Sunday, May 31, 2015



We have had two positive LENR events announced yesterday. What follows now 
is the natural reaction of a disunited community still plagued by different-
from negative to positive- forms of uncertainty: the results will be dissected, analysed to death, Achiles' heels and vulnerabilities will be sought with fervor and vivid imagination.However this process will be interrupted by new positive, increasingly positive results. Increasing in the very LENR+ i.e.
enhanced excess heat's direction with two magic quantitative North Stars;

         POWER                         ENERGY
             2000 Watts/gram Ni        1.5MWatt-hours/gram Ni

These are the targets, determined by the Lugano testers and having the implicit blessing of Andrea Rossi that means- the advanced HotCats, his unique pets having such performances.
These are the standards and guides in research in LENR+
I have stated months ago that certainty will be achieved when we will have a minimum of 8 excellent replications at the level of the standards so that the last traces of uncertainty melt away. 
I do not retract a single sentence of what I wrote here and I am fighting will all my residual powers for my ideas.


MFMP Glowstick Test Provides Hope of Excess Heat Detection from LENR — What Next?

The voice of the Experimenters
NY TEKNIK has published 70 papers about the E-cat

But the Lugano Testers continue to be silent and ELFORSK is not a iota better
Jim Sweeney is so nice- he quotes me- this happens rarely and my LENR geopolitical considerations are not complete. Thanks, dear Jim!
Dr. Peter Gluck gives a national run-down of the latest wave of nations now involved in LENR replications and/or research.



    At 1:05 into the video near the end, National instriments states that they want to support the development of cold fusion by developing tools that researchers need to produce data from which theories can be developed.

    National instriments wants MFMP to tell them what tools they need to solve the cold fusion issue. It is time to reach out to National Instriments to get everything required to make progress in MFMP experiments.


    Dr Truchard the founder of National Instriments has supported cold fusion research for years, offering LabView software free to all researchers in the field. Last year, LENR featured prominently at NIWeek 2012, the National Instruments showcase of their new products and solutions for scientific research.

    Its now time that MFMP enter into a partnership with National Instriments so that they might get their share of National instriments free experimental equipment and technecal support.

  2. At the seminar for cold fusion and ball lightning 28-5-2015:

    Parkhomov presenting his Padua experience

    Ivan Petrovich Chernov from Tomsk Polytechnic University:
    Excessive heat by external influence on metal hydrogen system

    1. Dear Pilgrim,
      Why 108, isn't it too much for this season?
      I have reported about the activity at Tomsk Polytechnics twice and started to read their book and paper- they are important. I wish I could translate for my English speaking readers friends all the important Russian, Italian, French, German papers but have no possibility- much search and correspondence and study to do in order to put LENR in a boroad context and encomprising perspective.
      Have npticed your fine activity at tests e.g. at E-catworld, bravissimo.