Friday, May 31, 2013


A good friend, a leading personality of the New Energy Movement, the Canadian writer, Jeane Manning has visited the labs of Defkalion Green Technologies at Vancouver and has published this fine frontline report.
I am a long time admirer of Jeane’s writings and thinking and now again her unique talent to see the essence, the core of the problem, her ability to discover, reveal newness and progress made me enthusiastic-bravissimo Jeane!

This NEW has now a name; it is LENR+, in defkalionese HENI.
It is the creation of Yiannis Hadjichristos and his scientific associate(s) and of our bright colleague and friend Axil. The DGT team made this new thinking possible, Jeane is telling us what LENR+ signifies.

I take this opportunity to show you the bare bone form of LENR+ asking you, my faithful readers to contribute by putting
Scientific-conceptual flesh on this skeleton. I will discourage those who perhaps want to break some of these bones- they are very tough and resistant. PLEASE contribute positively and creatively to his Synthesis!

LENR+ Manifesto and Plan. (sketch)

1.  Situation: The LENR field has PROBLEMS

2.  Cause:  It appeared too EARLY
3. Difficulty: Extreme COMPLEXITY

4. Solution: TECHNOLOGY first!
- No PURE SCIENCE alone!
- SCIENTIFIC METHOD not applicable.
- HYBRID METHOD necessary

-  Usual SYSTEMS hopeless
-  To destroy MYTHS, MEMES!
-  Radical PARADIGM shift.


7 Task: to differentiate LENR/LENR+!
- LENR is discovery, LENR+ is invention,
- LENR and LENR+ have different mechanisms;
- LENR+ based on enhanced excess heat,
- LENR+ dynamic system of multi-stage processes;
- LENR+ is based on nuclear interactions, not reactions,
- LENR+ needs a productive meta-theory

8. Task: define, describe LENR+ mechanism;
to make hydrogen reactive and metal receptive
Polaritons, Nanoplasmonics, Resonances -àBEC, sequences…
Trans-theory in statu-nascendi

9. Task LENR+ R&D by HOLISTIC approach
- optimization performances/control, scale up, diversification

10. Industrial implementation of LENR+ generators

In these papers you can see how LENR+ was built. The work just has started

LENR/LENR+ papers 2013


  1. thanks for relaying news of defkalion.
    Is it meaning that the demon at NIWeek2013 will be video ? too bad, I expected a demo in texas...

    about your manifesto I support that vision.
    In fact that is exactly what Nassim Nicholas Taleb push about innovation.
    Thomas Kuhn explain well that in condition of real blackswan and absence of theory, there is no hope in normal science.

    science started quite happily to investigate around LENR, despite the pathologic noise of some big leaders. many lab worked for long despite the public ban on LENR, but when it was clear there was no hope of application when stuck in the comfortable normal science of LENR not+, most abandoned...
    and it was an outsiders idea (Miley, Piantelli) that was the blackswan... another assumed impossible reaction, not even D+D.. Ni+H...

    solution can be where you don't imagine. And the way to discover it is through trial and error, less planing, and more application.
    Taleb is clear on that.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, it is a very bright idea to reveal the Black Swan nature of LENR+. Just a remark Miley is not outsider, he is the heroic editor who has published CF papers in Fusion Technology. A great man.Piantelli, yes he is a heretic.

  3. How would an outsider satisfy himself that this works? Buy one and return it under warranty if it doesn't work?

    1. Andrew, I confess that I don't understand you exactly.
      Who wants to sell something just now?

    2. Peter,
      Then just take my first sentence please
      "How would an outsider satisfy himself that this works?"


  4. Peter,
    I had heard directly from Alex Xanthoulis's voice that Defkalion will do a demo at NIWeek 2013, and I had been pleasantly surprised by that news. Now I read in JEANE MANNING's article that Defkalion "are strongly considering presenting audiovisual material during the August 5-8 National Instrument conference in Austin" and, for what I can understand this doesn't seem a demo performed in Austin i.e. outside Defkalions's labs and with technicians and engineers supplied by National Instruments, but instead a video made by themselves in their lab where they probably say that the COP is greater than 6 and that they can control the reaction, and other words, words, words but no facts. The maximum we can expect now is just the umpteenth paper about LENR in suns's corona at the ICCF 18.

