Friday, December 7, 2012


Be warned!:

Why Is Intelligence the Measure of Ultimate Human Worth?:

Major Breakthrough in Deciphering Bread Wheat's Genetic Code:

I have liked many of his writings:

Making Music Together Connects Brains:

The Beginning of Everything: New Paradigm Shift for the Infant Universe:

What Makes a Good Mentor and Mentee?:

The Power of Sharing in the Internet Economy:

A Better Way to Make Chemicals? Technique for Observing 'Mechanochemical' Synthesis Could Boost Green Chemistry:

Project Management: Science? Art? Common Sense?:

Doctoral Student Unravels 'Tin Whisker' Mystery:

First Measurements Made of Key Brain Links:

 Joi Ito: I'm Not a Futurist, I'm a Nowist:

Workings of the Brain: After 100 Years, Understanding the Electrical Role of Dendritic Spines:

Think yourself well:|hig|12-6-2012|4319833|37088816|

On The Horizon: Light Sources Made Of Glowing Plastic:

Building a better map of Europe:

Deception Can Be Perfected: Can a Repeated Lie Become 'a Truth?:

New Atomic-Layer Electrodeposition Method Yields Surprising Results

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