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progressing technologically despite the epidemics of social, economical and political probletence. We are full of sins crippling our chances for Evolution
but fortunately we are still a creative species.
The most important publications presented here are about thinking, Good Thinking. Sometimes, somewhere this will be a popular subject. Now..?
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Internet Architects Warn of Risks in Ultrafast Networks:


The Web's Crystal Ball Gets an Upgrade Bitly's shortened links can forecast the next trend online—a partnership with VeriSign is about to boost that predictive power:


How Internet Citizenry Will Decide the Fate of Nations The head of Google Ideas says technology will rewrite the relationship between citizens and governments:

3 Proven Strategies To Keep The Internet From Killing Your Productivity:            

 New Infographic: What Are People Doing Online?:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  


Web Search 101 - A Beginners Guide to Web Search:


Putting the Brakes on Web-Surfing Speeds:

Bing  launches “Editors’ Picks”:

10 most popular “How to” articles:         

 New Issue Alert: Journal of Electronic Publishing (14.2, Fall 2011):


New Report from Pew Internet- Why Amercans Use Social Media:



Google’s Lab of Wildest Dreams:


Google X: A Secret Lab Where Google Plays With Crazy Ideas & Robots                               


Private search engines look to usurp Google's supremacy


Google and Microsoft Talk Artificial Intelligence  Peter Norvig, Google's head of research, and Eric Horvitz, a distinguished scientist at Microsoft Research, are optimistic about the future of machine intelligence.



Origin of words and phrases:

The Top 10 Relationship Words That Aren't Translatable Into English:

Skilled readers rely on their brain’s ‘visual dictionary’ to recognize words:                                                    

Finding E-books, a guide:

Reviews: “E is for Enhanced: 8 Enhanced Ebooks Worth Checking Out”:

A Human review of theKindle Fire:

Kindle Fire review roundup: Amazin' Amazon tablet or dud iPad wannabe?:


E-Reader Display Shows Vibrant Color Video Mirasol's reflective display is being tested by device manufacturers, and could appear on shelves next year:

Libraries on Google +:



Nature and Nurture Work Together to Shape the Brain:

Mimicking the Brain -- In Silicon: New Computer Chip Models How Neurons Communicate With Each Other at Synapses


Predicting How Individuals Differ from Their Genome Sequences:

Integrative Genomic Sciences:

Re-examining Significant Research: The Problem of False-Positives;


The road to fraud starts with a single step The extensive academic fraud of Diederik Stapel has rocked science. Social psychologist Jennifer Crocker traces the destructive path that cheats follow:                       


Erratic, Extreme Day-To-Day Weather Puts Climate Change in New Light:


Unusual Liquid Crystal Structures On Water Surface:

Born to Roar: Lions' and Tigers' Fearsome Roars Are Due to Their Unusual Vocal Cords:



World Energy Outlook 2011 - JUST RELEASED 
9 NOVEMBER 2011:


Large Differences in the Climate Impact of Biofuels, Swedish Research Finds:

A Super-Absorbent Solar Material A new material, patterned at the nanoscale, absorbs a broad spectrum of light and could make thin-film solar cells more efficient:


A Light Wave of Innovation to Advance Solar Energy: Researchers Adapt Classic Antennas to Harness More Power from the Sun:



Giant orbiting power plants could harvest the sun's energy to provide world's power needs


Alternative LED Lighting Combats Energy Crisis:


Scientists Create Light from Vacuum:

Batteries with 10x more capacity and 10x faster charge:


Clever! Geothermal Power Plants Could be a Massive Source of Lithium for Batteries:         


Converting Waste Heat Into Electricity:


Friedman: The revolution now in Silicon Valley:

Data Transmission for the Internet of Tomorrow: Scientists Develop New Concept for Ultrafast Lasers:


Newly developed metallic "micro-lattice" material is world's lightest:                                      


Chemists Develop Compounds Capable of Forming Heath-Resistant, Economic and Biocompatible Gels:


New advances ibn the study of Silicon structure:


Breakthrough Could Yield Instant-On Computers Ferroelectric materials, already common in RFID chips, are wedded to silicon for the first time:

Light barrier used to repel mosquitoes:


Chemistry: New Insight Into 100-Year-Old Haber-Bosch Process of Converting Nitrogen to Ammonia:

Intute- engineering:


Bats, Dolphins, and Mole Rats Inspire Advances in Ultrasound Technology:

Intute- mathematics and computer science:


An Ultra-Cheap Ultrabook Soon, you'll be able to by an ultra-thin laptop for less than the price of a high-end iPad 2:.


