Sunday, October 28, 2012


1-Damoc’s birthday present.

My archenemy, Damoc see:
has again sent me his special motivational suggestion. The attached DVD was the opera Lakme by Delibes. Listen please to:

This opera too ends with a suicide; avoiding dishonor, Lakme eats
a very poisonous flower, from a species of Datura according to some sources and dies successfully, singing. I have to consult Pierre Loti’s original novel for the details.

So for this birthday of 2012 it was OK, for the next one –if it will be a next one, Damoc could use e.g. Khovanschina by Mussorgsky. This opera ends with a regular mass suicide from religious reasons. I hope Damoc will send his birthday present in 2013 too.

2- The Hell is connected to the Internet.

My God, I prefer the Hell if it is connected to the Internet!
(Valeriu Butulescu)

Yes, dear Valeriu, you are right, we are no more able to imagine an Internetless existence, this or the next one. It is a mystery how could Mankind including our younger selves survive without e-mail, WWW, search, discussion groups and so many other elementary things.”Extra WWW-am non est vita, si est vita, non est ita” Communication is in the very core of the human nature. We deserve free and unlimited communication for our entire life…and beyond. The Internet is a new dimension of life.”

Is this a returning dream or a real memory-bit?
Somewhere in 1990 I have received a strange phone:

"Hello, Peter. Tim speaking, TimBL from CERN. How are you?

- Fine. And you?

- Peter I know that you are crazy for fast information and you are wasting many hours in the library You are obsessed by Borges’s infinite library. I have decided to invent something better for maniacs like you. It will be called www or something like that, still don't know.. Just watch the Internet. And promise me that you will learn to use it!

-Thank you, Tim! I promise that I will be the best of the searchers.
So has it started. I keep my word and my promises.

However, Valeriu, your enchanting aphorism has some unexpected negative consequences- that is a two way connection, the Hell is also connected to the Internet and sends us myriads of evil creatures- viruses, spyware, Trojans, tons of idiotic and dirty spam, bullies, trolls, scammers, crooks, thieves, criminals who practice ill-will and sabotage from simple sadistic pleasure, nasty LENR negationists untouchable by the best proofs we have- horror !

3- Hannibal and Roberto Germano think in similar ways about LENR.

History will remember that Cold Fusion, later LENR, now HHENI was an extraordinarily difficult problem, first much more a source of disillusions than of excess energy.
In such cases it is chanceless to apply a priori old wisdom to solve such a problem. However it is very handy to use these wise sayings a posteriori, when the solution was already sketched at least.
The great Carthagenese warrior speaks about an option:

"I will either find a way, or make one". (Hannibal)

23+ years show that you cannot find a way, DGTG’s example
show that you must make a way.

I find it interesting that a good friend, Roberto Germano- well known for his cultural and genuinely Italian book “Cold Fusion: A Modern Story of Inquisition and Alchemy” (Roberto Germano) Edizion Bibliopolis, Napoli, 2000 (I was honored to write a presentation of it in “Infinite Energy” No 48) – but also an excellent author of aphorisms has told:

You have to evaluate the risks carefully! If you are doing what nobody does, you have to think it over 2 times. If you do what everybody does, you have to think it over 5 times! (Roberto Germano)

A subtle idea telling that it is better to find new ways. Old ways have greater chances to be dead ways. It seems the way to the Inferno is paved with palladium and splashed with heavy water.   (I am telling this, not Roberto!)

4- Mark Gibbs has not pointed out the difference.

I was over-optimistic and naïve writing: Mark Gibbs did not want to start a constructive dialogue with me and now he wrote a new paper: “Cold Fusion, a year later.”
The paper and the fact that Gibbs has not answered my friendly messages demonstrate that I was in serious error he has actually not understood the difference s between real and useful, excess heat and an energy source and technology and applied science. Regrettable he has more readers and commenters than me. I have told him sincerely my opinion- in this new paper he tries to kill cold fusion inclusive Rossi and Defkalion. He has used a single reference of an old CF critic; Kirk Shanahan who has his standard premises and arrives to the conclusion that CF is inexistent, avoiding masterfully any contact with reality.

The author has not responded, however I got a bunch of questions from the most active ant—CF troll of the post Rossi era, Mary Yugo. I don’t know if this is her real name or she is George X, anyway the feminine of the word troll is too offensive. I am feminist so I will let Mary-or-on the contrary to tell what she wishes. In one opportunity I have observed that she had a human reaction- not everybody on the Web has. And I am a feminist.

