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know it's hard when you're up to your armpits in alligators to remember you came here to drain the swamp.  (Ronald Reagan)


About the so-called LENR swamp.

It is my duty to answer now to an other aspect of LENR from Ed Storms essay discussed yesterday- his idea that LENR is a swamp due to highly concentrated human errors and NOT to the inherent , inborn difficulty of the problem

Why is agreement about the most basic aspects of the phenomenon not obtained, even in the field itself? What criteria can we agree is important and can we agree on the consequence of its application? 

Actually, DO we know the most basic aspects of the phenomena (plural)? What we consider our certainties  are- with a high degree of probability- representative for the entire field? What happens in an electrolytic cell with palladium and deuterium is also valid for the events that take place in an E-Cat type reactor with nickel, hydrogen and other possible participants at the reactions? The same simple in principle things specific for nano-cracks of critical dimensions by hydrotons. Suppose we accept this-but what have we then to do experimentally? What is the direction to go for problem solving? How can we define desire for creative agreement and healthy conformism with the fundamental certainties?

I expect a conventional scientist who dares to step into the swamp that is LENR comes away with the same impression. The field is dominated by people who are ignorant of what is known about LENR, are not trained in general science, and cannot agree about anything. The rational discussions are drowned out and the sources of factual information are not acknowledged in the discussions. They go away with a rational opinion that this field is not science. And now Rossi reinforces this opinion. 

To this-re the domination of ignorant people I have answered yesterday. The truth is that there are a lot of serious professionals in the field  but the unknown aspects of the field are so much greater than the known certain ones- that LENR is  a realm of Pre-Science,  not of science. There is no valid theory in LENR today- and actually a dynamic bunch of combined theories is necessary. 
Ed, can you define here "rational discussions"? Do we have facts, solid facts or only factoids, fragments of facts? See please your recent series of experiments- it has resulted in the replacement of some axiomatic truths of the classic field!
About the conventional scientist trying to become a LENR-ist: if he is a physicist the first thing to do will be to apply his/her pet theory to the field. If oriented toward experiments- what will he/she able to achieve with(in) a F&P Cell? I think he will state that the swamp is the LENR problem as such not the ignorant, unskilled, undisciplinable people working there.

I predict that any response to this description will demonstrate once again this lack of agreement. This is not to say that agreement is required or expected about everything. Agreement is only required about basic concepts on which a logical structure can be built. That agreement is not present in this field. If you disagree, you prove my point.

You are right, the field still needs development and progress to make any such agreement possible- and productive. I think we cannot be sure regarding even the basic concepts and we have to focus on the basic principles- as I am trying here at this Blog.

Note: The idea of a swampy LENR has inspired some readers to find those responsible for swampiness. Very typical, Brian says: 
Rossi, Mills and Godes keep the swamp thriving in a Kafkaesque manner 
So these bad boys have done something very bad- have perturbed the normal, healthy process of scientific research with their impossible, technological, problem solving approaches.

1) New Songsheng Jiang LENR Tests: Excess Heat for 7 days (Updated — English Translation Published)

The paper (abstract) :

Anomalous heat production in hydrogen-loaded metals: Possible nuclear reactions occurring at normal temperature 

Bu-Jia Qi, Ming He, Shao-Yong Wu, Qing-Zhang Zhao, Xiao-Ming Wang, Yi-Jun Pang, Xian-Lin Yang and Song-Sheng Jiang * China Institute of Atomic Energy, PO 275 (49), Beijing 102413 * Corresponding author E-mail: Ssjiang@ciae.ac.cn, jiang@ihep.ac.cn Translated to English by Bob Higgins of Accuiti Science & Engineering 

This paper reports results of anomalous heat generation in hydrogen-loaded metals at a temperature below 1300°C. The heat was produced in the fuel sample (mixture of nickel powder and LiAlH4), which was added to a nickel cell, and then the cell was placed in a sealed stainless-steel chamber. Results of two runs are demonstrated. Excess heat lasted for seven days in the first run. The first run maximum excess heat power was greater than 450W and the excess heat energy was evaluated to be 78 MJ for the first 72 hours. In the second run, excess heat lasted for 120 minutes after external heating was turned off, and the maximum excess heat power was 450W. The self-sustaining effect can be observed clearly when power was off in the second run. The maximum heat energy from possible chemical reaction was estimated to be 26 kJ, a value much smaller than the excess heat energy. Therefore, excess heat could not originate from any chemical reactions and it might originate from a nuclear reactions. Keywords: Excess heat, Ni-H heat generation, Low energy nuclear reaction.

2) From Hideo Kozima

We have issured CFRL News No. 98 and posted it at CFRL Website;
In this News, there are following items;

1. Following Four Papers were published as Proc. CFRL
(1)  H. Kozima, “Nuclear Transmutations in Polyethylene (XLPE) Films and Water Tree Generation in Them (2)”Reports of CFRL (Cold Fusion Research Laboratory) 16-1, 1 – 6 (February, 2016)
(2)  H. Kozima, “Biotransmutation as a Cold Fusion Phenomenon,” Reports of CFRL (Cold Fusion Research Laboratory) 16-2, 1 – 25 (February, 2016).
(3)  H. Kozima and K. Kaki, “The Cold Fusion Phenomenon and Neutrons in Solids,” Reports of CFRL (Cold Fusion Research Laboratory) 16-3, 1 – 43 (February, 2016)
(4)  H. Kozima, “From the History of CF Research – A Review of the Typical Papers on the Cold Fusion Phenomenon –,”Reports of CFRL (Cold Fusion Research Laboratory) 16-4, 1 – 43 (February, 2016).
Recent News on the E-Cat

