Thursday, August 17, 2017

Temporary suspension

Dear readers,

Considering the high specialization of the new energy topic, as well as repeated suspicions raised as to real identity of those who comment here, I will temporarily suspend public comments on the blog - at least until Peter can return and assume moderation.

As this is a private blog, we reserve the right to select displayed content.

Also note that several recent conversation threads have been removed.

Still, for those who would like to inquire about Peter's health and/or send him short summary updates, they can still use the comment option, respective notes will be directed to an email address that is being accessed about once a week. Please do not include attachment, link or video in the content.

Thank you for understanding!


  1. Dear Georgina, can you inform us about the chances of Peter's recovery?
    I hopePeter, that you can keep up your good mood, despite you are suffering this dark period and that you will fully recover.
    There is not much progress in the LENR field at this moment. When it comes I hope to report it here.
    All the best, Marc

  2. Hello,
    Last week Peter's mood was reasonably good, as he worked hard on recovery.
    Eye-sight however is still an opened question, he just sees enough to move around on his own, but not for reading - it will be some time before being able to stabilize for glasses.
    Will keep you posted.
    He plans to send me some more questions about LENR topic for you... soon!

    1. Thanks Georgina, i wil be happy to answer if I can.

  3. Dear Peter,
    I am sorry to hear that your recovery goes so slowely. But it will happen, I pray for it!
    This week some interesting LENR issues were reported:
    1. Mizuno (Japan) wrote a very detailed paper in which he explains interesting energy gains (COP 1.8) over a 30 days period. He uses a small SS reactor covered inside with properly cleaned high purity nickel mesh. This mesh is further treated in vacuum and with heating, after which discharge in a deuterium atmosphere follows. This happens several times. Then a palladium wire is slowly evaporated using a separate internal heating element. This palladium is evenly spread over the Ni mesh. When after that again a discharge in a D-atmosphere is started, the mentioned COP is measured.
    2. MFMP is succeeded to prove that Dr. Egely is right who says that if you construct a proper glass resonator reactor, put charcoal in it and drive it with a powerful magnetron microwave source, then transmutations will take place. It is a process that was discovered by George Ohsawa. The results are amazing. In several video's, they show results in which aluminium, magnesium, iron, silicon, sulphur, potassium, calcium, titanium, sodium, copper are identified. Next test will be with 99.9% pure graphite.
    3. An 'Anonimous Author' plies for the Ni-H reaction and what is needed to get it work. Cleanness of Ni surface is utterly important. Remove all surface contaminants and use highly purified Ni. Improvement can come from discharge that 'atomizes' the H2 molecule and shoots the atomic into the Ni surface. Also spill-over of palladium and some other materials, that easily splits the H2 molecule, will improve the absorption of hydrogen in the nickel. COP of 2-3 should be in reach.
    This can all be found on ECW. You were my source for developments in the east European countries and Russia. I have no idea what has happend there lately.
    Kind regards, Marc

    1. Hello Marc,

      I will let Peter know about the update.

      Big thanks and hugs!

  4. Draga Georgiana, eu sint un vechi prieten si colaborator in ale energiei de-al lui Peter, cu toate ca nu am avut onoarea si placerea de al cunoaste personal (inca - eu sint in Vancouver, Canada, din '91). Noi corespondam pe adresa lui personala de e-mail dar, in aceste circumstante, aceasta nu mai este posibil. Te-as ruga mult, daca vrei, sa-mi scrii la adresa de Feedback de pe siteul meu ( s-a intimplat cu Peter, sansele de recuperare si daca e ceva ce pot face pentru el de aici. Transmite-i sanatate maxima si lui si familiei. Multumesc. Vlad

    1. Mulțumesc pentru grijă, nu reușesc să mă descurc prin formularele de pe site, Peter transmite următoarele:

      Multumesc, il pup pe D. si pe C.
      Ce pot sa faca sa-mi trimita informatii despre ei si despre fuziunea la rece din punct de vedere TEHNOLOGIC, despre Andrea Rossi si eventual altii.
      M -am operat la ochiul stang de cataracta (la ochiul drept nervul optic a fost distrus in urma AVC-lui ), dar nu pot citi numai foarte greu niste litere mai mari.
      Te salut, Peter