he has massive excess heat. Control is not an easy problem. Anybody who has put sometime a new product on the market even if it is a new cake or candy will confirm this is not atsk for sissiees (see my most recent paper)