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About the secret catalyzer used by Andrea Rossi in his E-cat reactor.

Guest Editorial by Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev, York University, Canada

The analysis of some LENR experiments provided in my article in General Science Magazine [1] and in my recent book, Physics of Nuclear Fusion [2], leads to the suggestion what could be the Rossi catalyzer used in his E-cat reactor. In the E-cat reactor of Andrea Rossi and Hyperion reactor of Defkalion [3] one and a same nuclear reaction Ni + H -> Cu is reported. Despite some differences in the technical approach, the analysis unveils that one and a same physical phenomenon takes place in both rectors. In Hyperion reactor the high voltage discharge firstly causes a dissociation of the molecular to atomic hydrogen and then obtaining of a proper Rydberg state of the hydrogen. According to the source [4], Strongly magnetized Rydberg atoms and plasmas continue to attract interest for several reasons; they represent a well-known paradigm for quantum-chaos, exhibit interesting collective and collisional properties and may provide a superior route towards simultaneous atom-plasma confinement and control.
My theoretical work [1,2,5] and experimental research on cold plasma [2] reveals the existence of a specific state of the Rydberg atom of hydrogen in which the orbiting electron does not emits optical spectrum, while its magnetic moment becomes detectable. This is a new distinguishable feature of this state, so it is called ion-electron pair. The stability of this ion-electron pair is kept by the attractive Coulomb forces, while the electron rotating around the heavier ion (proton in case of hydrogen) drives the pair due to its anomalous magnetic moment. The electron has 658 times greater magnetic moment than the proton, so the magnetic fields from a large number of ion-electron pairs combine constructively in clusters creating a much stronger magnetic field. The strong magnetic field detected during the live test of Hyperion reactor broadcasted on 22-23 July 2013 might be a signature of this effect. The magnetic field of some ion-electron pair interacts with the nuclear magnetic moment of the nucleus that is in a proper nuclear spin state. As a result the Coulomb barrier is overcome, so the proton from the hydrogen ion-electron pair is fused to the nickel nucleus converted it to a copper. The proper nuclear spin facilitates the cold fusion process, according to Ruggero Santilli, as discussed in [2]. In the Hyperion reactor, the creation of ion-electron pairs (Rydberg atoms) is caused by the high voltage plasma discharge. In the E-cat reactor, this phenomenon might be invoked by beta particles emitted by some radioactive isotopes. This could be the secret catalyzer used by Rossi in his E-cat device. Practically it is not convenient to mix the radioactive beta emitters with the nickel powder. It is more appropriate to place them at the outside wall of the container holding the powder. Then the external shield of beryllium used in the E-cat reactor might play a double role: shielding the external environments from the beta particles and shielding from some radiation obtained due to nuclear reactions. In provided public test Rossi did not allow close examination of the E-cat device by sensitive detectors.
The process of ion-electron pair formation, its properties and interaction with the proper nuclear spin is described in the book [2]. Additionally a new method was suggested for estimation of the position of the proton prior to the nuclear fusion. The analysis and the new method suggest also a possibility for other nuclear reactions using chromium and hydrogen. It is shown that the right selection of heavier element isotope is important for successful cold fusion reaction with minimum radioactive by-products.
In conclusion, the Rossi secret could be uncovered by experimenting with beta emitters.  There is a large variety of such isotopes produced for medical purpose and defectoscopy.

1.     Stoyan Sarg, Physics of Cold Fusion with BSM-SG Atomic Models,
2.     Stoyan Sarg, Structural Physics of Nuclear Fusion,, (2013)

5.     Stoyan Sarg, Basic Structures of Matter - Supergravitation Unified Theory (2002),


  1. In the Miley presentation that he has recently released ( October 19-21, 2011), Miley shows transmutation to 39 isotopes (slide 19) over possible contamination levels.

    The nuclear reactions and transmutation patterns that are going on inside the Rossi reactor are similar to what Miley documents as mentioned in Rossi’s original patent.

    The presence of a large amount of iron in the Miley results is interesting and similar iron contamination was found in the Rossi ash(10%) when they were analyzed by the swedes.

    10% of Rossi's ash was iron(atomic number = 26). How can you get this much iron from nickel(atomic number = 28)?

    Answer: Alpha decay of nickel (Atomic number = 2)

    2 + 26 = 28.... nickel - helium = iron.

    The assumption that the nuclear reactions taking place in the Rossi reaction are exclusively restricted to copper transmutation is mistaken in my opinion.

    In the DGT ash assay, large amount of lithium, boron and beryllium were revealed.

    The possibility that the reactions going on are hydrogen only cannot be ignored with the production of copper as only one of many reactions going

    In conclusion, Rossi has strongly and consistently stated many times that his reactor contains no radioactive isotopes.

    1. Dear Axil,
      Stoyan's idea can be easily tested; beta radiation will be confined
      to the metallic reactor. The idea is straightforward for the MFMP
      As regarding Rossi -it is characteristic for him that NOT everything he tells is exactly so (emphasis on "exactly")


    2. Dear Peter,

      LENR is incompatible with radioactive isotopes as an agent of reaction causation. A LENR reactor will cycle through many startups and shutdowns. After each shutdown, all radioactive isotopes are stabilized leaving none to catalyze the next startup cycle.

