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                                         The strange thing is that I see the same in any mirror.


 Birth of a legend- Rossi's genuine competition working for/with Industrial Heat

IIndustrial Heat's hyper-intensively discussed, surprisingly and clearly opaque Statement of March 10, 2016 reveals a very interesting and possibly important things. See please:

"LENR is a key focus of Industrial Heat and we believe multiple technologies in this sector warrant further investigation and development. Industrial Heat has licensed, acquired or invested in several LENR technologies from around the world.
Idea reinforced by:
"Our portfolio of work has never been stronger and we remain excited about the potential we see."
These assertions and some fragments from Tom Darden's earlier presentations appear as proofs of yhe existence of a nursery or even school of Rossi's potential- serious competitors under the aegis and financial umbrella of IH. This is good for everybody active in the LENR area, first of all for Andrea Rossi; it is well known that absence of alternatives clarifies the mind (Henry Kissinger) while absence of competition makes yor present annoying and your future opaque (Management kindergarten truth)
 Changing the Rossi vs The Rest situation would be a blessing for the field, all the many technical revolutions of our age were driven by global competition, LENR revolution cannot make exception, even in this incipient stage.
The most interesting question now is which companies belong to the group of Rossi competitors. Today they are only part of a legend. OK, we know IH collaborates with Brillouin but not in which extent and dedication.
There are some natural choices if we choose as unique criterion the creative power of the leading researchers; NICHENERGY of Piantelli would be the first in my opinion but I have no contact with IH at all. It is rather obvious that Pekka Soininen and ETIAM of Finland KNOWS a lot about LENR and have ideas. Very probably some smart guys have gathered what Defkalion has published/shown and so my guess is that IH has at least one Defkalion-epigon-reborn in its portfolio (if my guesss is correct). It is a huge area for pleasant surprises and I am thinking why Dave Daggett from Phonon Energy became so silent starting from Sept. 2015.
You know the rule unknown data are usually more important ion problem solving than the know ones- why should the raising legend of IH backed Rossi competitors be otherwise?Does IH support some classic LENR research somewhere?

1) The patents of Andrea Rossi in Italian
I brevetti di Andrea Rossi sull'e-cat (2009-2015)
(post di Silvio Caggia)

2) Today the Swedish E-Cat licensee HydroFusion published a new summary of the fourth quarter of 2015 and also released some interesting news about a heavy investment of China into LENR:

E-Cat: Fourth Quarter Developments Of 2015                               

3) On what has based Steve Krivit his idea of Rossi- IH divorce:

On March 8, New Energy Times sent a copy of Lewan’s blog post and our questions to Industrial Heat about its involvement in the test. Today, we received a statement from Industrial Heat. The statement explains the company’s objectives with LENRs. It mentions nothing about Rossi, his company Leonardo Technologies, or his 1 megawatt heater.

The statement mentions nothing about any test, let alone the test Lewan said Industrial Heat had been conducting during the past year.
The Industrial Heat statement talked about “embracing failure” and “premature proclamations” and condemned situations in which “results are promoted and claims are made without rigorous verification and precise measurement.”

The statement contradicted Lewan’s assertion of Industrial Heat’s involvement in the test. “Any claims made about technologies in our portfolio,” Industrial Heat wrote, “should only be relied upon if affirmed by Industrial Heat and backed by reputable third parties who have verified our results in repeated experiments.”
Industrial Heat said that the company was looking into other technologies in the field of LENRs. However, among the companies and research organizations actively working in the field, no working thermal systems or experimental devices come anywhere close to the enormous 1 megawatt heat output claimed by Rossi and E-Cat promoters.

Industrial Heat Releases a statement in regards to LENR research

Leonardo Corporation comments on E-Cat IP-rights and licenses
" At this time, there has been no change to the Territory licensed to Industrial Heat, LLC or any of its affiliated companies. Leonardo Corporation remains the owner of ALL the E- Cat related intellectual property and continues to work with multiple licensees, including the great Swedish Team of Hydrofusion ( one of our pillars ) throughout Europe and the rest of the world.
Warm Regards,
Dr Andrea Rossi, CEO of Leonardo Corporation.”

4) From Rosssi's blog:
Andrea Rossi
March 11, 2016 at 3:18 PM

4) Frank Acland:
I have made an important theoretical discover this very morning working with the E-Cat quarkX an I must talk with Prof. Cook.
About China: that issue is up to IH.
Warm Regards

5) From Torbjorn Johnsen
E-Cat sales and distribution License Holders World Wide
The $USD 3.6 Trillion #Energy Market is about to Change Completely due to #LENR !


Update: Why this week’s man-versus-machine Go match doesn’t matter (and what does):


organizations are people


  1. Go story is strange for me.
    It is based on the developement of deep learning. It is a long time I did not work on AI concept, but deep learning when I found what it was, AI helped by multi-layer neural network (or similar non linear networks), I found that it was just what we were prepared to do in 1990.
    Not a surprise Yann LeCun is a big name of that technology.

    now, guess why this resonate much more than what you can imagine, beside Go was the only complex game where I was not too bad (I hate chess).

    Some organization on earth have done a great job, and I'm thankful for them. Too bad my "savoir être" was not mature to be like Yann.

    Melancholy, and impatience.

  2. Anyone looking for reasons Krivit does what he does need look no further that the typical behaviour of malevolent psychotics that Krivit personifies. His history of threatening people in the field with his internet smears if they do not give him what he demands of them is very clearly known. His smearing of those who refuse his blackmail demands is also clear evidence of this monster and those who have and continue to help him in his vicious smears

    1. Krivit days are numbered he does not have enough money to defend the lawsuit, he will disappear soon now.

    2. I am pretty sure the days are soon numbered for Andrea Rossi and his scam.

  3. JT Nanor. Remind info about IH, TSEM and MIT...

  4. Just a short time ago, IH applied for their own patent based on the Lugano test results. That must have been an effort to develop IH's own IP. A patent defines the IP. That patent was not granted to the best of my knowledge. There will be more attempts for IH to develop their own IP.

    Rossi might have decided it was safer for his best interests to keep his distance from IH to protect his IP. Remember that Defkalion made of impressive effort to develop their own IP, and Rossi hated Defkalion with a passion.

    Rossi and his funders have a mongoose and cobra love affair. It will be interesting to see who will eat whom.

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  6. Hello Peter
    Roger Green Ecat distributor says some Countries
    are still open to be licensed.
    Do you know how you go about trying to get the
    distribition rights to these Countries.


    1. Ask Roger Green, based on what I know from the past, he will sell you one. Unless he sold them back during Rossi's big buyback program, Green has several countries covered and will sell sub-rights.

      Would you want to buy one though ? - I wouldn't.


    2. I would buy one.
      I E mailed Roger.

  7. The divorce between Rossi and IH has been obvious for some months now. Investors make mistakes, and need keep on going.

    That's normal.

  8. I think IH thought it was better to keep seperated from
    A.R.Let him get on with his work.
    Less chance of arguments.