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You may be flexible on strategy, but must remain consistent on principle! (Brubaker Movie)

The peak of good thinking is systems thinking. However there must be a pragmatic balance between positive thinking and negative thinking, and the world- includiing the realm of Science-Technology is built in a way that makes negative thinking prioritary
and predominant- believe me I am a realist-optimist.
See my failed essay:
Its basic and inevitable principle is: To start, remove obstacles first- and this includes inner or grafted-on obstacles, vulnerabilities.
There is a plethora of positive saying about the hidden virtues of vulnerabilities- actually these are simply lies. A vulnerability is a vulnerability- an opportunity of being hurt, suffer losses, fail.
This morning I have seen that Me356's fine and well executed test has failed - again the resistance wire has burn some 30 C before the magic temperature. Me356 had no luck- my deep sympathy for him.
As the Lugano test shows as and as some electro-engineers say it, there are available wires that can work well in the necessary hellish circumstances for weeks without burning. If this is true- the replicators have to get them and use them.
Wireless heat as I said many times, would be a radical solution.
 You can also learn a lot on the Facebook page of MFMP- these brave guys are learning, doing, and understanding  systematically.
From what they say e.g. about the role of pressure (and free space in the reactor) and what we get to know on other ways, I think that we can paraphrase Einstein: "The Hot Cat is subtle, but malicious is it not". And if you remove its weaknesses- it can be tamed and ruled. Kilns or molten metal baths?


Parkhomov-style LENR Test by Me356 — Update#5: Sat. May 23 Test Concludes with Heater Failure

Rossi says it straight: 
Andrea Rossi
James Rovnak:
To go to high temperatures poses very complex problems for the reactor, the resistances, the charge. We burnt hundreds of reactors to find the solutions, in parallel with a very thoroughly study before and after every experiment.
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Gregory Goble:
U.S. LENR Manhattan Project - U.S. Advanced LENR Technology

Daniel Gendron 24hrs. test (Pt+ Pd):

Widom Larsen Superconducting hydrides and directed Speculation:

An excellent source of Sunday lectures is Maria Popova's


  1. High temperature heater wire will not solve the control and associated meltdown problem. The limiting factor is the nickel powder. That powder will fail in the neighborhood of 1450C and is the immutable weak link in the design of the Hot cat reactor.

    I seggest that the pulsed arc solution to the control problem as developed by Defkalian should be an option that the builders of the LENR reactor should consider in building a controllable and successful reactor.

    1. Sounds good to me Axil. A little EM noise never hurt a Rossi or Parkhomov fuel element now did it not?