Monday, July 4, 2011


There are words I like, there are words I dislike, words I hate, and eventually there is this one, perhaps the worst of all. It may be quite strange why it scares angers, confuses me – actually it seems a decent, popular word, many millions of people are very proud to represent or impersonate it. It is used and abused. Practically very few people will consider it being something bad and harmful. It memefies, it mobifies, it sheepifies. It is submission, addiction, capitulation, a form of slavery. It is everywhere, “they” are omni-present. Teams have them, individuals generate, cumulate them..
To possess XXXs (lots of) it is considered a sign of personal value and recognition. Actually the word is extremely dangerous and damaging- due to it you are losing voluntarily your supreme asset- your Ego, your identity, your personality- in many cases irreversibly. Take care, avoid it!

The standard F-word has 4 letters, is a verb describing an action, indispensable and practically irreplaceable for our existence and especially for the renewal of the existence. Actually it is a cultural perversity to consider it something ugly or dirty. It is simply idiotic, only minds and cultures obsessed by the idea of sin (an artificial form of evil, used for covering true evils) - can imagine such a monstrosity. Those unhappy people, who are prohibited from this creative verb, are thinking doing, sooner or later- dreadful things. Ask the …(Censored).

The really dirtiest F-word is a noun, has 3 letters, and its plural XXXs is very frequently used. The quantity (and the money!) of the XXXs is much more important than their quality. If XXXs are slavishly obedient, it is the best. Is means of mass control and manipulation. Critical XXXs, rational XXXs, intelligent XXXs, thinking XXXs are all impossible or explosive oxymorons. XXXs practice the worst forms of post-logical thinking.
XXXship is a form of popular idolatry. By far the most dangerous and evil human beings are the XXXanatics- they don’t know reason or mercy.
Along the history, the dark forces of oppressions have used the systematic the XXXatization of the masses to dominate and to acquire personal privileges.
A lion’s share of Mankind’s wicked or intractable problems were and still are created by XXXatics.

To become a XXX can give direction, content, aim and sense to an empty life and can generate feelings of very high intensity. Usually enthusiasm, violence, irrational ecstasy, mass depersonalization. Nice young, smart people hit by XXXship are converted in cruel beasts with negative values of IQ, releasing huge quantities of evil and destructive energy. The XXXs are noisy by definition. The danger of deadly stampedes is always present at the gatherings of XXXs.

Dictators, politicians, celebrities, sport teams, musical bands like it, cannot exist without XXXs- more precisely without their money. Unfortunately, the great Internet social networks promote XXXship successfully. in the most profitable ways- but not the XXXs take the profit, on the contrary they pay.. XXXship is
kind of a super-bandit asking not “money or life!” but “money and life!”

This dirtiest and the most noble F word  (friend) have two letters in common.

  XXX-ship does irreparable damages to the fragile Egos of young people. It is a trap, both intellectual and sentimental. Instead of making them grown-ups, it causes them to grow down.

Fighting against XXXship has the same chances as stopping astrology or conspiracy theories. But I am optimistic, 500 years will suffice to eradicate
this ticket to disasters. It will cease to be part of the culture, I bet.



  1. There is an other FXXX word that I think is more dangerous than all the ones that you mean hear Peter. That is unreasonable fear of the unknown, creating spycho-pathological situations in persons and in societies, such as stigma.

    Stigma is the main reason and effect in CF/LENR related stories all over these years, preventing science to progress.

    There is only one way to bid Stigma: Stop the fear through team work.

    Thank you for posting this also

    1. Dear John,
      the truth is that you are right, fear is a generator of dreadful things. Thank you- the truth is that I don't know more the fear for myself, only for those I love and value.
      Stigma- for example re LENR is a memeplex-and as I told moe times we live in memecracies.