    3. The idea for using beta isotope emitters is only for triggering the cold fusion between Ni and H and this may be needed only at the initial stage of the nuclear reaction. After that the reaction process may go as self running. Rossi claimed he uses a small amount of catalyzer and this is his big secret that he firmly keeps from disclosure. He declined the request even by the patent examiner and his patent was not granted in European countries (he has patent only in Italy). Instead the patent of Piantelli was granted. Focardi said that he does not know the catalyser secret. However in some of his interviews he dropped the word that Rossi might use some kind of radioactive material to dissociate the molecular hydrogen to atomic. In e-cat discussion one may find that Rossi never allowed testing the device with a sensitive radiation tester. To be clear the catalyser (my idea of beta emiter) is a constant quantity that is not mixed with the nickel powder and is not directly involved as a component in the nuclear reaction. If it was mixed with the powder, its trace would be found when Rossi sent the amount of worked powder for lab examination.

    4. Few quarters ago, I remember Rossi reported to talk of 511keV gamma, which seems to be e+e- disintegration...
      does anyone have confirmation?

      Defkalion claimed 30-500kEv gamma spectrum, letting me think of e+e- gamma "fluorescence" (re-emission as smaller photons, because of multiple quantum transition from high excited state - here I imagine nuclear energy level)...

      I'm not of the domaine, so pure innocent speculation...

    5. It is certain that nickel transmutation to copper is just on of many possible reactions that occur in the Ni/H reaction. Let us focus on this one particular reaction for a moment.

      Some important insight can be gleaned from the Piantelli cloud chamber experiment about some of the quantum mechanics of the LENR transmutation of nickel into copper.

      In this experiment, Piantelli removes one of his nickel rods from his reactor and places into in a cloud chamber. This move of the bar into the chamber must have had to take an extended period of time assuming the reactor is cooled down enough to be disassembled. This means that the release of 6 MeV of LENR reaction energy derived from the binding force of nickel after it is transmuted into copper of a high energy proton takes a macroscopic amount of time: taking from minutes to hours.

      What supports this delay?

      This long delay in the relaxation of the excited nickel nucleus means that after the double proton pair (proton dimer) has entered into the nickel nucleus, the nickel retains its original atomic number, that is, it is still nickel; it remains nickel even though there is many additional protons resident inside the nickel nucleus.

      Let us consider Quantum superposition.

      Quantum superposition is a fundamental principle of quantum mechanics. It holds that a physical system — such as a nucleus—can exist partly in all its particular, theoretically possible states (or, configuration of its properties) simultaneously; but, when measured, it gives a result corresponding to only one of the possible configurations (as described in interpretation of quantum mechanics).

      The excited nickel nucleus is both nickel and copper at the same time.

      The principle of quantum superposition states that if a physical system: i.e. an arrangement of subatomic particles or fields may be in some configuration and if the system could also be in another configuration, then it is in a state which is a superposition of the two, where the probability of each configuration that is in the superposition is specified by a complex number.

      Erwin Schrödinger explained this concept through his famous thought experiment “Schrödinger's cat”

      The thought experiment is also often featured in theoretical discussions of the interpretation of quantum mechanics. In the course of developing this experiment, Schrödinger coined the term Verschränkung (entanglement).

      Because the proton is delayed in its exit from the nickel nucleus, this proves that a entangled proton pair enters into this nucleus because just like in the thought experiment “Schrödinger's cat” the proton pair infects the larger system: this nickel nucleus with proton entanglement.

      Anly when energy is release does the superposition of the nuclear state resolve into decoherence. Decoherence always results from energy release.

      What a LENR theory must explain is what quantum mechanical conditions can produce an entangled proton dimer. There has to be an explanation of proton cooper pair formation.

      Under the Nanoplasmonic theory, this proton pair is formed as a result of the Shukla-Eliasson effect

      Clustering of Ions at Atomic Dimensions in Quantum Plasmas

      Charge concentration in the hot spot solitons provides screening required to drive the Shukla-Eliasson effect.

    6. Why not generate electricity with an Ecat hook it up to a "Bedini Motor" power another generator with that
      and then use that to power a Dennis Lee hydrogen Generator to power another motor and a "Papp Engine"!

      We could move the Earth!

      Enough "Mythical Energy" could be generated to move us to another galaxy!

      The scams are endless! Why?
      Because another sucker is born every minute!

  2. Interesting to see Mr. Sarg's opinion as he has written about and conducted some very interesting research into plasmas and antigravity.

    I think DGT hypothesis overall is interesting, on the right track, and is correct in a number of ways. I do however still have a number of questions/concerns about it. Probably due to the fact published material on it is limited comparably speaking:

    A) Where is the heavy electron gamma shield congregating? In the NAE? On surface outside the NAE? Floating around as bundles in the free electron gas? DGT HENI is definitely not the same as WL theory, so how are these heavy electron patches being created/sustained, etc?

