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EDITORIAL (kind of)

In medias res: I dare to ask all my friends who work at an university, institute, institution, community etc. to send the link

to the website of their organizations. I want this newsletter to be known, read, used, waited, criticized, improved- WORKING on the greatest scale possible! Thank you!

I have to confess you that I have created this newsletter more than 9 years ago as a secret weapon in the fight against dumbing down.
I know painfully well the socialist type of dumbing down- it lets people starving for information. Access to information, even professional was restricted and ignorance was cultivated by all the possible means.
In seemingly contrast, capitalist style dumbing down is based on forced feeding with low quality information; the best synomym for this dumbing down is ‘encouraging stupidity.” It is a mega-business- cult of celebrities and other cults- moneytheistic or simply irrational, fairy tales for grown-ups, fanship, (nobody has read my essay; ) etc., etc. The list is too long…this editorial is too long.. I am trying to collect serious information and to offer it to you.
This is issue No. 466.




The State of the Internet: IPv4 Won't Die:

A Network for Wild Experimentation

ESNet and Internet2 have built a networking test bed for ideas that are too disruptive for the networks that people actually use.


Internet as hard to give up as cigarettes, liquor, study says:

71% of the online Americans use video-sharing sites as You Tube:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  
Wendy Boswell – movie search, fast:                                   

14 facts (& more) about Blekko: \

Two search engines that reward you for surfing the Internet:



Twitter Search Gets “New Twitter” Look & Feel:


Five free blogging tools:

Ultimate list of blogging tools for pros:


7 habits of highly effective Facebook search engines:


The MySpacing Of Facebook Continues

Can Facebook endure Google+?:


Google +1 button now  3X faster:

A Google Plus Primer on Links & Rank:

Google+: A Social Network Even Geeks Can Love?:

Google Labs Projects Left Hanging

With Google ending the “Labs” section of its website, we take a look at some of the cooler projects that now have an uncertain future:           


Search For Hotels With Google Hotel Finder:


The top 24 sites for free books on the Web:


Web Tools: “5 Websites That Alert Book Lovers About New Book Releases”:                       



Will We Ever Have a Fully Digital Brain?

British researchers are using a million ARM processing cores to simulate the human brain—or 1 percent of it, at least:


The incredible shrinking human brain:


How the brain’s ‘workspace’ allows multitasking:


The Brain's Connectome -- From Branch to Branch:


Beauty is in the brain of the beholder:


Newly Discovered Gene Sheds Light On the Evolution of Life On Earth

Society for the neurosciences:

Astronomers Discover Largest and Most Distant Reservoir of Water Yet:

Population- (even the abstracts are interesting)


World Population to Surpass 7 Billion in 2011; Explosive Population Growth Means Challenges for Developing Nations:

Bacterial Spite: When Kamikaze-Like Behavior Is a Good Strategy:

Juliet Eilperin on the hidden world of sharks



Top Fusion Experiments

We review some of the attempts to contain ultrahot plasmas and create tiny stars on earth:



Biofuels: Novel Gene Increases Yeast's Appetite for Plant Sugars:

A Battery You Can See Through

Transparent batteries could lead to designs for cell phones and other gadgets.:


Discoverers of graphene bring graphene-based electronics a step closer:

Pure Nanotubes by the Kilo

An improved production process could make electrical transmission lines far more efficient.


Emulating Nature for Better Engineering: (it is about porosity).

5 ways to cool down your laptop:


Top 8 Tips for Using Laptops in Hot & Warm Weather

GE pushes ahead with 500GB holographic disc storage:

Are you a scientist?: (Thanks to David Gurteen)
Minority Rules: Scientists Discover Tipping Point for the Spread of Ideas:                                
Michael Shermer about his book “The Believing Brain”:
Dreaming of prehistory- an essay by Dave Pollard:
Also by Dave Pollard – the limits of what you can learnonline or alone                  

To forgive isn't divine, it's deeply human:

Fall of the Neanderthals: Volume of Modern Humans Infiltrating Europe Cited as Critical Factor:


Wealth Gaps Rise to Record Highs Between Whites, Blacks and Hispanics:

Stories about innovations- inspiring:

Leadership= which change model should you pick:

6 Ways to Kill creativity:

Curse of knowledge:

Becoming personal knowledge managers:

Life in perpetual beta:
I have subscribed to this blog.


Euro- short term gain and long term pain
Usually I don’t use this source here, but I liked the paper

Entrepreneurial error- a nice story from Miki Saxon:

Free agents and enlightened despots: Harold Jarche’s blog is a new source for IS.



Massive Project to Study the Link between Genetics and Health

Kaiser Permanente has compiled the genetic and medical data of 100,000 of its members:

Are cancers newly evolved speciei?:

The Most Accurate Human Genetic Map to Date

A map created using DNA sequence from African-Americans highlights "hot spots" in the genome, which are often linked to disease.:

Glucose Meter Can Detect Cocaine, Uranium in Blood

Creative chemistry lets an inexpensive, off-the-shelf meter measure a variety of medically important targets:

Positive Teens Become Healthier Adults: Adolescents With a Sunny Outlook On Life May Have Better Health in Their Adult Years:

When My Father's Heart Outlived His Brain: Are We Keeping People Alive Longer Than We Should?:

(if you are sensitive- or old- better don’t read!)

New Gene for Intellectual Disability Discovered:

Battle of the Microbes: Pseudomonas Breaches Cell Walls of Rival Bacteria Without Hurting Itself:



Saving Fuel While Plowing:


Restaurants Where You Only Pay What You Can Afford? A Visionary Way to Bring Good Food to the Poor Is Taking Off:

It says “Hand-picked recipes, personalized for you”:

How to Tell Real Whiskey from Fake, Faster:

The story behind our obsession with bottled water

15 minute summer recipes:



Believers in Mysterious Planet Nibiru, Comet Elenin Await Earth's End       

How 50 Big Companies Got Their NamesL





How I Finally Got Rid of The Malware That Wouldn't Die:

A new issue of the Hoax Slayer:


How to Protect Yourself From Clickjacking Attacks:

A new online banking scam:

Google's two-step authentication goes worldwide:



Mobile Internet cost around the world [Infographics:


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  2. Thank you, Ruby! My favoritew links are usually those re search (I am a very stubborn websearcher
    and like difficult tasks) and those re brain, usually surprising- 80% bad surprses, 20% good ones.