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Almost every wise saying has an opposite one, no less wise, to balance it.
(George Santayana)

This must be true for the very inspiring Voltaire quote of yesterday, therefore:

"A long dispute means that both parties are right. (Unknown author but if necessary, I will assume the paternity and responsibility of the saying) 

Because in good sharp, or/or disputes the parts are fighting, arguing, bullying for opinions that are contradictory, this new saying of today leads directly to the very scientific:
And to the idea that the contrary of a small truth is an untruth or a lie, the contrary of a great truth is an other great truth.
All these ideas are infuriating and challenging a normally thinking logical mind. But they are perfectly possible because truths are fragmented. If some day the LENR+ idea will prevail and a reporter will ask me what is my best writing on EGO OUT (it will not) I could give only one answer- it is:
Yes, our truths are very fragmented and then many unexpected  combinations and intermediary situations are possible.
How can we answer to:
-is LENR real/not real, useful/just a scientific anomalous toy, nuclear/not only nuclear, mainly nuclear/ nuclear only in small proportion, nuclear reactions or nuclear interactions. is it solvable by the strict scientific method/solvable by using engineering first, based on a theory/on more theories, has first to be understood theoretically/or by technological development,damn theories!,needs theories only or theories in the frame of a recipe, linear/very non-linear, is scientifically correct, based on what we already know/needs branches of science that are now in development as nanoplasmonics, unity in diversity or diversity in unity is more important?  And so on, still many issues to consider!This can continue indeed but the essence is the amazing richness of LENR.


Rossi: Hot Cats to be Used for Domestic Unit — ‘Very Long’ Self-Sustain Periods in Single Units:

Parkhomov-style LENR Test by Me356 (Sat, May 9th) — Update#2: Next Test to Include Manual Override of PID Controller):

Nuclear Reactor Analysis book
Nuclear Reactor Analysis. James J. Duderstadt, Louis J. Hamilton

"When we think of nuclear power, there are usually just two .. That was always wrong and irresponsible and now we have confirmation from Edison about what our analysis has been saying for weeks. Nuclear Reactor Analysis Description. The atomic industry is shifting its focus to smaller reactors to meet surging demand from emerging economies undeterred by the Fukushima disaster. Nuclear energy: Flexible fission. The cold fusion dream lives on: NASA is developing cheap, clean, low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology that could eventually see cars, planes, and homes powered by small, safe nuclear reactors."
Can be downloaded.


How Nanomaterials Can Help Make Fuel from Sunlight.
Researchers say combining bacteria with nanoscale semiconductors opens a new path toward efficient artificial photosynthesis.

I think this could be a useful lecture, these days I have insisted that LENR has to learn from Biology, however an old idea of mine  is that it MUST learn from Management- a pragmatic philosophy too:
What Do Dead Horses Have To Do With Management Strategy?

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