    B) If huge clusters of Rydberg atoms are congregating (i.e. concentrating high amounts of energy) into lattice vacancies why is this not completely altering the chemical environment before fusion events occur (of the virtual neutron cluster variety that DGT seems to be promoting)? I've always seen this as an inherent weakness of the Lattice site NAE hypothesis (also put forward by Hagelstein, Brillouine, etc.)

    C) Has the magnetic field anomaly been validated by anyone beside Kim? It's been argued, I think effectively, that the measurements are not terribly rigorous, reliable, or likely to be occurring as measured.

    Thanks again Mr. Sarg and Peter. Regards

    1. personally I was quite convince by Abd ul-rahman Lomax critic of "1.6tesla peak at 20cm", given the additional data he obtained

      anyway theer is something noticable, that is able to trouble the telephone network, and the magnetic probe... maybe the field is much smaller, but huge and transient, causing huge interferences...

      about the "no gamma" miracle, one first have to notice the emission of small gamma 30-500keV...

      is it possible that the energy of the transmutation is transmitted to an excitation mode of the nucleus, isomeric transition, excited orbitals (like rydberg states, but for nucleons)... then this excitation is relaxed in smaller quantum, a bit like what happen with electrons when they get excited by UV then produce a sequence of lower frequency photons....

      another idea is that the energy is transmited to a charged particle, which quickly lose it's momentum though intearaction with the lattice...

      the smoking gun may be the 30-500keV gammas

    2. Yes I also contemplated that any reaction associated radiation may be dissipated through A) chopped up quanta emissions, or B) transmission of momentum/energy to other particles in the Rydberg cluster.

      But this is not what DGT postulates, that's what we are postulating, so I want to know why that choice was made on the electron shield when the experimental evidence for it remains zero.

    3. If DGT propose shielding they might have some data...
      anyway too complex for me...

      if it interest people, I noticed that article

      magnetic seebeck effect, magnetic field from temperature différence...

    4. Part 1 of 2


      “A) Where is the heavy electron gamma shield congregating? In the NAE? On surface outside the NAE? Floating around as bundles in the free electron gas? DGT HENI is definitely not the same as WL theory, so how are these heavy electron patches being created/sustained, etc?”

      Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard (JCH) model

      Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard (JCH) model is used to describe the physics of ultra-cold atoms but it also describe the physics of polaritons. Because there are millions of these polariton based hot-spots covering the combined surfaces of all the micro-particles, the JCH model is a combination of the Jaynes–Cummings model and the thermally coupled nano-cavities producing these hot spots. The one-dimensional JCH model consists of a chain of N-coupled single-mode cavities and each cavity contains two-level atoms.

      The tunneling effect comes from the infrared photon junction between cavities which are an analogy of the Josephson Effect.

      The eigenstates of the JCH Hamiltonian in the two-excitation subspace for the N-cavity system are examined in current nano research. This research focuses on the existence of bound states as well as their features. It is interesting to note that two repulsive bosonic atoms can form a bound pair in an optical lattice. By analogy, the same will be true for polaritons.

      The JCH Hamiltonian also supports two-polariton bound states when the photon-atom interaction is sufficiently strong.

      In the Ni/H LENR case, the coupling between infrared photons and dipoles are very strong. In particular, the two polaritons associated with the bound states exhibit a strong correlation such that they stay close to each other in position space. The results discussed have been published in "Two-polariton bound states in the Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard model".

      If you’re up to it, the analytic solution of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors in the strong coupling regime is also developed in this paper. The time evolution of such a system is also considered for the cases of different initial conditions.

      Bose-Einstein condensation

      We have now justified the development of a generalized condition of Bose-Einstein condensation all over the surfaces of the micro-particles,

      This BEC is a plexciton condensate. A new state of light-matter emerges upon plexciton condensation, and a coherent radiation field emanates from this quantum phase transition

      The effective plexciton temperature T and chemical potential μ to be T= 2640 K and μ= -160 meV

      The fission/fusion probability cross section produced by the ionic BEC is intensified by the screening effects of all the electrons around this ionic condensate in the walls of the NAE.

      This screening effect is amplified because the electron members of the dipole are coherent and entangled. This large electron composite waveform presents a single screening waveform to the associated mirrored ionic condensate.

      In Nanoplasmonics, this type of BEC is the so-called spaser (short for surface plasmon(SP) amplification by stimulated emission of radiation)

    5. Part 2 of 2

      The Spaser

      The spaser is the nanoplasmonic counterpart of a laser, but it (ideally) does not emit photons. It is analogous to the conventional laser, but in a spaser photons are replaced by SPs and the resonant cavity is replaced by a nanoparticle, which supports the plasmonic modes. Similarly to a laser, the energy source for the spasing mechanism is an active (gain) medium that is excited externally. This excitation field is the phonon energy in and around the micropowder.

      The reason that SPs in a spaser can work analogously to photons in a laser is because their relevant physical properties are the same. First, SPs are bosons: they are vector excitations and have spin 1, just as photons do. This supports the formation of BEC.

