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No one can persuade another to change. Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside. We cannot open the gate of another, either by argument or emotional appeal.

As I have already said more times, it is true that Fleischmann and
Pons gave us a mighty dream of Energy, as Rossi says too, however Rossi gave us a nightmare of uncertainty and confusion. He claims to be in great hurry, but acts as somebody convinced to live for ever. A frightening example of his behavior:

Andrea Rossi
Dear Tony:
I am very sorry, but I have absolutely no more contacts with the Third Indipendent Party Professors. The only thing I know is that the publication is pending, but I have no information about when and where.
We all are very anxious to read it.
Warm Regards,
 I am unable to swallow this message, it is an invincible challenge
to my intelligence except if the Professors are extraterrestrials using non-human logic.
Rossi says he is not more communicating with the Professors.
They were 11 if I remember well, has he ceased to speak with all the 11? Why does this happened? Who had the initiative of this divorce and what was the reason, obviously a powerful one?
Let’s think: if Rossi has cut the ties, that means he was discontented with the execution of the tests and with the results
Then Rossi believes the Hot Cat works but the Professors were unable to demonstrate it thus disappointing the inventor.

Had the professors decided to exclude Rossi from the circle of their friends? Suddenly, the entire Group? Why?

Actually there are 3 possibilities:

YES! the tests gave clear positive results, i.e. the Hot Cat is as over-unity as the Sun- that’s excellent news. In this case the professors must have the greatest respect and admiration toward Rossi, the Great Inventor and should e very happy and to communicate with him, isn’t it?

NO! despite heroic efforts and added creativity, the Professors were unable to find any trace of excess heat .In this case, being given that they can publish what they want (Rossi says so) it would be their ethical due to warn the world. OK, the Hot Cat is a new member of the feline family and what’s true for it must not be automatically true for the 1MW e-cats! but the warning is an ethical obligation.

MAYBE!  (as the Italians say “Forse che si, forse che no” the professors remained undecided all of them, or they voted 6 to 5
in the favor of the incandescent E-cat or against it. I think you agree that informing the world fast is an elementary duty of the Professors,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

I do not exclude other possibilities as this message was written by Rossi during celebrating something formidable in the company of all those mysterious Professors at the Nobu Miami Beach restaurant with a Mississippi of Veuve Cliquot champagne.

However, if we take Rossi seriously, then the image of the professors is that of a bunch of self-appointed scientists, slow thinking, illogically acting, barely able to write a scientific report
who do not know how to tell yes, no or maybe with a less then 200 words abstract.

Therefore, I think we all –those interested in LENR should sign this And it is sure somebody from our Group knows personally at least one of the Professors. They must be on the Web.

APPEAL TO THE PROFESSORS who have performed the Third Party Test of Andrea Rossi’s HOT CAT.

Dear Professors,

In case you are real persons, genuine scientists, serious professionals, dedicated to Truth; In case you have indeed made those tests, please publish and disseminate on Web ASAP the essence of the result, positive, negative or killer-neutral. For the sake of your prestige- publish, please!

Thank you!

Peter and….(your names and signatures)


  1. Don Peter is right .

  2. If any of the "professors" would care to communicate privately, I would receive that and respect the privacy, and, after verifying the identity for myself, would pass on the content as permitted without revealing the name or other details made known to me. Just an offer. I will *not* pass on rumors of unknown provenance.

    1. use the email address abd -- at -- lomaxdesign -- com.

    2. Dear Abd, The great question is if these professors are
      real. It's risky to be in any way, I think.
      Existent or non-existent, they are VERY slow.

    3. Dear Peter, I could say the same about the seven international organizations (if they are for real) that had to test Defkalion's reactor, but I see that no one is putting on them the same pressure for publishing their results (if exist).
      Considering that Xanthoulis in a recent interview to Sterling Allan said:
      "I don't want to say the numbers [of the COP] because are _incredible_"
      it seems very strange that no one in the scientific world is asking them to prove these incredible results and asking for, in an "official" way, an _independent_ test made by "some professor".

      I would like to do an appeal to these seven international organizations that tested Defkalion's reactor:
      even if results can't be revealed for NDA issues, would be important at least to know if you are for real in order to know if only one of the main player in LENR field has a very low credibility or there are two players with the same characteristic. For the sake of your prestige and mankind all, please publish, inform us!
      Thank you.


    4. Franco

      What has that to do with Peter's post ?. Sorry all I see is a post by you detailing where your emotional commitment lays and unrelated to the topic at hand. ?.


      Doug M

    5. Franco i would say there is one important difference. The seven parties are not bound to publish, that we know of. this doesn't seem to be the case here.


    6. What I see is an enormous diversity of treatment.
      There are all kinds of possible doubts about Rossi that, for better or worse, always did public or private tests that we all have seen and all we know the persons involved (that are for real), instead no doubt or appeal has been done towards the company that does the more astonish claims in the world, by far greater than Rossi's, and never, never, goes to public or independent verify (and please don't tell me that they did it, but they can't reveal it, when I say public, I mean public).

      Since Defkalion is continuing to do claims (also by means of this blog because all we know all the comments and promises done by Hadjichristos), is it possible that no one feel the need to put a little pressure for public reveal on them?

      We are at a point where a new witch hunt is starting against CF/LENR research. Now spots light are on NASA, "guilty" of doing a little research on LENR with public money; here in Italy someone asks why ENEA is continuing to dedicate founds and men to CF experimentation (actually very little of both, but always too much for orthodox mainstream scientists and common people that look into waste of public money) and I don't want to go into *dirty* details about the pressure that a group of well organized skeptics connected with public institutions and national press is putting on Celani and INFN in order to stop doing research on LENR.

