Tuesday, November 12, 2013


  1. The field is in a very bad situation: the phenomenon is real, but it is not understood and is not yet manageable, cannot be upgraded in a technology.  Metaphorically, it is ill.                                                

  1. The main cause is: Cold Fusion was discovered years before its time when Science and Technology were not prepared to understand and develop it.

  1. An aggravating factor: Cold Fusion was discovered perhaps in the worst place possible. Its “cradle” the electrolytic cell is too sensitive, too wet, too dirty and too cold(!) for a reliable functioning, for scale-up and for technological development. We also have to add to this the extreme complexity of the phenomena.

  1. Due to these harmful effects at its birth, the field has developed very slowly, mainly horizontally, incrementally and is still in a kind of larva/infantile state, being retarded scientifically and immature technologically. Scientifically there is no consensus even for the most fundamental concepts and issues as topology, nature and mechanism of the reactions; technologically no real progress is possible due to inherent weaknesses of all systems as discussed here too many times.

5.     There is a cure to this immaturity illness; there are solutions to its existential problems. There is a direction of real progress in the field. The nature of the usable form of LENR is very different of the classic form (PdD system); therefore in order to prevail the field must go through very profound and even surprising metamorphoses. First, enhanced excess heat release has to be achieved by transition from static LENR to dynamic LENR+ continuously generating active sites. The field will be developed by multi-disciplinar research centered on the relatively new science of Nanoplasmonics. At the end of its  25 Years War, the field will claim it has grown up and will prove it, following a very radical paradigm change, kind of mentality reversal and focus on technology and engineering. However, in parallel with the coming commercial triumph, eventually science will also flourish.


  1. Peter,Peter! I know you mean well but all the field needs is a well performed and truly independent demonstration and verification of one of the *high power* devices such as are claimed by Miley, Rossi, Defkalion and Brillouin.

    For some reason, all of the persons and companies who claim to be able to do high power LENR refuse to have them tested correctly and entirely by others who are both highly reputable and unconnected with them. Maybe you can ask them why, starting with those bizarre flowery orators at Defkalion whom you seem to have befriended.

  2. 30 years back known as GuruNovember 12, 2013 at 12:25 PM

    Dear Peter, Dear Folks, it is more and more clear that Cold Fusion/LENR is not understandable with standard model of physics.

    Nuclear physics Dr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe know some answers:

    1. Keshe's theories are nonsense (and he's neither a physicist nor a Dr.), read the facts about him here:


      Beyond that, every Keshe follower should take a thorough look at this post of Shahriar Mazandi, who conducted the well known Keshe interview (often falsely called a "lecture" -- only the room was rented from the university) at Imperial College in London in January:


      His conclusion now: "I now feel very badly for what I have done".

  3. 30 years back known as GuruNovember 12, 2013 at 12:52 PM

    One small note: Because Canadian Authorities treated him (Dr. Keshe) by way similar as Nazi treated Gypsies, so please not reveal him, that it is some task which will benefit a Canadian Entity.

  4. Defkalion claims application centers like in Milano are ready to accept clients and roll out profitable products. John Chatzihristos of Defkalion GT should explain whether he is in fact Nobel material for 2014. Why the silence?

  5. Mr Gluck we all know your heart inside you fights with your logic and pragmatism. I felt as if the logic surfaced with this writing of yours. Is something wrong with Defkalion ? We haven't heard of them since long time ago, they were supposed to go on roadshow on fall and get listed to Canadian stock market. Unfortunately nothing happened, their web site is abandoned and they are silent for a long time.
    Wish you all the best and live your dream one day