Wednesday, August 28, 2013


When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls! (Ted Grant) 

In a controversy, the instant we feel anger; we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves. (Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha)
I have many controversies with some of my LENR colleagues, however the Buddha has no reasons to worry for me. I succeeded to develop a positive habit, as higher is my repulsion toward the erroneous  and even harmful ideas (in LENR only!) of somebody as stronger is my empathy toward the person, the poor fallible, falsely informed, intellectually limited, pathologically motivated, sinful person (they consider me so too and I have to agree some times).. In most cases the history of our science field will excuse them by oblivion. This positive attitude cannot be changed even by my opponents mental manipulation practices or deliberate misinterpretation of what I have told. I accept their rather childish trials to replace my thinking that want to be free and independent with their memefied mental maneuvers I well know that: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)” This statement is very valid for the labyrinthic art of LENR thinking.

It is not entirely true that: Lord protect me from my friends, I can take care of my enemies (Voltaire) because my very best friends are the best friends of the genuine, productive LENR+ too.

Some changes can be seen these days in the evil infrastructure- the way to Hell is not more paved with good intentions. Crowded buses are circulating there one-way and good intentions are used as fuel.


In the following I will discuss about some of the many accusations against my LENR ideas.


This is the most common argument- due to my limited mental resources I am unable to comprehend the amazing richness of the existence (the LENR fragment of it), for me the situations are good or bad, LENR is a complete disaster, LENR + is a total triumph, Pd is good for nothing while Ni is the metal of future. For me gray or colored thinking is inaccessible, air poisoning is fatal for LENR in all the cases and independently of any circumstances. I ignore alternatives, I am blind to other possibilities, cannot use probabilities, will never imagine something marvelous as a reversal of effect. I am sure that, even the undeniable fact that I have invented-created scipiology, the art of directly converting disasters in triumphs (see please and this blog) will not change a bit their certainty that I am thinking in black and/or white with a strong focus and preference for what black signifies. I cannot go beyond true or not true and I am a hopeless prisoner of my self-imposed limits. I don’t take these tragically however when my surrender to complexity is invoked by people who really exhibit this fatal flaw- I am amazed.

These things are not new, on the contrary. A few days ago when I have received a message of 6738 words from Abd systematically dissecting my LENR ideas I had a sudden illumination moment: I remembered in the clairvoyant mode that Abd has told me the same words almost, 101+ years ago! You would not believe at once this but please listen.

It is well known that in case your have difficulties in accepting your mortality- then you have only 3 practical solutions:

a) be deeply religious and eternal life comes as a primary reward for many religions (attention- sex is allowed only in few Paradises!);

b) follow exactly the teachings of the gerontologist Aubrey de Grey;

c) learn the practice of metempsychosis, with some efforts you will
be able to reincarnate in a person from the categories you like with an over 90% probability

Anyway Abd (then with the name Damian) and I (Harry) met in April 1912 on a great modern ship- due to my Alz in statu-nascendi I have forgotten its name, but it was about something very big, I am sure.
We both were very rich young boys, not very nice. He had more money but I was nastier (read about "Accidents in metempsychosis". Both passionate for the card game contract bridge, soon we formed a team. We won quite easily the Ship's Bridge Championship organized on April 14 afternoon and we were just celebrating our victory with a few bottles of Veuve Clicqout champagne. Going to the bathroom I overheard people from the staff speaking about possible icebergs on our way and how dangerous these can be. Damian -Abd was not impressed, he was a fanatical optimist laughed and has accused me of alarmism and even of cowardice:

“You have no idea how many good, perfect alternatives there are to our ship hitting a pesky iceberg! We have our way, the iceberg its own way the probability of collision is negligible. Haven't you read that this ship has the most modern navigation system in the world, haven't you learned that our Captain Edward Smith is an infallible expert?
And it is not about hitting an iceberg or not, please do not think in black or white- only in the sense that the hulls of the ship are made from black metal are so resistant that white ice- that is only ordinary lowly plain water cannot damage them seriously. The ship has many compartments and even if it happens that 1-2-3 are broken, the rest will keeps us afloat perfectly.
The bad chance of a catastrophe is a real minimum; I have traveled more than 100,000 miles with ships, not so good than this and never had serious problems. Always think about good alternatives.”
I have to reckon he was very convincing.
The following day however, Damian was already fully engaged in the next metempsychosis campaign, while I, taking care to become an excellent swimmer in all my consecutive lives, was traveling with Carpathia and I succeeded to happily survive till 1919 when I got the flue. .. et puis bonjour!