I have told Mary that I see she has a difficult role on the Web, that of a stubborn CF negationist who cannot know what she says for sure. Without absolute certainties it is difficult to play this role, however she seems to still enjoy it. Let’ see Mary speaks mainly about Rossi and Defkalion.

I want to share with you a part of my message (corrected and stylized- this is for you not for Mary):

“I understand what is Defkalion doing and I am convinced they are on the best way to have a competitive energy source soon... I don't understand what Rossi is doing, however I think he has obtained excess heat in his E-cats and if he gets the help of good engineers he will also have success. You seem to be a technologically educated person; can you imagine how Rossi has faked some 12 experiments with some completely inactive cores?
Possibly he has 'amplified' his results more or less but he definitely has excess heat and can control it in good extent.

Explaining the delays is easy- the problem is VERY difficult, the ways to solutions are damned narrow and need time. may I ask you what was the most difficult problem you have solved, as person and/or team?

Back to the start and an obsession: Truly Independent Testing- is a bureaucratic concept not a technical one. It has limited application.

Suppose- you are poor, I am poor. You need a bike and I will sell my bike. I give it to you, you test it perfectly independently both up-hill and down-hill it is OK. You buy my bike.

Suppose- you are upper middle class, I am the same. I want to sell my Ferrari and your folks consider you deserve a Ferrari. I see you have eyeglasses, you are not renowned as good driver (you could be) so you drive during the test but I am sitting in the car too and give you instructions.
A Ferrari is a Ferrari buy it.
BTW, Defkalion’s process was called a Ferrari forced to go on a bad gravel road- it has a huge potential of development.

Suppose you are a billionaire I am an other billionaire. (Nice idea, isn’t it?) I want a new personal jet and will sell my old jet to you. It cannot be any discussion about independent testing, a jet is not a bike or a car- My pilot will drive it, your acts as co-pilot.
A week and hundreds of miles flights are spent for testing testing.

The Hyperion is complex like a jet but is based on a creative scientific-technological thinking structure. In a few months it will be both downgraded and upgraded to a bike, from the point of view of testing, I bet

5- Just two classical quotations, both good for LENRists too

I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.
(Eartha Kitt)

Besides learning to see, there is another art to be learned - not to see what is not.  (Maria Mitchell)


  1. Happy birthday from Norway, Peter!

    And thanks for sharing your wisdom. It is very much appreciated.

    1. Dear Jan,

      Thank you so much! You are really nice, your message has moved me.
      I don't know if I can ask you to make something for your
      compatriots and me- please look to this:
      My 20 Rules can solve any existing problem and a lot more
      and it would be fine if the people could read and understand and learn them in their native languages. The Rules are translated in Swedish and Danish but not in Norwegian and Finnish- from the Scandinavian languages.
      I would be very indebted if you could help with your country's language, I want the problems solved in any geographical context.

      Thank you in advance,

    2. Dear Peter,

      It will be my pleasure. I will email the translation to you shortly.


  2. Dear Mr. Gluck,

    Ms. MaryYugo (real name very probable Marisska) started appearance in Steorn era at Steorn forum. He excell at times of so called Kinetica Fiasco, when Steorn permanent magnet microWatt perpetuum mobile failed few hours before starting big show at Kinetica Museum London. He is very probable daughter or associate of some persons/scientist in circles involving in planned testing (which not started because failure).

    I see MaryYugo at number of forums. He publicly supported ZioNacism (Zionism) - so it is enough to understand heir personality. Out of Court executions, murders of Semitic folks (Palestines) by Khazar invaders, murdering scientists in other countries - this all is for MaryY. O.K.

    She is partially right in technical/procedures details in some failed statements, however he is not capable of see whole picture.

    Reality is more sour then in Sci-Fi novels:
    Rossi is prioritizing secretive big customer(s) and don't understand the extreme damages, which he cause with his politic and Steorn is example from horror underworld. Steorn take 2x 25 million Euros in exchange of this: exclusivity for 2 big customers who demand DELAY for minimum 18 months and maximum no greater then 3 years. This was confirmed on site personally by S. Allan. I firstly poke and consequently crying because Steorn already had very powerfull tech with starting times 13 seconds (not 2 hours as Rossi).
    Rossi today is doing maximum for next X(XX) months of artificial silence - Peter you already know what scale of damage to world is cause this.

    So last chance for non-elitist, non-antihumanism approach is with Defkalion. I understand they are behind time-plan, of course they starting procedures are more advanced and faster then Rossi. I applauded their focus on smaller systems suitable for small businesses and villas owners. However I feared they will experienced more and more delays - this will cause heavy chaos as some utilities will adopt Rossi systems and after introduction of smaller Defkalion and Steorn system even these retrofitted utilities will bankrupt. Simply: Turbulent times in conjuction with EuroZone financial chaos. Something good for rise of new fascist ideas (look Barrosso last dreamed agenda).