      Second, SPs are electrically neutral excitations. And third, SPs are the most collective material oscillations known in nature, which implies they are the most harmonic (that is, they interact very weakly with one another). As such SPs can undergo stimulated emission, accumulating in a single mode in large numbers, which is the physical foundation of both the laser and the spaser.

      A single local-field hot spot can be excited either at a metal nanoparticle interface or a metal tip.

      Phonon and optical EMF irradiation of random nanoplasmonic systems causes the appearance of spontaneous hot spots of local optical fields.

      Concentration of energy in tapered plasmon-polariton waveguides, it our case nickel whiskers are used to transfer optical energy to the nanoscale.

      Nanofocusing of optical energy by so-called hyperlenses (These nickel whiskers tapered to nanoscale curvature) is a promising method of nanolocalization. Also aggregation of random sized nanoparticles also support hyperlening.

      Optically nonlinear sources of nanolocalized hot spots are obtained by intense optical excitation of nanotips and nanoparticle arrogates.

      Specially designed nanoantennas or nanolenses create hot spots of nanolocalized optical fields.

      Energy is transferred, without any significant emission of radiation, to the resonant SPs of the nanoparticle, a process that has a much larger probability by orders of magnitude.
      The SPs stimulate further transitions in the gain medium, leading to the excitation of more identical SPs in the same SP mode, driving the action of the spaser.

      Dark modes

      One of the advantages of the spaser compared with existing sources of local fields, which also sets it apart from the laser, is that it can generate dark modes that do not couple to the far-zone optical fields. In other words, a spaser generates coherent, strong local fields, but does not necessarily emit photons. This is a potentially great technological advantage because it offers a source of nanolocalized optical fields that does not emit any background radiation: a dark soliton. This source of EMF potential can still act on matter in its near field and effect nuclear structure. This is because a small molecule is affected by the field at the point of its position and is blind to the overall (global) symmetry of the entire local field that determines whether the mode is dark or luminous (bright).

      Another important advantage of using dark SP modes is that they do not undergo radiative losses. Such losses for the luminous modes would lead to a higher threshold for the spaser operation. Interestingly enough, if the symmetry of the spaser’s nanoplasmonic particle is slightly broken, a dark spasing SP mode will become luminous. A collection of such spasers may then start to emit light, just like a laser.

      To make a long story short, the result of all this is a generalized BEC of hot spot solitons whose energy concentration can each exceed 10^^15 watts./cm2. This soliton based BEC is the source of the large magnetic fields seen in the DGT reactor. In another complicated quantum mechanical process that we will not explain here, these huge coherent EMF field potentials can disrupt nuclear structure similar to how magnetic fields influence the factional quantum hall effect. This effect screens electron charge

    6. Regarding:

      “B) If huge clusters of Rydberg atoms are congregating (i.e. concentrating high amounts of energy) into lattice vacancies why is this not completely altering the chemical environment before fusion events occur (of the virtual neutron cluster variety that DGT seems to be promoting)? I've always seen this as an inherent weakness of the Lattice site NAE hypothesis (also put forward by Hagelstein, Brillouine, etc.)”

      Rydberg atoms support the formation of small nanoparticles when plasma (spark produced) cools and condenses. Upon condensation when these particles aggregate into piles of random sized particles, they produce powerful nano-lenses.

      Because of their very small size and associated extreme curvature, the spaces between the particles concentrate huge EMF (plexcitons) in a dark mode through whispering gallery wave induced Fano resonance.

      The virtual neutron cluster variety that DGT seems to be promoting is not required to penetrate the nucleus.

      The huge electromagnetic field potential produced by the soliton condensate is what disrupts the Higgs field in which the subatomic particles are imbedded that comprise the disrupted nucleus.

      The pile of particles that produce the strongest solitons are those with the widest particle size distribution. This is why potassium and carbon is added to the plasma condensate. These “secret sauce” elements produce large sized nanoparticle which aggregate in piles with the very small hydrogen particles.

    7. The thermalization of nuclear energy release is conditional. Proton-21 produces gammas up to 10 MeV but that process also uses vortex current to disrupt the nucleus.

      Bose Einstein condensation (BEC) thermalizes gamma level energy through a coherent and entangled superatom mechanism.

      I do not agree with Dr. Kim that BEC is the primary LENR mechanism. It is instead a epiphenomenon (plural - epiphenomena) or a secondary phenomenon that occurs alongside or in parallel to a primary phenomenon.

      An epiphenomenon can be an effect of primary phenomena, but cannot affect a primary phenomenon.

      In the field of complex systems, the term epiphenomenon tends to be used interchangeably with "emergent effect".

      In the E-cat, the polariton formation process allows for the formation of EMF solutions (vortex current) as separate unconnected units at low temperatures.

      As the temperature rises, polariton formation of global polariton Bose-Einstein condensation appears as an epiphenomenon. This BEC will thermalize the gamma radiation via a superatom mechanism.

      This goes a the square root of the number of superatom members.