ICCF-20 Oct 2-7, Sendai, Japan: 

4) respecting the original spelling
cold fushion by squeezing nickle, lithium and hydrogen in a vice and heating it up just a bit

5) Possibility of LENR Occurring in Electric Arc-Plasma: Preliminary Investigation of Anomalous 
Heat Generation during Underwater Arcing using Carbon Electrodes

 Mragank Sharma-1 , Kriti Rastogi-2 , M Faisal Jamal Khan-3 , Aishwarya Bajpai-4 1,2,3,4Department of Mechanical & Automation Engineering, Amity School of Engineering & Technology, Amity University, U.P Lucknow 

The author and his students have investigated anomalous heat generation during carbon arcing done under saline water solutions using carbon electrodes. Energy balance calculations, indicate a marginal excess energy of up to 50 % with MS electrodes while with carbon electrodes output to input energy ratios are found to be as high as a factor of eight indicating excess heat up to 700%. We think that the anomalous excess energy could be due to some type of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) but the nature of these reactions have not been studied by us so far. The carbon-electrode arc results on heat-accounting corroborate the mass-spectroscopic findings reported by BARC, Texas A & M University and other groups.
See also:

6) Rossi: Small E-Cat Prototype Units are 100 W Called ‘Quarks’ (Update: All-Electric Quarks Possible)


One of the amazing properties of the monopole field is that it makes the matter that it encompasses impervious to destruction. Hydrogen Rydberg Matter covered in a monopole EMF field would be impervious to a nuclear bomb blast. This can be understood in the experiments of LeClair, where he produces transuranic elements using a hot fusion supernova pressure that his water crystal exerts on matter.

Once formed in the E-Cat X and protected by an increasingly strong monopole field, the reactor could sustain any temperature even up to the temperature of the Sun. If the E-Cat X is producing light in the solar black body spectrum, the E-Cat X could be operating at temperatures in the solar range.

The heat emitted by the E-Cat can be reduced if the temperature that the E-Cat operates at is increased

Wien's Law

If the E-cat can operate at very high temperatures, then visible light can drive the reaction instead of heat. The heat produced by the E-Cat can be minimized is the E-Cat can run at very high temperatures.

Rossi may have invented a plasma based system confined by a very high melting point material.
Eliminating the production of heat as Holmlid has done by using a green laser light implies that his reaction runs at a temperature that equals that of the Sun.
Rossi may have invented a plasma based system confined by a very high melting point material.

Might the E Cat X be using the same reaction that powers the SunCell except that solar level reaction is confined in a very high melting point material.


The liquid Sun:
There is another path to understanding LENR. That path is found in the stars. Here follows a summation of that path less taken to LENR understanding by Prof. Pierre-Marie Robitaille

Now that liquid metallic hydrogen has been advanced as a solar building block, it is likely
that opposition will be raised, for many will foresee unsettling changes in astronomy. A liquid Sun brings into question our understanding of nearly every facet of this science:
from stellar structure and evolution, the existence of black holes, the primordial atom, dark energy, and dark matter. It is not easy to abandon familiar ideas and begin anew.

However, some scientists will realize that a liquid metallic hydrogen model of the Sun, not only opens new avenues, but it also unifies much of human knowledge into a cohesive
and elegant framework. A liquid metallic Sun invites astronomy to revisit the days of Kirchhoff and Stewart, and to recall the powerful lessons learned from studying the thermal emission of materials. It emphasizes that our telescopes observe structural realities and not illusions.

In recognizing the full character of these structures, all of the great solar astronomers from Galileo, to Secchi, to Hale are honored. These observers knew that solar structures
(granules, sunspots, pores, flares, prominences, etc. . . ) were manifesting something profound about nature.

For astrophysicists, the Sun imparts lessons which may well have direct applications for mankind. For instance, the solar body holds the key to fusion. If the Sun is made from
condensed matter, then our experiments should focus on this state. Sunspots may also guard the secret to synthesizing metallic hydrogen on Earth. If sunspots are truly metallic , as reflected by their magnetic fields, then attempts to form liquid metallic hydrogen on Earth might benefit from the presence of magnetic fields. Our analysis of the photospheric constitution and the continuous thermal spectrum should be trying to tell us something about liquids and their long range order.


Nanoparticles on nanosteps
$1.25 Billion in Private Follow-on Funding for Transformational Energy Technologies


The short cut to problem-solving
"A simple and thoughtless measure is never sufficient to tackle the intricate reality and a meshwork of problems. Taking the well trodden path is way easier and effortless, but what awaits us at the end could be a sloppy mud pool." 


  1. LENR is not a swamp. It is a Tower of Babel.

    1. Thanks- a valuable idea despite its negativenes.
      This is the situation.


  2. I want to get one of the starter kits from the looking for heat guys--I need one of those monopole field generators Axil is talking about--if we can figure out how to weaponize LENR it will start getting more attention ; - )

  3. Somebody mentioned a "Monopole Field..." O.K. what would this be?]
    In my way of thinking a "Monopole" is an impossibility as polarity is inherently dimeric...

    1. Author Larry Niven has used the Monopole concept in his Ringworld/PAK novels quite a bit. Was not used as a "force" type field as far as I know. trying to post a link: