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Those who lose dreaming are lost. (Proverb of the Australian aborigines)

This was inspired by my Australian good friend  Doug Marker who has written comments- much too nice doing harm to my deep modesty - to my editorial of yesterday. He spoke well i.a. about my trans-culturalism and suddenly I realized that I am very ignorant regarding Australia's culture before the Europeans came, prior to revealing the swans' blackness- and even today.
The proverb is the standard one for illustrating the wisdom of the Old Aussies. And it goes well with my rather bad mood these days...
I am not an Australian and historically speaking, it is entirely my fault.
In 1936 some local extremists have beaten my mother on the street, so my older brother Emmanuel has died 6 hours after his birth. My parents have decided to emigrate in Australia and were in full preparation when I have announced them that I will come back. So they had to stay. Geography is destiny but the reverse is not true. (This has no sense at all but sounds fine)
Being born in Australia would have changed my options, as zoologist or opera singer (bass-baritone) my contribution to saving the world would have been definitely less significant- no modes of thinking discovered, no principle of the chief engineer stated, no revolutionary problem solving rules created but the worse of all- no life changing meeting with Cold Fusion/LENR- the poor thing have had to escape the palladium trap
and grow up alone, without knowing that it MUST metamorphose in LENR+ otherwise everything is in vain.
But I am here- in Cluj Romania and totally dedicated to LENR- as the energy source of the future.
My message to the Australian aborigines  -and to everybody else is: nothing could make me to lose my dream- I will take it with me and bring it back to my next life too. This is a promise. LENR is for you too!

But till then my pleasant duty is to deliver you some LENR news, see... 


1) Rossi expects new successful replication to be published
So do I, but probably Rossi knows more, my first guess is his Professors have eventually decided to publish something.

2) Clean Planet Inc. Hosts Symposia on Future of Cold Fusion in Japan
Some people are wise, some are otherwise- I hope our Japanese friends are wisely chosing a LENR+ based strategy 

3) Viacheslav Starukhin 
My research in the study of LENR
Describes his replication set-up, quite enjoyable with Google Translate.
Experiment tomorrow, Saturday, May 23 starting in the first half of the day, life stream?

4) CO2 & Radiation vs LENR at G-7 Summit
Jim Sweeney writes so well

5) Apparatus with Cold Anode for High-Temperature Electrolytic Hydrogen Loading and Hydrogen Generation
A patent - I have a collection

6) Engineering model of the nucleus of the atom. Инженерная модель атомного ядра
This model can have gems of truth.The term engineering is magnetic for me.

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