    Since it's impossible to communicate with them, I would like if you could ask to your friends at Defkalion if they can confirm this changes in their plans. I strongly hope they won't be delusional for the umpteenth time, this would be too much for anyone.

    Rossi, for better or worse, has done what he promised. He also said that a 6 month duration test is scheduled with relative report and I think this will be the truth, but with Defkalion one can't never believe what they say. Too many lies, they retract what they say too many times.
    How can we know that they aren't a bluff? They seem very unreliable persons (to say the minimum).


    1. The DGT people are professionals, and be conviced they
      will do a finedemo at NI Week. I trust them and I disagree with you, but I want to disagree in the friendly mode.
      Let's discuss after NI Week, OK?

  5. Peter, you are thinking clearly on this, unlike some, who are caught up in the unnecessarily complicated dogma of scientific investigation, you know that Nature will not reveal her secrets voluntarily. Instead of gingerly lifting her veil to peek at her charms, it is necessary to surround her with many inquisitors, strip her bare, all looking without fear, to discover her wonders. For she is not our Mother, but the keeper of infinite secrets, that she wishes to share with any bold enough to ask the correct questions.

    1. Thank both for your kindness and for the elegant formulation.

  6. Ms. Manning undoubtedly means well but she knows nothing about the field and was shown nothing meaningful. Someone asked me on another forum why I distrust Defkalion so strongly. I replied like this (and there is much much more):

    "Defkalion lied so consistently that they had to close and delete their entire forum in a very Steornish move about a year ago.

    Their lies are legion. One classic is that they gave working Hyperion reactors to Greek Government authorities for licensing and certifications (around June 2011) and they expected the responses and certificates by October 2011. In fact, a newspaper reporter in Defkalion's home city made specific inquiries of a member of the Greek Parliament. That member followed up with the agencies and was told categorically that no agency of the government had ever been asked to certify or test anything belonging to Defkalion. Now it's of course possible that the member or the agencies missed something in which case Defkalion, obviously aware of the report which was splashed all over forums including theirs -- Defkalion could have easily said which agency and set the reporter straight. Of course they did not.

    Defkalion also said last April that seven major global companies were doing tests and would report them (at their discretion) "soon". No report ever surfaced. No company was ever named. Classical scammer lying tactic.

    At the start of these fiascos, Defkalion believed Rossi. They expected to receive ecat cores to put in their equipment in October of 2011, under a contract with Rossi. Of course Rossi didn't deliver because he's almost certainly scamming investors. Defkalion then erroneously decided Rossi only wanted to hog the market and they thought they could make Hyperion (their reactors) themselves. After all, all it takes is a bit of nickel, hydrogen, an electrical heater and some secret sauce they thought they knew or could devise. Bad idea as I am sure they now know but have chosen not tell anyone, especially their investors. "

    Sorry, Peter, if you think I am abusing your hospitality. I do appreciate the opportunity to post here uncensored.

    1. An ode to MaryYogo and her like.

      Now that Rossi has had his brief time in the sun, its Deflation’s time to bestride the world stage to bask in slender and adulation in the limelight of history. This upcoming period of sweet world attention is acutely noticed by the many parasitic gadflies that swarm aimlessly around the magnificent and majestic elephants of the LENR scene.

      In bided time, this nuisance hoard jealously awaits their chance to dive and strike hanging like a jaundiced yellow cloud of pestilence over these splendid sovereigns of their domain. This gadfly dream is to draw some blood, to feast like the vampire pests that they are, but the skin of their intended victims is just too tough to penetrate.

      But the more that they are denied their blood meal, the more frantically desperate they become.
      They plunge again and again deeper and harder with their fangs exposed as their frustration grows; they know that their time for blood feeding is growing short.

      They try remorselessly and in growing frenzy to make an impression. So curious is this frantic behavior, the interested observer of the current scene must pause to wonder what drives these blood sucking pests in their obsessive pursuits.

      Do they aspire to be the gatekeepers of science?