Unfortunately for Abd, existence, reality, life, science, research is full of simplistic Yes/No options and any situation, however relative has to be compared to what it was planned, desired, promised to be.

You can learn a lot from the card game we played on that unlucky ship: unfulfilled promises are punished with cruelty; doing a bit more than you have bid gets a modest reward- many times so is in life too. Words can be misused, phrases can be crippled or manipulated, however still there is no source of energy having its direct roots in the Fleischmann Pons Cell so I will continue to tell with sadness that LENR classic is in deep trouble.
If somebody can tell us about marvelous scientific facts, clearly understood and constantly demonstrable by more different methods- than I will immediately retract “in deep trouble”
And existence is full of Yes/No questions. You cannot avoid them.
Have you already forgotten Kirill Duhanov’s existential teachings: “What is, is! What isn’t, isn’t!”?

(Next part:”Denying reality”)



  1. I enjoy your poetic writing. You maintain focus better than most people who try this type of writing.

    As to LENR PdD is useful in that it is scientifically simpler. D+D->He I agree it is unlikely to be the engineering road to the future. With Takahashi we have, throw in appropriate material, raise temperature, energy comes out. Doesn't get much simpler.

    Ed Pell

    1. Dear Edwin,

      Thnks! My writings are expressionist it is my pleaure to tell what I think.
      I agree with hat you say with 2 minor exceptions:
      PdD is only seemingly scientifically simpler just because we don't know a lot of things about it, starting with why it works, but why it works so badly;

      why being scientifically simpler is something good as such?

      Takahashi gives one of the possible explanations but many other theorists have different explanations, sorry

  2. Dear Peter,

    I don't understand most of your prose. But if you are saying that the existence of "LENR+" should be a black or white issue, I agree.

    I assume that by LENR+, you mean claims of very large, sustained power such as are claimed by Rossi and Defkalion.

    Rossi wrote in his original patent that he had heated a *factory* with an ecat in 2009. Or was it 2007?

    Defkalion wrote in their blog in *2011* that their *second* generation Hyperions had built-in liquid flow calorimetry. They said they were testing many units for months at more than 10 kW sustained outputs. Since then, they said at ICCF17 that they tested liquid calorimetry to 350C and COP's to 22. And they are now on generation six!

    A valid question is: where are the black and white tests of these marvelous devices in all these years?

    Instead, we have weak and vague demonstrations like the one Defkalion gave to Mats Lewan recently and which they provided by video to ICCF18.

    We have Levi and Essen's test of Rossi's so-called hot cat, which was neither independent nor sufficient.

    So if you're saying we need black and white tests of LENR+, and that we don't have them, I totally agree with you.

    It seems incomprehensible that if LENR+ is real, nobody has seen fit to have the required totally adequate and completely independent tests done. It makes no sense at all. The excuse that the tests are bad to avoid competition is ridiculous. If it were true, why do tests at all?

    The other excuse, that you can't get patent protection, is equally absurd. First, there have been patents granted in the general area of LENR. Second, all an inventor needs to be protected is a patent application properly filed, *and* a working device that can be demonstrated to the patent authorities or to a court. I strongly suspect that the problem for LENR+ is that no properly working and testable device exists. I would love to be proven wrong.

    1. Yes Mary- this is a true or not true issue, with some necessary quantitative description necessary.
      For you Rossi `2 Ecat and 2 HotCat experiments are totally black i.e. faked 100 with inative, zero excess het cores?
      What gies you the right to call DGT's demo with Lewan's assisstance weak and vague? On the Web you can call Snow White the young infra-black lady ut she remain as she is.

