Tuesday, December 24, 2013



The radical improvement wish goes first of all to cold fusion, LENR, LENR+, HENI, and it depends critically on great, deep,
bold changes – those changes that were possible in 2013 but did not happen.
Success or failure is a problem of definition, of possibility per expectation and lowering expectations is the best for easy successes. However, my OUTLOOK 2013 cannot be called a success by any standard; it is actually an exercise in wishful thinking.
I have started it by wishing “Vivat, crescat, floreat” to LENR- for 2013 and beyond. Now it can be seen that LENR has lived- it survived, however it is still, in part living in past, depending on its past, kind of prisoner of its cradle. It is growable only at the price of fundamental metamorphoses, but only very few of our colleagues are accepting this.
In Outlook 2013 I have told you about my optimistic expectations- LENR should be more intelligent, serious, realistic, pragmatic, materialistic in 2013. Has it? Please answer, dear readers and give us examples.
Interesting, important, significant positive events came only from the new forms of LENR+ (HENI) having a scientific-technical genome so different from that of the original Fleischmann Pons phenomenon that a filiation or kinship demonstration is not easy at all. Metal and hydrogen in great love and unexpected (due to insufficient knowledge) good heat- that has been left from the great energy dream of the Founding Fathers. The Hope is alive and shining but has moved, quite far from its birthplace.

I am old, but (modesty go away!) still a very good learner. Outlook 2013 has taught me what to expect for 2014. how to be very, very cautious and moderate, how to minimize risks of errors.
Therefore, I predict with absolute certainty that 2014 will mark the end of Cold Fusion’s 25 Years War- with a great victory. It will be a year of triumphal battles en route; our most advanced form of new energy will start to conquer the world. The competitors as Fossil, Nuclear, Solar, Wind, and Bioenergy will accept their fate
And the journals will start to publish more and more “peccavi”
confessions of the most stubborn skeptics.
Wait and be amazed. And happy.



  1. Dear Peter,

    We wish you a merry Christmas!

    Love from Dr Bobs Laboratory

  2. Merry Christmas, Peter. I am sorry Rossi and Defkalion disappointed you this year (and the year before and the year before that). I predict that they will produce nothing for the market or for independent testing *again* this year. They will have more indeterminate tests in their own labs done with the cooperation of unimportant observers. Sad.

    1. Thank you for the greetings. Rossi and DGT have not disappointed
      me. Rossi because he has done what I have expected and the Hot Cat test of the Professors was real excess heat. DGT has not disappointed me because they have made great progress, their Demo of July 23 was really good and convincing. Their HENI architect has visited me, we have presented a paper at the local PIM 2013 Conference- and I have learned a lot about their Know What and the basic elements of the nascent Know Why. Their Know How is not my problem, I respect IP.
      Re your prediction, I tell you something: from R & D you can learn
      about R from books and journals, but for grasping D you need personal practice.
      Plus, I am impressed by your last sentence that seems to be a proof of a depressive mood- so frequent today.


  3. Dear Peter,

    Your writing and expressions remind me of my dad. Anyway, hope you had a merry Christmas and wish you a prosperous new year. As for the year Cold Fusion wins the war, I predict that to be 2015/2016. The year 2014 just feels a little too early. Many people believe the reason LENR progress has been held back is beacuse of this unkown secret catalyst, but the day NASA figures out the science you can be sure they'll release it to the world. That's what i'm waiting for now.


    1. Dear Amos, I hope you are loving your Dad.
      Actually even DGT's 2013 Demo could induce great changes of mentality ut it was performed in very hostile circumstances.
      No. Amos iit is NOT about a simple, linear primitive solution as a catalyst, formula, magic spell, cheap trick but about principle, a technical leit-motif; it is something very complex and rational. Have you read my LENR vs LENR+ writings. I am ready to discuss with you in private at peter.gluck@gmail.com
      As regarding NASA, their analytical potential is perhaps matchless,
      BUT will they be able to make a real Synthesis?

  4. Peter, I hope you are right.

    Lets not hope this turns into a good year.
    Lets make sure this turns into a good year!

    "The best way to predict the future is to create it" / Peter Diamandis

    Delays seems to be a cold fusion laboratories worst nightmare... but there seem to be a excellent pipe line of delays pilling up... soon they will ( i hope) start make its way through one after one.

    My biggest dream / goal is to do some internship in a laboratory to learn how to grind some new nano powders. Maybe I see it through, maybe I dont, anyway when looking back at a amazing 2013 I am sure there is many adventures luring behind the corners. People say that every day is filled with unprecidented opportunities, I tend to look for them but its a vicious circle, work hard, take shit, make just enough to survive,.... but with cold fusion doors are really opening up... when you the least expect it you get a amazing phone call or email....

    Lets make this year all it can be because there is definitely room for improvements :)