      For this depraved and deluded group, it’s all about who has the power and who makes the money and influence more than concern for more esoteric ethical considerations.

      Don’t be fooled by the words they say, it is the violation of their rules and interests that concerns them most. The works are designed to befuddle the naïve and the gullible to genuflect before the throne of their august authority and the power of their persuasions.

      And setting down a notch or so in the direction of impropriety that I fear we must go, there is a class of non-paid sycophant fan boys that makes it their business to curry favor with the deluded caste of gatekeepers. They divine what the hierarchy wants and proceed to do their best to impress the powers that be. They want to be like them; like a kid who wants to be a superstar athlete ball player; so they mimic all the moves and assume the attitudes that their betters might reflect on the hope that their dreams of glory and approval will somehow be fulfilled through doleful imitation. Like the lapdogs that they are, wagging their tails for any sign of approval no matter how slight, they sit in at rapped attention on their haunches for the slightest nod that might be granted. They lack any original ideas or hope of inspiration. They content themselves to wallow in a quagmire of recrimination hoping to climb the ladder of crony acknowledgment.

      They read each other’s work and steal without shame the cuts and accusations that they feel are most libelous and destructive.

      This pathetic ecosystem of allegation and reproach is the sad state plaguing scientific politics; this horror is what LENR must face. Let us hope for not much longer, but unfortunately not yet, not yet.

    2. Axil, you don't seem to know enough about practical heat transfer/fluid flow physics and ordinary electrical engineering to be worth wasting time responding to. Let's talk about this again in a year or so. When there is still no independent test and no identifiable customer, will you still be excusing Rossi then? (I predict that you will)

    3. The speculation that you are actually a male with a business on the west coast selling Calorimetry equipment might bear a modicum of truth based on your implied claim to superior expertise in practical heat transfer/fluid flow physics.

      For the vast amount of time that you and your kind spend badmouthing the LENR faithful, l cannot yet determine the depths of your motive for advantage that springs from your current depraved behavior.

      Be it one year or one hundred I will be here carrying the torch of truth that I am sure that you oppose. Needless to say, you being possessed and debilitated by an absolute obsession, please continue with your attacks because I plan to gird my strength in the sure hope to perfect my best arguments for these most prudent considerations are based on the ultimate power of truth.

      I have, myself, full confidence that if all do their duty to protect this truth, if nothing is neglected, and if the best arrangements are made, as they are surely being made, we shall prove ourselves once again able to defend this precious legacy of honesty; to ride out the storm of hypocrisy, and to outlive the menace of dishonesty, if necessary for years, if necessary alone.

      We being linked together in this noble cause and in the pressing need of all mankind, we will with vigor uphold this principle of unselfish honesty, aiding each other like good comrades to the utmost of our strength we shall go on to the end, we shall fight in the classroom, we shall fight in the blogs and in the office, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength on the factory floor, we shall defend our integrity, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight no matter the insults we suffer; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this noble concept or a large part of it were subjugated and starved, then in God's good time, the New World we want to inspire, will be born in all its power and might, stepping forth to the rescue in the full confidence and in good conscience to liberate a new and noble future.

  7. Dear Mary.

    In this pre-terminal phase of skepticism I have nothing agsinst
    your comments. They are in second stage of "Errare humanum est,
    perseverare diabolicum" Unfortunately you are a weak information source, as far I can see you do not have real connection to anybody who knows well Rossi or the DGT people, you having an all-electronic identity have not spoken with people of the closer circles these researchers. You are good in imagining any kind of devilish scenarios and possible flaws of the experimental devices, you are increasingly losing the contact with reality.
    Youa re not SERIOUS (see please the definition here:
    You want to drown the essential facts in dirty insignifiant details and you try to demonstrate that miniature calluses are de facto giant tumors. I assure you, Rossi obtains excess heat a lot
    DGT also and has control of it and very soon you will become obsolete with your wicked fairy tales. ( I apologize if this offends you, it was not my intention, just you must know the truth.
    May I know what motivates you: money or some ethical ideal as justice?
    However I will ask you to not speak here ad hominem but at felinem. I know for this you need first/second hand information.
    If you are paid for your messages, it is OK for me, we live in the Moneytheist society and scientific bravo is just a possible profession.

