Sunday, July 29, 2012


Computer Scientists Reproduce the Evolution of Evolvability
Simulation explains the origin of one of nature's most important organising principles:

Competitive Intelligence - A Selective Resource Guide - ompletely Updated - July 2012:

The Puzzling Problem Of Proportionate Growth
Biologists have long wondered how our organs all grow at the same rate. Now theoretical physicists think they've found a clue in the special way sandpiles grow:

In Search of the Key Word: Bursts of Certain Words Within a Text Are What Make Them Keywords:

Craig Venter Defines Life, Digitizes Our Biology:

Social Identification, Not Obedience, Might Motivate Unspeakable Acts:

Crystals, Information And The Origin of Life
The combination of information theory and crystallography should lead to a better understanding of DNA molecules, cells and perhaps even complex living things like humans:

Essentialist explanation (of languages):

The Business Case for the European Union
To corporate leaders, this year’s economic crisis is a sign that a more unified Europe is a solution, not a problem:

The Cuckoo Clock Syndrome:

ScienceShot: For Life's Evolution, Stellar Chemistry Matters:

Moore's Law Falls to Wright's Law in Predicting Technological Advance:

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