Sunday, September 18, 2011


 Planning and organizing research is an important part of  the Management of  Technology. Obviously, there can be surprises (statistically 80% bad and 20% good- Pareto is ubiquitous) but too many changes are confusing and destructive.
For example, Rossi’s final and total demo:  was always conceived in the spirit of technological collectivism- a great group of E-cats bound together- first 100 than
a terrific 330 and now 52 fat cats quite neatly arranged in a great metal box. What’s the logic of this variations? Paraphrasing Shakespeare- “Though this be research, there is NO method in it.”

Why we had seen (including the recent “self-sustaining” experiment) only partial, fractionar, unfinished, incomplete –experiments, done and undone in the same time?
What is the logic of the idea that a collective of E-cats will give more reliable results than individual E-cats?  Perhaps  this is true.
" Everything has to be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" (Albert Einstein)

"Everything must be made as complex as possible so that the people will be confused and believe anything" (Andrea Rossi)
I cannot avoid he idea that the best musical illustration of the situation of the E-cats and their creator is this:

The name of this opus in Italian;”L’apprendista stregone” sounds very discouraging. There are 44 days left till the promised demonstration. Dum spiro, spero ?!


  1. We are outsiders trying to look in. Perhaps there is method. Granted, the previous public demos were not convincing and full of unexplained observations. I for one hope this 1 MWt plant will work as advertized.
    CMNS enthusiast

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