  8. Permit me to say that the transgressions listed by maryyugo are in large part anything but trivial, and yet you wave a wand labelled "trivia" over all of them. I have trouble understanding how a person like yourself can purport to espouse a balanced view, and yet do that. Maybe you could actually address the most heinous of these reported facts instead of speculating that she is a paid critic?

    1. Real accusations should refer to the genrtors not the people.
      Mary starts telling that Jeane Manning is not informed and not knowledgeable and this is completely false.
      Mary has no proofs for her other accusations.

      And I simply wznted to know her motivation, she is working hard, It can be anything from an sense of justice to sadism.
      What is in your case? If I rmeber well well you have disappeared from the LENR field/comunication for many yeras and have appeared again now. Welcome, but why?

    2. Peter,

      The proof of the accusation is in the internet history. Your nice little blog doesn't have enough volume for me to bother digging up all the references. I have been following them for the entire two and a half years of this fiasco and I participated personally on the Defkalion forum so I know what they said. It isn't my fault if you are a late comer to this party.

      Jeanne Manning did not do her job as a reporter. She should have insisted on seeing instrument readings and analysis. She should have asked why no independent evaluation has ever been done. She should have asked about the reported but never done delivery of equipment to the Greek authorities for testing. She should have asked who the seven very large international companies were who tested the Hyperion last April and why no reports were ever issued. She asked NONE of those questions. She asked nothing of any importance.

      I always laugh when I am accused of being a paid critic. I wish somebody would pay me. I thought I'd approach a big power utility or oil company but I'm afraid I'm allergic to ridicule so I'd better not. It would be a good laugh though if I did.

      Hey, Peter, maybe you know someone I can approach to give me a check for all my work?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Well Peter, now that the Bilderbergs, the CIA, the NSA and The Illuminati no longer pay my salary, I have been re-employed by Big Oil and Big Gas. Mainly Big Gas.

    5. Dear Mary,

      If you are laughing all the way to the bank, it is fine.

      I would ask you to not say what a journalist has to do.
      The fact that the generators work is for now beyond measurement, like driving a car. You read 80mph and
      you are convinced that the car is not moving?

      I have explained you so many times that those great companies would not be happy to be known-yet.

      You have seemingly never worked for Cold Fusion/LENR and therefore you are unable to get the message of this paper
      a new paradigm is necessary to solve the problem that is
      to convert LENR in an energy source. You do not understand what Rossi has and what not yet, you don't understand DGT. You are fixed on the idea they have exactly nothing, no excess heat just tricks stealin current from the walls. Technologically speaking you have a very dirty fantasy, sorry Your standard method is to
      call everybody who does not agree with you as stupid, naive, incompetent, credulous. About me you have told thatI am as stupid as Prof Essen. You are using words quite well and I take your request to find somebody who
      will pay you-seriously.

      You can confront words however your bad luck is that facts you will find ugly will defeat you. Sorry Mary use your residual venom till you have time.

    6. Hey Peter, remember this from your own blog in June of last year, a full year ago?

      " Third party tests from internationally acclaimed entities as well as leading global technology players in both business and academia have been actively supporting our work.

      DGTG is currently finalising an industrial prototype ready to be presented as a
      commercial product for market entry within 2012.

      Many companies from 78 countries have already approached DGTG with an interest to become exclusive licensees to manufacture our Hyperion products, or to initiate joint R&D projects for new applications, or simply to purchase the thermal output of our units.

      Licenses to build and sell Hyperion products are sold to companies with exclusivity in a given country for Euros 40.5 million."

      So what happened? Where are all these people? All these products? All these licenses? WHERE?

  9. Andrew, thanks- you have humor and therefore I absolve you
    fror your past, present and future sins.You are not well informed that is all

  10. Peter,
    I also do not believe Rossi and DGT, just like Maryyugo. The reason is the claims are quite extraordinary and the lack of evidence. Perhaps you have more evidence than I do. I guess we will just have to see what happens when these company's meet with reality. In meantime I hope the MFMP can make some progress in complete transparency...

