Friday, November 2, 2012


New Study: Even Moderate Drinking Stunts the Brain:

Gastronomical online encyclopaedia to archive past 50 years of food:

A must read- and take care!:

Empathy: the web professional’s greatest skill:

Why Science Must Learn to Talk With Religion:

Enciclopedia of Nanotechnology:

The Global Innovation 1000: Making Ideas Work:

 Introducing the new compose in Gmail:

Empathy Represses Analytic Thought, and Vice Versa: Brain Physiology Limits Simultaneous Use of Both Networks:

How Memory Works: 10 Things Most People Get Wrong:

The Information Age Fallacy:
It is about value creation:

A Smarter Dictionary for Translation

How the Brain Controls Our Habits: Neuroscientists Identify a Brain Region That Can Switch Between New and Old Habits:

Biofuel Breakthrough: Quick Cook Method Turns Algae Into Oil:

Mutant verbs:

The most important  education technology in 200 years:

Researchers Find Three Unique Cell-To-Cell Bonds:

Music in Our Ears: The Science of Timbre:

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