      Why are you speaking about patents here.


    2. Peter,

      The reasons I question Rossi are his colorful criminal history, his record with the DOD thermoelectric devices (which seem to have never existed), and that his claims to high power LENR date back to more than 5 years with no product, no customer, and no independent test.

      What gives me the right to question Defkalion's demo to Lewan is the fact that he did not get enough time to properly investigate all sources of input power, and he did not see, much less measure, the output steam. Just as important, Defkalion claimed much better devices than what they showed Lewan and they claimed them more than 2 years ago. How could those have disappeared? What is the logic in showing Lewan a machine that is not up to the standards announced by the company two years ago? Why is it that a supposed world leader in LENR can't know enough about heat transfer and fluid flow to properly measure steam enthalpy?

      You see, Peter, I don't like inconsistent stories. I don't like big claims that are never backed up properly. I see big problems with the Defkalion demos and with their prior statements. That gives me the right to be critical of them. And of course, they have every right to prove me wrong. I wish they would. I don't think they can.


      We cannot but help to look at the world through our minds eye as in a glass darkly seen as stained by the unique perspective of our souls. When we try to make sense of the world around us and the actions of others in that world of personal perception, those actions are tinted by the mists of our perceived sensibilities.

      Your prose is filled with deceit and treachery, of lies and betrayal, of the ridiculous and the absurd.

      Your soul truly must be a dark and murky place without trust or inspiration. You must have traveled far down the nine circles of your private torments to wallow deeply at the bottom of the cesspool of the eight circle of fraud and the ninth circle of treachery.

      In this horrid place to where you have fallen, Judas is receiving the most horrifying torture of the three traitors: his head gnawed by Satan's mouth, and his back being forever skinned by Satan's claws. What is seen here is an inverted trinity: Satan is impotent, ignorant, and full of hate, in contrast to the loving nature that is the best part of us.

      Your incessant writing is getting increasingly depressing and wearisome being full of the vapors from your own hell. Yes through your sorted agency, the dark angels climb from their putrid pit and slink their way across our world, but it is always best to appeal to the better angels of our nature.

      But I fear that you have fallen so far for so long into your own torments that your reach for a better purpose is far and forever beyond your grasp.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hey, Axil, Is that for Peter or for me? Are you sure you're not looking in a mirror?

    2. Every moment and every event of every man's life on earth plants something in his eternal soul.

      Over this long course of your slanderous campaign, your soul is condemned to live forever in a dry and dusty place bereefed of the wellspring of hope.

      Devoid of the righteous outrage of injustice that your numerous victims feel, how do you like this biting edge of the cutting word that you constantly wield, the sting of fair redress for slander, and the justice of retribution and retaliation?

      You have no real knowledge of the accusations that you invent and the slanders that you propagate. They are only tools of your cruel purpose.

      You swim in your own polluted sea of desperation, recrimination and negativism.

      It seems incomprehensible that if LENR+ is real, you are rightly viewed as a criminal against the interests of all humanity.

      It makes no sense at all to heed your call for tests with you as a judge, since your credibility and impartiality is a joke.

      You stand before us unsexed like the bitch Lady Macbeth, who intends to kill her husband’s rival with jealous intent in the bloodlust for power. Like your current rantings here before us, this speech shows that Lady Macbeth is the real steel behind the quest for power and that her ambition will be strong enough to drive her past her feminine nature to the cruel malice of full and brutish masculinity.

      The raven himself is hoarse
      That croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan
      Under my battlements. Come, you spirits
      That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here,
      And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full
      Of direst cruelty. Make thick my blood,
      Stop up th’access and passage to remorse,
      That no compunctious visitings of nature
      Shake my fell purpose, nor keep peace between
      Th’ effect and it. Come to my woman’s breasts,
      And take my milk for gall, you murd’ring ministers,
      Wherever in your sightless substances
      You wait on nature’s mischief. Come, thick night,
      And pall thee in the dunnest smoke of hell,
      That my keen knife see not the wound it makes,
      Nor heaven peep through the blanket of the dark,
      To cry ‘Hold, hold!’