    1. No problem as long you cannot have correct information;when you will have it, you will judge the situation realistically.
      However perhaps you have an idea how and why such scams are organized, what is the aim, how can the scamers convince people they have excess heat (I don't want any suggestions just I am asking you to think)
      I also wish great success to MFMP, they are young and skilled

    2. The Why is greed. "How" is by selling licences. When one is buying a licence to sell or resell a product that never will be. How can a scammer convince someone? By performing a demonstration or a (not so careful executed) test.

    3. the claim have nothing extraordinary, if you accept LENR is a real phenomenon as hundreds of peer-review paper and experiments prove...

      Either you don't accept it and you clearly are a conspiracy theoris like many.

      Or you admit the reality of LENR, and LENR+ is just an engineering breakthrough.

      and given the circumstantial evidence in finance, media (aldo proia, defkalion, NI), plus Nelson, SRI and essen report, you have to accept that it is much more than enough.

      of course I have no hope to convince you, but I can convince people who see you to admit you are simply living on another planet where logic, psychology, finance, peer-review, physics is different.

    4. I am a conspiracy theorist? I don't get it. I don't think there is a conspiracy. I think LENR should be investigated, but there is no conclusive proof yet. Otherwise there would be a bunch of easily replicated experiments.

  11. Would you buy a perpetuum stabile? The E-cat for example is far from perfect but gives copious excess energy.

    1. I can't confirm that the E-Cat gives excess energy. I think it will not stand a truly independent test by a competent scientist that wants to exclude fraude.

    2. Interesting, but I have a contrary opinion. The real test
      will be the market.
      But what you say is an accusation of incompetence against
      the entire group of Professors who have performed the HotCat test. In case that one day it will be obvious they were not incompetent, it would correct to apologize, isn't it? Let's wait, OK?

    3. Actually, the true story - the human story complete with motivations and so on - about how each of the scientists ended up doing that test would make for very interesting reading. The least that can be said for certain is that, for each of them, it was a highly speculative career move. Do you have insight that you can talk about, Peter?

    4. What I regret is that I am too old and I will not read
      the books about this story- as I have those about
      the first years of cold fusion. I have understood very
      late that the core of the problem is that Cold Fusion
      has appeared too early, when science and technology were
      not prepare for understanding and applying it. And that
      useful LENR+ is VERY different from interesting Cold Fusion. A great human story anyway and I am happy to be a small part of it.
      As regarding the Professors, history will tell

    5. Then I shall take my leave. My thanks for your generosity as a host.

    6. Peter,
      I think it is fair to say that the team did not do a good enough job. I am not sure that they are incompetent. That would imply that they cannot correct this. I have no reason to assume such a thing. I think they can do a better job.

  12. This is to whoever has access to Vortex:

    I've been mystified by the discussion regarding Rossi's alleged control of his hot cat -- the one which is cooled mainly by radiation. How does the proprietary control system know how hot the ecat is? There are no sensors! How does the control system know the energy output? Why do we assume that there *is* a control system other than the electrical input which provides all the heating we see?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Hey Peter, one more thing I just noticed. It's about the ICCF-18 meeting in July.

    Rossi doesn't even appear. And Defkalion gets 1/4 of a half hour review of "startups". Out of a four day meeting. Does that make sense if anyone believes either of them?


  14. What is much more important I am not going either. Disregarding my problem with the eyes, what do you think why? But don't worry for Rossi and/or DGT. Be selfish and take care, you are working too much.

  15. Hi again Peter. Sorry you won't be going to the meeting. I thought you might be interested in a new report by Krivit. It says that Kullander independently tested the ecat under auspices of Uppsala University officially. The article further states that the test took place and **the ecat did not work**. For reasons not stated, Kullander never released the information.

    Also according to Krivit, Goran Ericsson, a professor in the Applied Nuclear Physics Division of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University, provided "detailed information" about this negative test of the ecat.

    Frankly, I am amazed that Rossi would ever allow such a test. The rest of the article is behind a pay wall here:

    Krivit's article is here:

    You may want to mention the existence of this article on Vortex. They don't appear to have heard about it.