      Who has found the way to control the CF/LENR process (every kind of process it can be) and has made it useful for energy production, MUST feel the *moral obligation* to make public and independent verification with protection for the IP.
      I don't care about market products, we all know (apart from skeptics) that it needs time for those kind of development, but the base principle MUST be showed to the public and to the institutions as a real phenomenon. Excuses like "we have done independent tests but we will show them when we'll feel ready" (Hadjichristos dixit if I remember correctly) are not acceptable anymore and I can't understand why men of science that believe in CF/LENR don't say a word about that.

      Rossi did this step with an independent verify in the limits of IP protection but this is not sufficient, we even want to hurry up "the professors". Well, I would like to see the same towards Defkalion that seems to control the LENR phenomenon even better than Rossi, but no "hurry up", no pressure has ever been requested by someone inside the CF/LENR field about Defkalion's independent verifications (very sad).


    7. this is what Roland Benabou describe in his model of Collective delusion through Mutual Assured Delusion

      when the reality seems to be harder to ignore, the dellusioned group (here the mainstream) start to get more and more violent agains dissenters.

      another effect that TYhomas Kuhn describe is that mainstream orient the focus of media on the weakest point of the opponents.

      everybody discuss of zawodny loose article, on Rossi loose communication.
      They talk of discussable spawar CR39 interpretaion, and not about their undiscussable findings...
      they discuss of iwamura transmutation, less of toyota replication, and not of BARC or US based tritium measurement, or Roport 41 He4/Heat correlation, of ICCF15 ENEA article about cristallography importance.

      everybody ignore that Brillouin have a COP of 2 validated by SRI, a third party...
      that Defkalion
      - have honesty validated by Nelson (he tell they were cooperative and not opposed to usage of own tools)
      - have validated a COP of 3, with some error margin, that you can imagin does not allow COP=1, since blank run are measured at COP<1

      what is funny is how the mainstream delusion work by selecting facts , as Benabou explain.

      It is alos funny how the claim of "no evidence can convince" are used agains thomas kuhn, whil his claim are just saying that old-school is not honest and choose it's own set of acceptable evidence, making the thow theories impossible to compare, because you compare apple and orange depending on which side you are.

      this misunderstanding having the nose on the evidence is well explained by Nassim Nicholas Taleb who explain how , retrospectively, we realize after the revolution that all was clear many decades before...

      As peter says, only LENR+, an LENR with indistrial application and total control, can convince the mainstream.
      no scientific evidence can convince.

      either it have to make cars runs, and powerplant turn,
      or ther need to be a full total theory that include LENR, but also all even subtiles known facts...

      as explain thomas kuhn, no new theory can win if not fully covering all know science... and sure, non fact can be accepter if the theory is not convincing.

      it is absolutely non-scientific, but it is always so.

      Scientific method, as many says (as wade and Brod in Netrayers of the truth) if the fairy tale.

      My beloved explaine me that she started in science community, then moved to politics in NGO then parliament... science battles prepared her for all thos political battles in NGO and political party.

    8. Alain I'm pretty sure NRL and NASA are keeping tabs on DGT. But DGT hasn't recently promised anything, have they? They said that they would publish third party reports way back and that did not happen. Everybody was up in arms about that. They've never excused themselves from that other than Nelson.

      If Nelson isn't followed by something else soon people will just start forgetting about them and probably ridiculing them


    9. Please don't worry for DGT. In the very moment they
      will not have more requests for tests than it is possible
      to perform in a 24/24/7 schedule, they will ask for
      help. They are focusing on relevant things, actions and
      partners. As I have told more times, kibitzes cannot help.
      They will be there at ICCF-18 and at NI WEEK

    10. >Please don't worry for DGT

      Do you see what I mean? Don't worry about DGT, leave them working in peace, don't put any pressure on those good boys. We don't need to do any appeal to DGT, who cares if they have the holy grail of the new science, that will save mankind, but no scientist can verify that.
      They will come to ICCF-18 and they will give another lesson to the poor CF/LENR researchers (those that still think that Pd-D systems are the only systems that works because no one has demonstrated the opposite yet) about the sun's corona secrets or how LENR works in the ground.

      Peter, you have good contact with them, you, more than anyone else, have the *moral obligation* to ask them to go for INDEPENDENT VERIFY and for PUBLIC DISCLOSURE of the results, please make an appeal for that.


    11. Just to tell you that I am aware of what my moral obligations are.
      As regarding DGT, please let them to decide their strategy
      and timing of disclosure and to focus on important issues.
      I have openly criticized them for telling much too much
      about HOW they work, what their modus cogitandi and modus
      operandi is.
      If you have read my blog, you would know that the way from copious excess heat to a commercial source is not short and not easy. Have you participated in such a project effectively?
      If DGT makes a test with say Google, both parts have to sign an NDA. Suppose the report is published before DGT has launched its commercial generator, what would then be the effect on Google's share value?
      I fully understand your curiosity and sympathise with it/you.

  3. Rossi revealed today that the famous third-party 120 hour test was performed in university of Ferrara (among many other tests). This should make finding at least some of the professors much easier.

    1. No. Rossi didn't say that.
      Rossi said that the test was performed "in Ferrara" (likely at Rossi's facility), he didn't say "at the university of Ferrara".


  4. Thank you! I also have seen this notice, but I cannot be sure it is real, is it the Hot Cat or the Warm Cat- Rossi knows it.
    Anyway it seems he will reveal something interesting rather soon.
    If it is about the ferrara U the question is were it Professors
    of Physics or of Engineering (better)


  5. Peter I'm confused. How do we sign the letter? Or is that just notional?

    1. If one Professor will be identified before the report is
      published we will send him a petition signed by many prople
      eager to know what has he concluded re the Hot Cat.

    2. Oh I thought it was just an open letter on your blog to the world in hopes that one of the testers reads it.