Sunday, November 13, 2011


My dear Readers,

It was a good week for this newsletter, the Web has generously answered to many of the questions that are interesting for me. I hope you will find answers to your questions too. Many of these answers are of the type
described here: I am convinced that “mu” is a pillar of good and rich thinking and it is very bad that it is not taught at the school. It appears when the Answer is greater than the Question. I wonder if an opposite
case can exist – the Answer being much smaller than the Question; is the E-cat such a case?

I have defined our species as Homo discontentus- and I am very human- awfully sad that INFORMAVORE’s SUNDAY cannot achieve popularity. However, yesterday at the CORA mall I met a friend whom I have not seen for some 6 years and he has told me that he is reading  my newsletter regularly- a very pleasant surprise.




The $8 Trillion Internet: McKinsey's Bold Attempt to Measure the E-conomy:

Exploring the Digital Nation - Computer and Internet Use at Home:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  


Infographic: How, When & Where People Share Content:

Public Domain Images

Free Web Resources for Public Domain Images:


Public Domain Books

16 Sources for Free, Public Domain Books:


Public Domain Music on the Web

12 Resources for Public Domain Music:


How to Find People On The Web: Ten Free Tools:


The Best Free Online Storage Sites on the Web:

The search engine basics for dentists:  


A Social Network that Pays You lets users create pages about their own interests—and plans to give them a cut of the resulting ad revenue.

Teens, Kindness and Cruelty on Social Network Sites:

Visualizations: The World of Wikipedia’s Languages Mapped:


Google’s Chief Works to trim a bloated Ship:

Google lawyer: Why the patent system is broken:


Google starts rollout of Google+ for businesses:


The Alphabet of Google+ Direct Connect:


Google Acquires Instant Search Startup Apture for Chrome:


Google+ Is Dead The search behemoth might not realize it yet, but its chance to compete with Facebook has come and gone:


Changing information density in Gmail’s new look:

Improving themes in Gmail’s new look:


Top words of 2011:                             


Nook Tablet vs. Kindle Fire: Which will win?:


Enter the Nook Tablet How does Barnes & Noble's offering measure up to its competitors, the Kindle Fire and Apple iPad?:

Highlights from New “Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading” Survey:          



It Takes Two: Brains Come Wired for Cooperation, Neuroscientists Discover:


Physicists Chip Away at Mystery of Antimatter Imbalance:


How to tame lightning:

Weird World of Water Gets a Little Weirder::


The Amazing Phenomenon of Volcanic Lightning!:


What ate dinosaurs? Old crocs

Even in their heyday, dinosaurs were not quite as dominant as popular myth makes them out to be:


How Scientific Fraud Is Like Ponzi Finance:

Boundaries of research disciplines are paper constructs: Digital Web-based information as a challenge to disciplinary research



European Biofuels Are as Carbon Intensive as Petrol, New Study Suggests:


Here comes  the Solar Energy:

Solar Energy: Solar Concentrator Increases Collection With Less Loss:


A Super-Absorbent Solar Material A new material, patterned at the nanoscale, absorbs a broad spectrum of light and could make thin-film solar cells more efficient:


Operating a 30-megawatt solar farm from one PC:


Printable Solar-Cell Material Reaches a Milestone A performance boost for "small-molecule" solar cells could make the materials more practical:


Engineers Solve Energy Puzzle: How Energy Levels Align in a Critical Group of Advanced Materials:


Incredible Shrinking Material: Engineers Reveal How Scandium Trifluoride Contracts With Heat:


Plant With 'Eggbeater' Texture Inspires Waterproof Coating:

Biologically inspired adhesive tape can be reused thousands of times:                               


Gestural Interfaces Go Mainstream  Taking control of computers with our hands and bodies is set to become commonplace.:


Kodak's Fight for Survival The prospect of the photographic company's possible demise is so melancholy that even a debt-rating firm is waxing poetic:

Cold, Hard Economics Why changing your old lightbulbs and toting your eco-friendly canvas shopping bag around won't save the planet:



Ten economic protests that changed history:

Infographic of the day, is the 1% inevitable given how networks work?

The Inegality Map:

A Library of Congress Science, Technology and Business Blog:

Communicating Science and Engineering Data in the Information Age:

Flash Tutorials for Biological Sciences:

The History of Voiceover -150 Years in Mediums and Media:


Positive Psychology- Why happier people are healthier?

What precisely was the knowledge that God didn't want Adam & Eve to have?:

A blog of high interestingness: (I have subscribed)


Extreme Antisocial Personality Predicts Gang Membership, Finds Study Based On Survey of Male Prisoners:




The Instability of Inegality:                                  

In the School of Innovation, Less Is Often More:

The vital importance of the first click:

Leadership Development Carnival Nov. 2011:


Learn How to Think Different(ly):


How Consistent Branding is Being Challenged in the Digital Age:


Increase Your Passion for Work Without Becoming Obsessed:

Engaging the trustworthy:


Multi-Tasking: Is It Worth It?:

9 Lives of Brainstorming

Nice- help checklist:



Why Measles Spreads So Quickly:


Meningitis May Be Eradicated: New Vaccine Brings Hope:


New Method for Making Neurons Could Lead to Parkinson's Treatment When transplanted into rodents with brain damage similar to Parkinson's, the cells reversed the animals' motor issues:


Process Important to Brain Development Studied in Detail:


Light-Based Therapy Destroys Cancer Cells The new approach, which features a heat-sensitive fluorescent dye, could eventually replace standard chemotherapy:


Computers found more accurate than doctors in breast-cancer diagnosis:                                    


Breakthrough in Understanding the Genetics of High Blood Pressure:


Researchers develop insulin substitute for treating diabetes orally:


New Technology to Monitor Brain Aneurysms:


How the brain plays role in regulating blood sugar:


Cheap, simple composting toilet concept receives funding from Gates Foundation:                              


Researchers Develop eButton, an Easier Way to Monitor Food Intake, Exercise, and Lifestyle:

Regenerative Biology: Have We Discovered the Fountain of Youth?:


'Tis Better to Give Than to Receive? Life Scientists Find That Giving Support Offers Health Benefits -- To the Giver:

The nocebo effect: Wellcome Trust science writing prize essay


A Worldwide Feast: 55 Great Global Food Blogs:

re cookbooks obsolete?

The ten healthiest foods on the Planet:


Philips's beehive concept - an urban home for the 21st Century bee:                                      

Roasting the Bird: Around About and Around the World

Selecting, Brining, Boning and Roasting..:.

Guinness secret revealed: Why do bubbles go down instead of up?:





What Is Spamming 'Ratware'? How Does Ratware Work?:


A short history of crimeware:         

Biggest Cybercriminal Takedown in History

Bob Rankin- Is BitDefender the best antivirus?

Bugs, Mice and Anti-virus SoftWare:


Yahoo Gives the iPad the Power to Understand TV An app that knows what you're watching can serve up related Web articles or other information—as well as targeted ads:



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