Sunday, March 17, 2013


My dear young friends,

Things change, that can be both excellent (e.g. when it is about progress (it is pleonastic to say “technological progress”; do you know other kind of real progress?) and a catastrophe e.g. when you realize that aging is not reversible. This time it is a change that simply makes me a bit sad.
My intention was to tell you about “reverse motivation” You are going to work in an awfully difficult field of research, I cannot convince you it will be fine and glory is waiting for you. On the contrary, just because it will be so bas, you who are special, a great personality in becoming, you will insist to work for LENR.
Please discover yourself reverse motivation. The best tools to explain this are the demotivational posters from really good managerial black humor and this site which I have used and admired for more than 10 years needs subscription now. I hope you will manage to do it.

I wanted to ask you, young colleague, to read first of all, the two most recent writings at this Blog. I am complaining about the past, but Axil shows the way to the future, your way.

I am also sending you three lists all coming from the fine Cultural Offering Blog to which I have subscribed with enthusiasm- it is really cultural in the best sense of this word. The author/owner Kurt Harden was so generous that he included Ego Out to the list of “25 Blogs Guaranteed to Make You Smarter” and I am reading the other 24 as much as I can. (I almost hear a whisper: “Alzheimer retardant, does it work?”

I advice you to discover the author of this writings, Nicholas Bate. The word excellent was created for him too.

Be bold 101: 
You need to be VERY bold!

Professionalism 101:
Good professionals are the real noblemen of meritocracy!
The architects of progress.

Get Lucky:

You will need plenty of luck too! Do you know it?

But I offer you a somewhat smaller supplement, too, in the spirit of reverse motivation:

51 ways to fail:

For LENR, No 19 and 10 are perhaps the most efficient


  1. Sehr geehrter Herr Gluck

    I really appreciate your lesson today.
    I did a lot of printing and posting today this morning in my laboratory.

    A lot of what you write does not apply to me as I am someone who claims to be a Shi-Tzu but I read it and Contemplate on it any way.

    Thank you for Sharing Your Wisdom!
    -Sharing Is Caring!

    Your Friend
    / DB

    1. My pleasure! I guess you are the cousin, zeroth degree
      of the well known Doctor Bob- a real LENR personality.
      It's fine that you contemplate what I wrote, but actually
      what I need is suggestions coming from genuine young LENR
      workers/researchers. The main line of discussion with them
      is to convince them to join the New Wave in LENR that is
      well described for example in Axil's editorial and in my
      strategy papers. Do you know the Defkalion NI Week paper? To be young has absolutely NOTHING to do with mathematics. And please call me Peter.

  2. Well my real name is Bob :)
    Its not made up.

    Do I understand you correct:
    You want young researchers/workers to focus on studying the Quantum Effects and Nano Technology in relations to LENR / Cold Fusion, and that is what you refer to as "New Wave"?

    I have read the NI Defakalion Paper;
    "Our Primary target is global market penetration with ambition and responsibility towards the new hydrogen era that is emerging"

    I like that...

    But let me ask you, what kind of suggestions that I could provide could you possible benefit from?

    Love / Dr Bob

  3. Dear Bob,

    You understand me correctly yes think they hsve to
    study new fields as nanoplasmonics. Axil has written a great
    preliminary paper and i have his permission to distribute it
    to those interested.Please write to or to this Blog.


    What I am asking the Young Researchers to tell me, which
    issues of management could help them in their career. I am trying to guess based on my experience but times have changed.

    Apart from this my New Energy papers try to contribute to the solutions of the LENR problems and to the deep understanding of the fiels

  4. Dear Peter,

    That is a really good question.

    I prefere to support open projects with high levels of transparency.

    The field have grown immensely since I started "working" with Cold Fusion.
    Something that is of great concern to me at the moment is to get a feeling for who to trust and not to trust.

    Another concern to me, individually, is how to manage very limited time and resources in the most efficient mannor between different projects and opportunities for maximum impact.

    Love / DB