    8. Thank you for the interesting and comprehensive information Axil. I will definitely give the components of the theory a thorough looking over.

    9. Foks.

      I am at your disposal for any additional support and supporting references. Please stay in touch.


    10. Hey Axil,

      This is a quote from Jones Beene on Vortex-l. Just wondering your thoughts on it:

      "Let's be clear - polaritons can possibly transform photon frequency in the IR spectrum, but in NO WAY do they absorb or thermalize gamma radiation.

      That point is ludicrous, yet the BEC keeps coming up here on vortex from time to time - as if there were some evidence for an ability to absorb gamma radiation. There is none."

      Thanks again. And may I ask your take on what DGT is actually saying about their NAE? I'm starting to understand your interpretation, which certainly makes some valid points, but what do you think about this engineered "evolving" nickel-foam lattice vacancy that DGT posits as their NAE. Doesn't jive with my understanding of vacancy limitations. It is not a Nano-cavity right?

    11. This is the experimental proof that a BEC can thermalize high frequency radiation.


      Rydberg excitation of a Bose-Einstein condensate

      Any nuclear reaction that produces a gamma that occurs in a BEC will undergo frequency reduction based on the super-atom formula

      Gamma frequency = Square root (Number of BEC atoms)(Thermalized frequency)

      The frequency of the gamma will be shared by N BEC member atoms.

      Jones Beene cannot accept that a BEC can exist at high temperatures. But a polariton condensate can exist at temperature in excess of 2600K.

      Bose-Einstein condensation of plexcitons

      Here is more experimental proof of this fact.

      "Now good evidence for polariton condensation in recent experiments"

    12. Regarding:

      “Thanks again. And may I ask your take on what DGT is actually saying about their NAE? I'm starting to understand your interpretation, which certainly makes some valid points, but what do you think about this engineered "evolving" nickel-foam lattice vacancy that DGT posits as their NAE. Doesn't jive with my understanding of vacancy limitations. It is not a Nano-cavity right?”

      The nickel foam is a mechanism that provides support for the 5 micron particles that drive heat induced dipole oscillations via the evanescent wave photon energy capture mechanism.

      .This polariton energy is transferred to the nanopartical via evanescent wave conduction.

      More simply, as I stated before, the NAE is in the pile of random sized nanoparticles specifically in the space between the smallest of these garage particles.

      The large 5 micron micro-particle is a wonderful infrared (700C) blackbody resonant storehouse for dipole vibrations.

      Very small nano-particles use Fano resonance to amplify this dipole energy (powerful source of alternating current) to a huge degree.

      As an analogy, this micro/nano particle aggregation produces a nano-sized tesla-coil.

      Think of the resonant windings of a tesla coil, were the main winding (micro particle) resonantly drives the few windings (small nano-particle).

      A Tesla coil's windings are "loosely" coupled, with a large air gap, and thus the primary and secondary typically share only 10–20% of their respective magnetic fields. Instead of a tight coupling, the coil transfers energy (via loose coupling) from one oscillating resonant circuit (the primary) to the other (the secondary) over a number of RF cycles.

      As the primary energy transfers to the secondary, the secondary's output voltage increases until all of the available primary energy has been transferred to the secondary. A well designed Tesla coil can concentrate the energy initially stored in the primary capacitor (the micro particle) to the secondary circuit (the nano-particle). The voltage achievable from a Tesla coil can be significantly greater than a conventional transformer, because the secondary winding is a long single layer solenoid widely separated from the surroundings and therefore well insulated. Also, the voltage per turn in any coil is higher because the rate of change of magnetic flux is at high frequencies.

      The dipole operates an infrared frequency. This is very high.

      With the loose coupling the voltage gain is instead proportional to the square root of the ratio of secondary and primary inductances. Because the secondary winding is wound to be resonant at the same frequency as the primary, this voltage gain is also proportional to the square root of the ratio of the primary capacitor to the stray capacitance of the secondary.

      Via the evanescent wave mechanism, the micro-particle nano-particle resonance packs the entire energy content stored on the surface of the micro-particle into the atomic level volume between one nanometer sized particles.

      This produces vortex based nano-ball lightning between atoms.

      See for applicable physics insights:

      Spectral properties of interacting magnetoelectric particles

    13. Some points:

      The DGT magnetic anomaly has not been confirmed by anyone; all we have is this: Kim reported it based on information provided by DGT to him. Hadjichristos has confirmed that the undisclosed meter used to measure the field displayed 1.6 T, but clarified that this was a peak reading. It has also been reported by DGT that this was an unshielded reactor, emitting high levels of EM radiation causing interference to electronic devices. DGT also reported that a fan attached to the reactor showed signs of magnetic interference. So, at this point, we have no confirmation and only sketchy information from DGT, indicating a magentic field but without solid information on the level.

      DGT does not claim that the NAE is a nickel foam cavity. Rather, nickel foam is used to support nickel alloy (-zeolite?) nanoparticles; the NAE would be on or in those particles.

