Saturday, August 18, 2012


The Oxford English Fictionary

List of lists of lists:

Google Fiber: Ultra-Fast Internet:

Panasonic develops highly efficient artificial photosynthesis system generating organic materials from carbon dioxide and water :

Toilet Paper: A History:

The Weakness of Positive Thinking:

Cuckoo Tricks to Beat the Neighborhood Watch:

The Positive Power of Negative Thinking:

New Google Tools to Make the Search Engine More All-Knowing::                                           

Stop bad email but not all email:

You Know the Placebo Effect. Now There's the Nocebo Effect:

Google Works to Make Search Smarter
Google shows off improvements to its Voice Search, and adds Gmail to Web search results:

Scientists' Gold Discovery Sheds Light On Catalysis:

Do Americans Really Envy Sweden's Egalitarianism?:

False Wisdom of Crowds:

Evolutionary Increase in Size of the Human Brain Explained: Part of a Protein Linked to Rapid Change in Cognitive Ability:

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