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The existence, world, nature, destiny, call it as you wish in the secular language or in the languages of religions wants mainly or even exclusively to be just interesting. In some cases, interesting is combined with what is good for us humans, in other cases it is obvious that all those super-entities do not care a bit about us.
Cold Fusion that celebrates today its 24th birthday is a rather unhappy case and I have written really much about its negative side and unlucky birth recently. Therefore I will not write a state of the field report now I will just make a small exercise in positive thinking- asking you to join and support me with your ideas.
My leading axiom that will generate km3 of repulsion from many colleagues is this: the past and the future of LENR are very disconnected (and have to be so!); the future cannot learn much from the past and has to elaborate its own creative new solutions that do not appear in the experience of the past. We have to separate from the past not cheerfully as Karl Marx has suggested but professionally.
The correct vision of the field is mild myopia toward the past and to be long-sighted toward the future. I predict we will go on new ways soon. The past was great but sad; the future has to be pragmatic and very inventive and happy. I honor, admire and respect the heroes of yesterday, our martyrs, their wonderful altruism and idealism, the sacrifices, the great efforts the sometimes superhuman resistance in very hostile circumstances. But I also think that deep changes are necessary.
No more uphill battles! And, please no more infighting, we had seen enough of bald men fighting for an old comb.

I confess that when I wanted to listen to a musical illustration of the situation of our LENR usually I have used  In 1989 I could not imagine it will last so much and it will go so badly and the dreams created by Fleischmann and Pons will not be converted in an exiting reality in, say, 5-7 turbulent years.

The refrain of this “bye, dreams of glory, bye castles (built) in air” makes me very sad. The idea of castles built in air is a kind of metaphor of something that scares me, a dangerous departing
from of reality. But now, I know the dream of glory will come back. It’s true it will come back for a true generation of readers.

It is not about forgetting our past, it is about re-thinking it and adds to it what it was missing and to extract from it the values we have not well understood.

What has started as Cold Fusion and it is today LENR – mainly- has to suffer some metamorphoses in order to be viable indeed and to fulfill,, achieve its historical aim to be a standard source of energy for Mankind- perhaps the dominant one in, say, 15-20 years.

Let’s start a list of actions we have to make with courage and determination if we want that the future should be quite different from the past. I will ask you to add your ideas; this writing will remain open and will be completed. Please help poor little LENR to grow up and become a giant! Thank you!

Be very discontented with the situation of LENR, both the outer and the inner state of facts. Convert this discontent in changes.

Convert LENR in a total problem
Only problems get solutions, troubles generate just complains
and compromises.

Think about LENR as a technology not as a scientific curiosity

Focus on useful LENR+

Accept newness, reality, complexity, difficulty, diversity, conceptual broadness of LENR

Accept that LENR needs a meta-theory not a simple theory.

Eradicate harmful LENR memes from your thinking.

Use complete hybrid scientific and technological approach for solving the problems of development, scale-up, and control problems.

Apply Scipiology to LENR: convert the disaster(s) in triumph(s) by thinking actively and differently

The list is open for you!


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