Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Home again

Dear Friends,

I am temporarily able to think and I want to tell you the following:

I am unable to get and send information because I cannot read or write. My daughter helps me and my blog partner, Georgina.

I fear that there will be no energy revolution as it was the information revolution which is a great success. I fear that LENR will die and disappear. Nothing is certain regarding LENR-technology, even that it does NOT exist. I am desperate. The Miamy Trial - Rossi vs. Darden is a complete mistery, but it seems Rossi has not lost the trial. What will bring the future to LENR? In this blog I have told many times what I think about Pd/D and Ni/H etc., and I have not changed my opinion.

What have we to do? Is any hope lost?

Thank you!

Your old friend,


  1. Hello Peter
    The best hope I see is Rossi to
    get his technology to market this year
    or next year.AR seems upbeat these days
    that he going to succeed with the Ecat QX.
    He is also researching a larger EcatSK.
    Rossi asked for suggestions to name his new product
    and i suggested the EcatSK in honour of Sven Kellunder
    who he collaberated with and AR liked the name.
    So thats my small contribution to his work.
    If he asks for suggestions to name a new product I will
    suggest EcatPG in honour of your tireless effort in
    promoting LENR and Rossi.

    Keep well
    Your Friend

    1. Excellent... Sam,

      Now's the time to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      I love you bro. The SK moniker and Peter Gluck (PG) suggestion earns you... Kudos in my eyes.

  2. Hello Peter.

    I hope you are feeling better. I have been following Rossi and LENR through your blog. For several years from my home in Spain.

    According to Rossi, he thinks he is very close to start selling commercially an apparatus based on E-CAT Quark X. In his last post , he is talking about modules that produce 1 KW.

    As well as Rossi, there is more news about LENR technology being developed in other countries: for example in India, Japan, Russia... So I don’t think you should give up hope on LENR, since several groups in different countries have investigators seriously working on it.

    Concerning Rossi’s trial in the USA, Rossi managed to recuperate full control over the rights to his inventions in the USA and the rest of the world.

    To give you more details, here is some news about LENR in the world.

    The Japanese government energy agency NEDO is actively undertaking the development of new energies and has used the term LENR in a recent publication.

    An Indian newspaper has recently predicted that cold fusion will power homes.

    Perhaps the most interesting recent news is the MFMP is publishing interesting information about a reactor called LION 2. They have done research on it and found transmutations of Cr to Fe via the addition of Deuterons through Mn. “ If confirmed, this technology has the potential to form the basis of a multi-billion dollar nuclear waste and contamination treatment industry that is much needed”

    Best regards


  3. Hi Peter,

    I'm not so optimistic on Rossi, but don't worry there ar emany people working on the subject.
    RNBE2018 organized by Jacques Ruer in Paris, was very interesting; not only for the few experiments, but also for the discussion (and even the arguments between people disagreeing on the strategy).
    We are alive.

    Jean-Paul Biberian have send an old ICARIUS electrode from Fleischmann to French national labs and they observed that ther is anomalous silver in the first micrometer only.

    It is not easy to find a way to pass the academic and government opposition, but don't worry the community will keep the fire.
    It is a question of years.

    Take care of yourself, and be confident.
    Any big wall climber know that when it is difficult, each centimeters can unlock the way, until suddenly meters are swallowed in seconds.
    We are in the hard moment, but yeas centimeters are swallowed, one by one, month by month...

  4. Dear Peter.

    I and my colleagues at LFH send our best wishes, and hopes that you might be rewarded soon with some good news and an improvement in your health. You have been for decades a cornerstone of the fight to make LENR research respectable, and an inspiration to many. Long may that continue.

    Alan Smith

  5. Dear Peter,
    It has been such a long time, to hear you are back home seems positive. Others have replied on your slghtly pessimistic view about LENR, buth there is no reason to be like that. Be sure that LENR will be the future!
    In my view, one of the most interesting recent articles is about 'SAFIRE'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keJAQIWEyzY.
    Thank you Georgina for helping you father with this and keeping his great mind focussed on LENR, his vision, his intuition, his energy and his focus is so much appreciated and needed in our community!
    As others I am still optimistic that Rossi will bring LENR on the market, but in my view he hasn't proven his plasma based hot-cat (Ecat QX/SK) yet.
    I sincerely hope you will be able to hear that LENR will conquer the world, so stay alive dear friend, you earned it!
    Yours, M Ellenbroek

  6. Dear Peter,
    Good to hear you are back home again, but it saddens me to hear you have lost your sight.
    I believe there is still happening enough to be optimistic about the future of LENR. One important development was SAFFIRE. Please listen to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keJAQIWEyzY.
    I am optimistic that Rossi will be able to put something on the market, but in my view he has not really and undoubtedly proven that his plasma based Ecat QX (2000 degrees) really works.
    Thank you Georgina for keeping your father up to date for LENR. His great mind, his sharp view and unbiased opinion, his intuition, they all have contributed greatly to build our opinion and insight how LENR mar work. We all appreciate very much that you are willing to help.

  7. Dear Peter friends,

    Thank you all for still following this and more than that - contributing to it and helping Peter keep up with the news.

    @ Marc: Just to avoid a misunderstanding - I am not Peter's daughter (would be honored to, but not...). She is helping him with writing, I am just the blog partner posting here his messages.

    @ Sam: EcatPG sounds great! :)

    Again - THANK YOU ALL, I am glad to see steady friends, still close to Peter and his family through this hard time.

    Kind regards,

  8. Dear Peter,

    Nice Easter Holidays to You and Your family and friends.