Sound, Digested: New Software Tool Provides Unprecedented Searches of Sound, from Musical Riffs to Gunshots:

Beauty Now in the Eye of the Algorithm New image recognition technology judges photographic aesthetics:

Smog-Eating Material to Wrap Buildings:



Education and research methods:

MERLOT: Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching   


Geography and environment:

Understanding Emotions Without Language:


How Darwin’s Photos of Human Emotions Changed Visual Culture:


Can fresh thinking solve the world’s most intractable problems?


25 blogs guaranteed to make you smarter:


 8 Secrets To Creative Thinking (Hint: Steal From Others)::

 Birth Control can Save the World:

Get short daily doses of great literature with DailyLit:

Risk-Taking Behavior Rises Until Age 50:


False Confessions May Lead to More Errors in Evidence, Study Shows:

Positive Psychology- Are Markets Moral?:


The Museum of Mathematics:

The Science of Sarcasm? Yeah, Right

How do humans separate sarcasm from sincerity? Research on the subject is leading to insights about how the mind works. Really:



How Inequality Hurts the Economy

The gap between the rich and the rest makes for short recoveries:    

The Persistence of the Innovator's Dilemma

The Myth of the Innovator Hero:

Learn to act like a leader:


Keep Listening, but Start Talking:

Navigating through crowds and experts

We compare in order to make the best decision. To do that we need to consider the opinion of both experts and crowds:

Where Good Ideas Come From – Review

If You’re Busy, You’re Doing Something Wrong: The Surprisingly Relaxed Lives of Elite Achievers

Stop Thinking Outside the Box:

Never ask “Does this make sense?”:


Medicine, including dentistry:


Teeth Crowded in Seniors, as Jaws Shrink:


New Mouthwash Targeting Harmful Bacteria May Render Tooth Decay a Thing of the Past:


Realistic Look at the Promises and Perils of Nanomedicine:

Researchers Create a Pituitary Gland from Scratch The results could be an initial step toward generating viable, transplantable human organs:


Depression: Combination of Environmental, Psychological and Genetic Factors:

More Power to the Cranberry: Study Shows Juice Better Than Extracts at Fighting Infections:

Psychopaths: Born evil or with a diseased brain?:   

An Ultrathin Brain Implant Monitors Seizures The device can conform to the shape of the brain, enabling better recording of electrical activity:


Unraveling How a Mutation Can Lead to Psychiatric Illness:



Agriculture, food and forestry:

Global population reaches 7 billion: can we really feed the world?

With the population now at seven billion, it’s time we turned our attention from fattening animals to feeding people,:


Soybean Adoption Came Early by Many Cultures, Archaeologists Say:

French Digital Kitchen is a Recipe for Success: 

Pie•ology: A Full Filling Story:




Digital Media a Factor in Ferocity of Political Campaigns:


Massive networks of stripes appear in Chinese Desert:

World’s Fastest Accordion Player




Mitigating the risk in using of social media:

The rootkit of all evil- CIQ:

Bob Rankin- Is your e-mail really private?


Update: Facebook confirms nasty porn storm Company blames clickjacking vulnerability in one or more browsers for flood of explicit and violent images:

Recognizing a cyberbully:


Android malware explodes, jumps five-fold since July

'Exponential growth' driven by Google's policy of not vetting apps, veteran hackers moving to Android:


Top 10 Tools to Protect PC from Infected USB Flash Drives:



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