    About Defkalion - they condust some 20's test in sum of 55 hours - this is suspect that their systems have lifetime of cca 2-3 hours. Am I wrong ?

  3. update: She Marisska (not He)

  4. Dear Guru,
    I am using many sources re LENR, Mary Yugo is NOT one of them.
    She can be Mariska (one 's' is quite enough), Marcsa (Marsha), Marushka whatever however i think it is about a he, a grumpy old man
    conducting kind of jihad. Very apt in ignoring reality.
    Magnetic devices- not my kind of new energy.
    Defkalion has a Forum, address- why do you not ask them?

  5. Dear Mr. Gluck, although I was polite and believer in LENR and vocal supporter of Defkalion, I am longtime banned at their forum.

    P.S.: Why nobody and never trying and tested a number of vapor deposition layers with in deposition process trapped hydrogen ? Or similar process as amorphous materials are manufactured: more layers of thin strips superfast cooled with trapped hydrogen. Problems may fall with bottles and pressure and leaks. Strip of X layers wound into spool. Some layers conductive, some insulating. Start by resistive (or inductive á la Steorn) heating within seconds. No bottles, no pipes, no 6 metres container.

    1. What is your exact question to DGTG??

      re: Ps how do you want to combine vapor deposition and hydrogen trapping? Do you know a similar process thta could be used as startpoint?


  6. Dear Mr. Gluck, this was only brainstorm. I sometimes haa ideas, which 35 years later are materialized by real inventors.
    If developers at DGT want 1st generation with hydrogen bottle and valves and pipes, O.K. If they are already considering 2nd generation so it is time to look at other configurations.

    Example: strip of metal inside manufacturer pressurized chamber, inside chamber is pressurized hydrogen controlled blast will weld/glue/diffuse another strip of metal to first strip. Few milliseconds before blast is right time to DGT proprietary magic doing atomized H1 from H2. So is possible trapped H inside 2 layers of metal, after that is possible aplied ram. If this is too costly, so some modified standard procedure as here: In 1976, H. Liebermann and C. Graham developed a new method of manufacturing thin ribbons of amorphous metal on a supercooled fast-spinning wheel

    target: layered/welded/diffused more layers of different metglas/magnatec etc materials

    HephaHeat (which is real) use only new materials and no or minimum electronic - they use common 50/60 Hz current and is starting 13 seconds.

    Ideal combination: HephaHeat like similar tech + LENR into one.

    video in next post

  7. these videos are real, they have 2 big contracts (confirmed on site by S. Allan) they got 2x 25 mega Eur/year as basic fee. No hydrogen bottles, input data not 100% confirmed

    1. Can I help you in some way that these promising ideas should get through to those who can perform decisive experiments?
      The audience of my Blog is not great and i have full understanding for that; for example in politics (loca!) I am reading only what I already know and expect.

  8. Dear Mr. Gluck, thank for Your patience with me. My active english is far from fluent (I only read english last 20 years, not talking). I am trying to be useful. I have hypothesis that as same amount of new phenomenons as last years show nanomaterials so this same great future may wait for multilayered (and diffused) materials/combinations of materials or simply micro/nano metal filings(sawdust) in simple tubes. Blast welding/layering/diffusion is my 36 years old ideas as some steel foam. I have hypothesis that Rossi came to his results by simple trying thousands try & error tests with combinations of illogical and new materials. I have hypothesis that Steorn secret is also in new materials and lesser in algorithm/waveforms. I have hypothesis that if DGT will record success in small cheap not too complicated systems, that is some probability thanks to their business model of selling licenses to multiple parties, that tech will more rapidly dispersed between common customers, homeowners, small businesses than politic of Mr. Rossi.

    So I would be very pleased if you could help forwarded my above mentioned amateurish pure brainstormed ideas to researchers and developers of DGT.

    Very Thanks, With Best Regards Guru, Czech Republic

    P.S.: Romania was only one from "brethren" countries who refused militarily occupy our nation in year 1968, this is great moral plus

    1. Dear guru,

      Call me Peter.
      I have been in your country- visiting Neratovice Plant
      and Prague. Had many good Czech friends and have red
      unforgettable Czech books.

      As you can see here:
      my useful Problem Solving Rules are translated in Slovak, but still not in Czech.

      Forgot to tell that I like very much Czech music. (opera first)

      Re our collaboration the best will be if you write me
      to and we acn discuss directly as to survivors of bad times.