    14. Related EMF revelations from Rossi

      On Rossi’s Fascinating EMF Discovery

      Andrea Rossi recently stated on his blog Journal of Nuclear Physics that he is currently taking the road to circumventing the Carnot Cycle. The Italian inventor posted that direct EMF from the reactor core. EMF or Electromotive Force, according to Faraday’s Law, represents energy per unit charge (voltage) which has been made available by the generating mechanism and is not a ‘force’. Rossi said:

      “Actually, we already produced direct e.m.f. with the reactors at high temperature, and we measured it with the very precise measurement instrumentation introduced by the third party expert, but we are not ready for an industrial production, while we are at a high level of industrialization for the production of heat and, at this point, also of high temperature steam, which is the gate to the Carnot Cycle.”

      Daniel G. Zavela, another poster on JONP website, commented that his electrical engineer friend found Rossi’s EMF discovery fascinating. Zavela further stated that his friend has a few questions for Rossi if his research has found the answers yet.

      Here are the three questions and the corresponding answers from Rossi:

      Q: If this is not a temperature-dependent phenomenon, why wasn’t it detected earlier? (it is quite unexpected, so perhaps no one was looking for it, and the recent discovery was merely a fortunate accident, as often happens in Science).

      A: Matter of Serendipity

      Q: What is the strength of the EMF? Milligauss? Dozens of Gauss? That makes a difference in (a) whether it might be due to something else going on in the lab, or from the reactor core itself, and (b) whether there is enough energy in the EMF to provide useful levels of output power.

      A: I prefer not to give precise data until we have not understood well the “strange power”

      Q. What is the internal physical arrangement of the nickel and other elements in the eCat? I ask this, because I speculate that if there is some kind of circular layout, it is conceivable that some subatomic effect has set up a circular electron flow that would produce an EMF.

      A: Confidential

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  4. I think that today's announcement in supports Axil's analysis as above.

    It seems that there is a new area of phenomena that DGT managed to engineer, giving rise to a new path of research of CF. To my understanding, the magnetic anomalies reported as just the top of an iceberg, as similar are observed and reported recently in plasmonics literature.

    Gregory Vostikhov, Nuclear Physicist, Moscow

    1. Yes, the polariton is a very strange animal in the quasiparticle zoo. It is lighter than a neutrino, it’s a boson, and has a negative electric charge.

      Also, heat could be acting like matter and forming chemical compounds and nanoparticles because of the blockade effects of Rydberg matter on infrared photons.

      And finally, unusual EMF might be produced on the mesoscopic level that are a composite of the electric and magnetic waveforms.

  5. So many scams and so much pseudo scientific jargon!

    Why not generate electricity with an Ecat hook it up to a "Bedini Motor" power another generator with that
    and then use that to power a Dennis Lee hydrogen Generator to power another motor and a "Papp Engine"!

    We could move the Earth!

    Enough "Mythical Energy" could be generated to move us to another galaxy!

    The scams are endless! Why?
    Because another sucker is born every minute!

  6. Regarding:

    "Enough "Mythical Energy" could be generated to move us to another galaxy!"

    Do you mean "Dark Energy"?

  7. Except that Rossi now says that there is no catalyst! Go figger.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Rossi has replaced the hydrogen tank that originally supplied his reactor with one or more hydride compounds. When heated, these compounds will release hydrogen in proportion to the applied heat.

      I speculate these compounds will also provide the catalytic effect needed to build large Rydberg matter based nanoparticles. For example, lithium hydride or potassium hydride would support the catalytic function.

      Rossi may be killing two birds with one stone; Any Alkali Metal hydride compound would do the catalytic job as well as filling the reactor with hydrogen.

  8. I think that "Mythical Devices" can only provide "Mythical Energy"!

  9. HMM YES AXIL I think you are on to something!
    "Large Rydberg matter"
    And yet since you have NO idea of what you are talking about
    this is so hilarious funny What is "Rydberg matter based nanoparticles"?

    This is hilarious!

    Talking out of your ass seems to be "standard practise" with you!

    This is SO funny!

    Gee it seems I must BUST your bubble perhaps Rossi IS killing two birds with ONE stone!

    YOUR Gullibility with ONE Non Working Device!

    Two Birds with ONE stone!

    1. See this abstract for a picture.

  10. Come on Rossi's Device doesnt work!
    Just give it up admit it!

  11. I am sorry I am sorry that THE Rossi Ecat is SO Hilarious and funny!

    1. Either the E-Cat is a scam, or there is a new paradigm of science afoot that you and your friends know absolutely nothing about.

      Time will tell.

    2. "Time will tell."
      The "ecat" is almost certainly a scam. It's progress has been exactly like a free energy scam intended to fool investors.

      Time has pretty much told.

      Rossi and Levi first released their test results on the ecat in February 2011. Since then, there has been no independent confirmation by any reputable university or government laboratory nor by any major company.

      Same for Defkalion except that they announced a few months after Rossi.

      That is essentially impossible if either has what they claim. There is no way such a spectacular discovery could be ignored by the main line labs for so long. There is no way that not one customer, not one independent tester, has ever been revealed *despite* constant claims by both Rossi and Defkalion that such tests have been done. It's absurd.