    1. Hello Al Potenza,
      you could use another nickname, different form Al Potenza\Maryyugo etc., in order to join Vortex and to inform all the world that Krivit is attempting to make money with (presumed) reports or news coming from Sweden. This could be a good question for ethic, I'm guessing if such Goran Ericsson is getting money by Krivit or a percentage as well.
      Maybe even you are getting your part by spreading that link in order to increase subscriptions on Krivit's site, aren't you? Can you demonstrate the contrary?


    2. Yes Franco. I am already a millionaire from all the oil and gas company money I received for showing that Rossi is lying and that Defkalion has nothing. Now, I am trying for much more money, maybe billions, by assisting Krivit to sell $9 subscriptions. Unfortunately, your cleverness revealed my nefarious intent and multiple identities. You do such a service to cold fusion, Franco, you should share the Nobel prize when it is awarded.

      Warm regards!

    3. If you want to feel a bit (just a bit indeed) useful, write to Krivit and ask him to make free that report or whatever thing it is. It's immoral that he ask money for a revelation made via mail by a scientist. And since you are there, ask him if he promised money to Goran Ericsson too or if he informed him that he was to reveal those informations to the public under payment.
      At the moment he seems the only persons that is gaining money by Rossi's saga, apart from you obviously because your overwhelming effort can't be for free.


  16. Thank you, Mary.
    A good opportunity to remember how good a journalist Stevie is.
    I collaborated with him for long years, however he is starnge just because I told that Rossi may have excess heat he ended the friendship, like in Catholic vs Protestant, shiites vs sunnites dispute. i am different for example you think no excess heat
    I take it technically not personally.
    I am coming from real R&D even if in Chemical industry and a failed test is not such an earthshaking event for me, I had hundreds and have survived.

    WEhat strange this would have been a truly INDIPENDENT test and Rossi gave an E-cat to somebody ignoring his usual parania
    and being scared of reverse engineering.
    And he has joined the team in this recent Ferrara test.
    Things are not what they seem or what we like. I don't want any
    explanation from you, just think a bit

    1. The strange part is indeed that Rossi allowed such a test, if that's what really happened. And even stranger, Kullander failed to make it public, much less to write a paper about it.

  17. AnonymousPhysicistJune 5, 2013 at 4:58 PM

    I'm sorry to see that ignorant trolls such as Maryyugo have taken over much of the discussion here. I am a physicist (I don't work in LENR but have followed some of the work over the past 2 years). Here is my circumstantial evidence that something may be going on that is real:
    (1) Evidence for LENR in Pd/D systems (with in some cases clear products of nuclear reactions) in a long and ongoing series of experiments by ENEA, U. of Missouri, Naval Research Laboratory, Stanford Research Institute, SPAWAR - see for slides of recent presentations in Europe on recent experiments)
    (2) In addition to the scientists and engineers who carried out the recent "3rd-party report" on Rossi's device and found evidence for excess energy beyond that which can be accounted for by chemistry, Rossi's work is also supported by two other scientists, who as far as I can tell have nothing to gain from a scam: Sergio Focardi and Christos Stremmenos. In fact, Stremmenos recently reported that he carried out experiments with a device of his own design using Rossi's powder and found clear excess heat.
    (3) The existence of at least 3 other companies (Piantelli's Nichenergy, Robert Godes' Brillouin Energy, and Defkalion) which claim to be commercializing a similar technology.
    (4) The apparently positive results of Franco Celani of INFN using specially treated nickel wires in a hydrogen atmosphere.
    (5) The existence of other, possibly related, LENRs in systems such as fractofusion etc.

  18. Dear Physicist, still anonymous, you know why,

    Mary is welcome here, actually she is just an inoffensive
    electronic paper tiger belonging to a category that has
    a positive social function. Rossi must be grateful to her.
    The problem is that the influence oif these trolls is decreasing
    now linearly and soon exponentially.

    As regarding your taxonomy of LENR systems, please take in consideration the vital LENR/LENR+ distinction. Only systems with enhanced excess heat release will become energy sources.