    Nice to "hear" You. There is enormous progress in LENR field. Tens of labs and companies openly write about LENR and submitted patents. Dr. Rossi lead the peleton, others doing replication of his 4 years old work (generally not bad).

    I wish to You successful cure and many years here on blog.

    Best Regards Ivan Samec
    Ostrava, Czech Republic

  9. Dear Peter,

    nice to hear You. Nice Easter Holidays for You, family and friends !

    An enormous progress happens in LENR field. Numerous replications of Dr. Rossi older work, some new patents, Nissan engineers wrote about LENR, and Dr. Rossi lead the peleton.

    I wish to You successful cure and many years here on Your blog.

    Best Regards Ivan Samec
    Ostrava, Czech Republic

  10. Peter, The question is, will any of us live long enough to see LENR born? Will we ever see it become viable as an every day means of making heat and power? Yes, of course, perhaps Rossi will not be the one, but the mystery of LENR is afoot and science and industry will expose it if it is real.

    Glad you are home Peter, I hope you are comfortable, even without all of your senses functioning, I hope that you will be able to perceive the birth of LENR while you are still "temporarily able to think."
    We are all here temporarily, but our memories and achievements are permanent. Our presence on Earth fleeting. Our quantum matrices as energy are infinite.

  11. There are a lot of info for Peter here:



  12. Peter, Good news. LENR is further along than one would expect. Many LENR groups and many different LENR systems; some reminiscent of the Cincinnati group.

    @ the Google+ LENR group https://plus.google.com/u/0/107190105791959392745/posts/byXqE8fWBEz

    I have been researching the NASA GRC/PineScie/Vantage Partners LENR energy group working with the SPAWAR/JWK/Global Energy Corporation (GEC) LENR energy group.

    I decided to understand the relationship between NASA Glen Research Center and the U.S. Department of Defense. I discovered they have a strong relationship and that NASA GRC is particularly well suited to merge all NASA and Department of Defense LENR energy technology groups' applied engineering and market entry efforts. Quote: "...synchronizes activities at the world-class installation to support critical research and development for NASA, the Department of Defense and commercial industry to advance space exploration and global aeronautic leadership."

    It is an interesting coincidence that the SPAWAR/JWK/GEC LENR group filed their patent the same year that Brigadier General Stringer arrived at GRC.

    NASA GRC LENR Forum thread https://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/thread/5561-skill-set-of-some-scientists-at-the-nasa-glenn-research-pinescie-lenr-alternativ/?pageNo=1

  13. Caro Peter,
    non ti preoccupare LENR non scompariranno sino a quando
    ci saranno persone libere di pensare e fare ciò che è bene per il nostro mondo. LENR sono il nostro futuro.....certamente.
    Anche grazie a Te.
    A presto.
    Luca from Italy

  14. Dear Peter,
    Just to keep you up to date:
    Dr. Parkhomov wrote a new interesting progress report.
    He and his group studied ash of reactors they had in operation and concluded that: "Multeity of Nuclides Arising in the Process of Cold Nuclear Transmutations" were occurring.
    An interesting phrase:
    "Perhaps this is due to the fact that transmutations are not just process in ’fuel’, but in local formations, which G.V. Myshinsky called ’capsules’ [17]. In these capsules must fit at least two atoms. In condensed matter, the distance between neighboring atoms is about 10 nm. Therefore, the diameter of the capsules is not less than 10 nm. They are electri- cally neutral, so they move fairly freely in the substance. They are able to leave the zone where they occur, and, permeating the substance, cause transmutations in their path. They can go outside the reactor and, getting on a photographic film or other detector, cause in it the appearance of surprising tracks, absolutely not similar to tracks from nuclear particles [18]."

    Bob Greenyer agrees very much with this mechanism. Alan Smith and Alan Goldwater are now independently trying to replicate a Lion reactor hoping to find exactly that mechanism of 'strange radiation' and also heat production that comes with it as Parkhomov assumes in his report.
    Regards, Marc

  15. Peter, my dear old friend,

    So very glad to see you back in print. You have been greatly missed and that is as much because of you just being you as to the energy stories we all are involve in.

    Welcome back !.

    Doug Marker
    Sydney Australia

  16. Ecat SK test a success.


  17. Hello Peter

    This is a link to an interview Frank Acland did
    with Dr Rossi and the present situation with the



  18. I responded to the questions here:
    With my wishes for a peaceful time for you, Peter, with your family, and love and recovery.

  19. Dear Peter,
    These are the LENR developements of the last couple months:
    Rossi says he is building a 40 MW plant for the largest in his sector in the US. Ready
    probably next year. Next year Jan. there will be a press conference where he will reveal more. There are now three reactor types in development: QX 1kW, SK 10 kW, SK 100 kW. The first is ready for production right now. The 40MW plant may possibly have a SK 10kW, otherwise a QX.
    Russ George/Alan Smith seem to have success. They report success, details like COP have not been published though.
    Mills of BLP reported progress,but commercialization seems still far away.
    I hope I did not forget something.
    I hope this gives you some hope and to stay alive. Best regards, Marc.

  20. Georgina, Is there any new report you might share on Peter's health.

    Thanks for taking good care of him.

    Russ George

  21. https://e-catworld.com/2018/10/19/e-cat-event-live-streaming-event-scheduled-for-january-31st-2019/

  22. Hi Georgina,
    How is Peter going?
    Please wish him well and kind regards,
    Marc Ellenbroek

  23. New developments from Dr. Mills and Brilliant Light Power - Hydrino reactors undergoing water bath calorimetry tests in 120 gallon water tanks and also a model in air and glowing red claimed to have a COP = ~4 on the order of 120 kW thermal output. Date October 2019