      Dr. Sarg has been busy explaining something (high power LENR) that almost certainly does not exist. At least not yet!

    3. What you’re saying sounds to me like either propaganda or complete ignorance of nuclear engineering. It takes about 10 billion dollars and 10 years for a new nuclear reactor design to reach certification and commercialization. The E-Cat is only 2 years into that process.

      The LENR reactor developers are dealing with unknown physics, no intellectual property protection, and want to put the Ni/H reactor into the home. These complications will cause development to take even longer.

      In summation, either you are just blowing smoke ... or have no common sense.

    4. Dear Axil,

      You are ignoring the claims. Xanthoulis said he was working with world famous corporations to conduct tests and that the results would be public. That was a year ago or more. There are no test reports and no identified testers.

      Rossi said he had sold a number of his megawatt plants (which are in fact thrown together collections of more than 50 smaller ecat modules). No customer has ever been identified.

      The probability is that Xanthoulis and Rossi lied about their associations and their clients. If they lied about that, why would not all their claims be lies?

      I am not saying you should expect a product on store shelves by now. But a definitive proof that these two have produced high power LENR is lacking almost three years after the initial extravagant claims. And that is very improbable if Rossi and Defkalion have anything close to what they claim. Agree?

    5. Seeing is believing:

      Defkalion deserves huge credit for a public demo.

    6. Axil, I don't know what you think you are seeing there. There a dozens of way that the demonstration results in that video could reflect measurement error or fraud.

      First, it's not independent replication. Second, the power metering is not clear. Third, there is a huge spark present which can throw off millivolt thermocouple readouts. Finally, the flow seems to be two-phase which means that the method used to measure it is incorrect. The steam should have been condensed.

      Read Lewan's description of that demo. It is not reliable and not credible. You are much too easily impressed. And you seem to know very little about how one goes about measuring enthalpy in a two phase flow system. Please review your basic engineering physics of calorimetry.

    7. PS: I mean the demo is not reliable not that Lewan isn't. Lewan does his best with what he has to work with. Which isn't nearly enough.

    8. The Demo convinced Brian Josephson. He knows something about quantum mechanics. I will take his Nobel Prize over yours.

    9. Is it not true that Brian Josephson also believes in the validity of homeopathy? The lowest common denominator of pseudoscience stupidity? That substances get more "powerful" the more dilute they are? And that solutions with nothing in them can treat disease?

      Josephson's Nobel Prize means only that he made a very important discovery and that was quite a while ago. It says absolutely nothing about his ability to distinguish between valid theories and nonsense.

  12. axil, this man consider that elforsk is not credible...

    we can laugh.

    1. He sounds like Mary Yugo to me.

    2. Tell me again exactly what test were done by Elforsk scientists in the Elforsk facility. Where did Elforsk officially say Levi and the Swedish scientists' tests were valid? Who at Elforsk can be contacted for an official opinion? Where is such an official opinion published? Thanks.

    3. First of all they published public document on E-cat 3 times :
      - the budget, in public
      - the press release claiming the test was successful
      - this article in they semester magazine magazine

      That they take some care (not much in fact, they just confirm that they are not sure of what is happening, but sure it is not chemical) does not mean they are unsure.$*

      corporate executives when they are unsure, simply don't communicate. when they are sure, they communicate with care.

      when they want to sell you something, then they say they are sure.

      so yes, they are sure, and they still have nothing to sell...
      that is translation from the corporate language. (I'm corp native speaker ;-> )

      time to swallow the crow...
      I'm joking, no hope to convince you until opposition is desperate...
      not enough desperate at short term... Still few month of possible denial.

    4. I am sorry however you seem delusional.
      I can not discern what you are saying.
      You need to visit a doctor.
      This is NOT an attack on you!
      This is real!
      You need to seek medical help!
      Please for your own good see a doctor!
      You may be experiencing a stroke!
      For people in my (and your) age group this is a possibility!
      My wifes brother just had two strokes!
      Dude quit worrying about the "Rossi Ecat"
      And seek medical attention!
      Im sorry for arguing with you. Just go see a doctor.

    5. et la marmotte elle met le chocolat dans le papier d'alu ?

      sorry French joke.

      you should sensd that to:
      Elforsk staff
      ENEL staff who funded Celani article
      ST Micro staff who funded mastromatteo Celani replication
      Toyota and Mitsubishi staff for a long sustained work on LENR
      SRI staff for having tolerated many LENr research
      ENEA staff for having tolerated LENR research
      Stefano Concezz, Truchard of National Instruments for committing their company with LENR researches and businessmen.

      I'm an individual... I have no importance...
      send your advices to those corps and institutions...

      they will thanks you with a permanent room in a hospital.

  13. I just read Elforsk's publication on Rossi. Doesn't seem to me that they are convinced of anything. In Swedish so copy and paste to Google Translate or a similar service.

