Thursday, May 24, 2012


Brain Scan for Alzheimer's. A recently approved plaque-tracking dye can improve doctors' ability to identify Alzheimer's:

The Facebook Fallacy. For all its valuation, the social network is just another ad-supported site. Without an earth-changing idea, it will collapse and take down the Web:

How to be a Damn Good Developmental Manager:

How To Use Memes to Promote Your Business:

Best Time to Study the Cosmos Was More Than 13 Billion Years Ago:

Is Google’s knowledge graph good or evil?:

GPS for the Brain: New Brain Map Developed:

Componential Theory of Creativity:

What is Cymbolism:

It’s all about networks:

It's Official: Google Is Now a Hardware Company:

Population Growth: The Other Inconvenient Truth:

Taking Solar Technology Up a Notch: New Inexpensive, Environmentally Friendly Solar Cell Shines With Potential:

Artificial Leaf Device Produces Hydrogen in Water Using Only Sunlight:

Wearing Two Different Hats: Moral Decisions May Depend On the Situation:

New Species Top 10 List: Underworld Worm, Walking Cactus Creature, Blue Tarantula, Sneezing Monkey, and More:

Fire Beetles May Revolutionize Early-Warning Systems for Forest Fires:

Well connected brains make you smarter in older age:

Research blogging:

Search for magazine articles:

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