Saturday, January 25, 2014


“Contradictory news circulate about Count X. Some say he is dead, others say he is still alive. The truth, as almost always, is in the middle.
(Source went in oblivion but I suspect it was “La rire” (The Laughter) by Henri Bergson the first ‘serious’ book I have ever read)

A remarkable statement in my former blog publication was: “Complexity is the keyword in the cold fusion phenomena”
It was written by my good friend Hideo Kozima and was approved
by many commenters including one of the giants on whose shoulders I am staying and looking for the future of the field. (take this symbolically please).
So, the statement is true, is absolutely true- but a great question appears here; HOW, in which sense is it true that complexity is the
key to cold fusion? Is complexity mainly good or predominantly bad; is it on the side of the problem or on the side of the solution?
What is certain: complexity IS!  Everywhere in Nature and also in human bodies, souls and societies.

Note: everything that follows is true; however it is a special kind of truth, omnipresent for cold fusion and described precisely in my best, but completely ignored essay – as my biographers will state it: Is this too complex and strange an idea to be understood?

It is also certain that complexity leads to problems, see this classical quotation:

Three reasons problems are inevitable; first, we live in a world of growing complexity and diversity; second, we interact with people; and third, we cannot control the entire situation we face.” (John C. Maxwell)

Thinking at the highest intensity I am able to now, I had a revelation: complexity is very similar to cholesterol- i.e. to something that is more familiar, part of everyday life and of standard thinking. Apart from a systematic comparison, the most powerful similarity is that we are systematically educated to hate both cholesterol and complexity. See please Dave Pollard’s bright essay:

A more recent smart publication about the subject is:

“Understanding complexity”:

For cholesterol see please:

I consider that complexity is very much like cholesterol- it is unavoidable and ubiquitous, both are clearly considered of two sorts one good and one bad.
The role of the bad sort is much exaggerated:

 -for cholesterol by Big Pharma (that wants to make billions by selling dangerous Statins),

-for complexity by those who are not able to understand the roles of the critical parameters.

I will not tell you more about the cholesterol mythology because the Big Pharma’s effective propaganda – it spends more money for marketing than for research and it is difficult to confront its strong memes.
Complexity is complex per se and has a natural trend to become increasingly complex structurally, quantitatively, qualitatively, functionally, causally, and LENR is an extreme case- multi-stage, multi-phase, multi-disciplinary. To this adds diversity and dynamics and strongly non-linear effects. Systems thinking is a must. The system has to be described by many parameters and its evolution from the initial state to the final one is quite difficult to predict. However- LENR’s complexity is manageable – as the coming-soon commercial applications will demonstrate it. 
There is no simple way to success therefore this old CF simplicity myth promoted by a recent paper:  

“The dream of cold fusion is that it brings cheap, unlimited energy from devices that can be built in a garage.”
is false, counter-productive and harmful. THe solutions need good engineering, science and serious professionalism.

We will understand that complexity is actually good, is the gateway to many possibilities.

My gratitude goes- in reverse alphabetical order-  to F. Piantelli, H. Kozima, J Hadjichristos who have helped me a lot to believe that I am on the best way to  understand the essence of  LENR complexity.



  1. Hi there! I know this is kinda off topic but I'd figured I'd ask.

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  2. Dear Daniel,

    Thank you- and I am ready to help you in any way possible for bloggers.
    However NOW my blog is absolutely specialized its unique interest is NEW ENERGY (LENR)
    Fe3el free to use any of my other, older writings, for examplae my real life problem solving rules, modes of thinking, se labels of BASIC and PROBLEMS etc.
    Wish you all well,\

  3. Thanks for your reference to Stoyan Sarg's work Peter, I find his ideas quite refreshing have gone thru most of his BSM series. I like the one on LENR explaination but find his general theory fascinating.

  4. Peter thanks for bringing Stoyan Sarg's work to my attention. I enjoyed his refreshing take in his Basic Structure of Matter writtings. I also reviewed his LENR work based on his BSM theory.
    Thanks again

    1. Dear Jim,

      Yes, Stoyan is for me a good friend and I admire his
      bold and creative theory. Being a technologist and not a theoretical physicist specialized in fundamental issues, I am not able to understand/judge his ideas- history of science will do this for sure, sooner or later.
      I wish him success and this extends to jis idea that posssibly Cr is even better than Ni as the metal in LENR+ processes.
      Stoyan plans to collaborate with the best experimentalists in the field.
      I suggest you (if you have not done this already) to buy and download his books- they are simply captivatingly interesting.
      My friendship with him has a strong cultural-historic-geographic component- we both belong to the Balkans
      an area in which times were always too interesting in many senses, but predominantly bad.


  5. Dear Peter,

    The complexity of LENR shall soon be reduced to simplicity and then everybody shall wonder why it was so hard to figure out something so simple.

    1. Yes complexity will be tamed and FUNCTIONALLY it will work simply and controllably. But it will not be easy. Nature is not very generous