    1. I agree also consider this:

      The “hot cat at Elforsk test” was yet another Rossi Demo carried out by Rossi and OBSERVED by so
      called “third party testers”. Using much the same method as the so called Scientists who observed Uri Geller and proclaimed that yes he indeed could bend spoons with his mind!

      When Rossi saw how easily his first Demos (with steam) were easily debunked, seen through, fell short, etc. He CHANGED the DEMO and he has been changing it ever since so he is not caught again!

      What more do you need?
      What information do you lack?

      You are an adult (I assume) with a working knowledge of the world. You are able to pick out a used car on your own and reject those cars that do not meet your criteria, you are able to resist the temptation to buy the “Sham Wow” and the myriad devices offered by late night TV ads. Yet in this instance you are befuddled and perplexed by a claim (Rossi Ecat) That is so far out of the realm of possibility.

      Could Rossi have claim to “The Uri Geller Effect” that seems to affect certain Scientists?

    2. I prefer to cite Roland Benabou "Groupthink: collective delusion in organizations and markets" which exactly match what happened there...

      At the the beginning denial was quite rational, because the evidences were messy, and first analysis let much doubt on theoretical possibility...
      but it get too fast.
      APS said cold fusion was impossible 20 days after publication of F&P
      40 days after publication 3 experiments failed and since it was done by physicist and not electrochemist the physicist claims those sabotaged experiment were more than the others...
      many errors in particle detection and calorimetry let a taste of doubt...
      in 1991 one of the top skeptic electrchemist heinz gerischer admited there was clear evidence of LENR, but it was too late.. APS and the leader of opinion (Nature, Science, MIT, Caltech, APS) could not step back... thus not to loose thei bullyied the dissenters...
      and we entered the mutual assured delusion, and the trickel down effect of delusion, that Roland Benabou describe well...

      any scientits admitting positive results was fired, so most abandonned... no chance to publish, so no publication..
      no publication, valiodated the beliefes there was nothing, enforcing the delusion there was nothing...

      you uri geller effect is less convincing the the mutual assured delusion effect that is the cause of subprime crisis, Enron failure, Challenger accident....

    3. So yes you agree that the "Uri Geller Effect" is real?

      Simply saying "I bend spoons with my mind" is different
      than bending spoons by "magic tricks"?

      So because Uri Geller "says" he bends spoons with his mind makes "Scientists" look at his "abilities" more openly?

      (openly to the point of absurdity)

      Just like because Rossi "says" his device uses "cold fusion" makes Scientists (and you) look at his device more openly?

      (openly to the point of absurdity)!

      Name any of these guys
      Papp Engine
      Bedini Motor
      Lee Hydrogen generator
      Stanley Meyer Hydrogen Generator
      Brillion Energy
      THE MEG!
      Rossi Ecat!
      ETC to the point of infinity!
      There will never be an end to these scams!

  14. Sorry I forgot the greatest scammer of all time KEELY!

    Sorry I forgot the best, the greatest the all time winner of SCAMS!

    John Worrel Keely!

    A cut above the rest!

  15. Why not generate electricity with an Ecat hook it up to a "Bedini Motor" power another generator with that
    and then use that to power a Dennis Lee hydrogen Generator to power another motor and a "Papp Engine"!

    We could move the Earth!

    Enough "Mythical Energy" could be generated to move us to another galaxy!

    The scams are endless! Why?
    Because another sucker is born every minute!

  16. Alain is certainly a person
    A person who works to increase Rossi's portfolio!

    1. I work for me, and my neighbours in EU.
      More than what you imagine;-)

      It costed me few hundred euro and few thousands of hours of my time without any realistic hope of refund...

      but it is working. Rossi don't need my help, but EU and you are so incompetent that I can help entrepreneur get around your incompetences and locked mind...

      maybe I'm a bit overnegative against EU, because... ah ah ... and even more than you think. EU canonly host conferences, but EU "structure" can... like what US DoD/Nasa/Lockeed do.

      prepare the sauce to swallow the crow.

    2. Whose incompetence are we talking about?
      Whose "Locked Mind" are we discussing?
      The question was "why"!
      Please answer!
      Do not obfuscate just answer!


      Why do YOU think the "Rossi Ecat"
      Is any more valid than the

      Papp Engine
      Bedini Motor
      Lee Hydrogen generator
      Stanley Meyer Hydrogen Generator
      Brillion Energy
      THE MEG!

      What is your answer?

      I am prepared to eat imaginary crow with imaginary sauces!
      Just as you are prepared to accept "Imaginary Energy"!

      Can we now "unlock" our minds and accept what is!

      I what Rossi says is true Rossi would not need you Mr.
      Alain Co!

      Rossi would have a Billionaire partner by now!
      And "Rossi Ecats" would be selling like HA HA (hotcakes)!
      So retreat into your little corner and berate your imaginary
      Espouse some more obscure theories about why (the Rossi Ecat) should work!
      However in the end there is NO Rossi Ecat!
      Where is it?
      Go back to the Bill Beatty Eskimo Vortex and talk to GOD (Bill Beatty)!

    3. I forgot to mention

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