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It is not materialism that is the chief curse of the world, as pastors teach, but idealism. Men get into trouble by taking their visions and hallucinations too seriously. H. L. Mencken

There are no such things as curses; only people and their decisions (Yvonne Wood)


Being an incurable optimist, I hope that soon, even very soon the vital Metamorphosis of LENR will, indeed, take place. Quite frequently the events have pushed us to believe that there is a bad spell, a curse, the revenge of a group of uninvited scientific Fairies. Such things actually do not exist- the source of all troubles were as I see it- an unexpected combination of an great error of History with some, perfectly excusable human weaknesses and over-reactions. You cannot solve a problem hiding in  dark place, in  a bad, underdeveloped  form- having a a false incomplete identity. 
Now a transition will come and the new form of LENR will be technological
while LENR science will be reborn, broken in more correlated scientific disciplines.
Fleischmann' and Pons's dream of infinite energy will become real- in essenceand core- in a new shape and environment.
I still hope to be relatively alive when this will happen.


Remark  My Ego Out issue of yesterday has received some very good and valuable comments, worth of reading and thinking about. Thanks!

1) Cold Fusion/LENR:

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3) Ferocious but ineffective, unconvincing and actually insignificant attacks. Polemics is  a dying art?
 Andrea Rossi – Status of Articles about the Thermoelectric Scam of Andrea Rossi

4) Gregory Goble
LENR and 3d Manufacturing in Space

5) Andrea Rossi
March 2, 2016 at 4:15 PM

Pavel Dubcek:
In this period I work 100% on the E-Cat X, in the quark version. Today we made a fantastic progress with the microprocessors that will regulate the assemblies.
The operation is still very promising.
Warm Regards,

6) It is March 3,not April 1st but you never know:
Brad Pitt play Andrea Rossi in new HJollywood movies?
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have invested with John Vaughn T / Industrial heats.
Is there a new movie in the pipeline?
Help us find the answer!

7) However this is a confirmation, big money moving:
IH International Holdings Limited — A Tom Darden Directed Company Registered in the UK (A Brad Pitt E-Cat Connection)

8) David Nygren has asked Andrea Rossi about this news and Rossi has answered:
Andrea Rossi
March 3, 2016 at 10:20 AM

David Nygren:
I have to think to work, work, work.
I want an E-Cat X working in an industrial plant within 2016. F9.
Warm Regards,

9) U.S. Military Researchers Discuss LENR Co-Deposition, “Thermal Runaways”


The results from Lugano are not useful in reverse engineering the LENR reaction at the initial rudimentary stage of analysis that MFMP is now. On the contrary, those Lugano results have led Rossi to a very advanced understanding of the LENR reaction. Rossi said that the Lugano results inspired him to create the design of the E Cat X. IMHO, that XCat insight goes beyond the NI62 question and more into the LENR reaction in the vapor stage.

The purpose of fuel preprocessing is to make the nickel particles porous through sintering and able to produce hydrogen nanocrystals. In Lugano, the nickel melted and lost the ability to produce the LENR active effect using it porosity. The melting of nickel during the Lugano test took away nickel's role in the LENR reaction.

The melted nickel became passive and its ability to flow in the liquid state allowed the mixing of the nickel to completely transmute into the Ni62 isotope. After the nickel converted to Ni62 as a side reaction off the main LENR reaction, the Ni62 stopped participating in the LENR reaction as a dead end. It is a dead end because no Ni64 was found.

The active LENR agents in Lugano were in place after nickel melted. In other words, nickel played a role in initiating the LENR reaction but after a time became inactive when it melted. The core of the Lugano reactor has all the metallized hydrogen required to keep the LENR reaction going.

Rossi used this observation to setup the XCat to operate at a temperature greater than the melting point of nickel(over 1500C).

The active agent in the LENR reaction at those high temperatures is metalized hydrogen. Once that form of hydrogen forms, it takes over the LENR reaction from the melted nickel particles.

Think of the LENR reaction like a multistage rocket where each stage is discarded after its function has completed.

Rossi has gone beyond Piantelli on the design of the XCat. It is bad analysis technique and therefore confusing to mix the XCat design with Piantilli design thinking.

​When Bob G says heavy, he means the most nuclear binding energy per nucleon. Ni62 has the most nuclear binding energy per nucleon of any element, In that sense, Ni62 is the heaviest element.

It could be that this nuclear binding energy is the quantity that must come into a state of equilibrium by way of the LENR reaction among all the elements that the LENR reaction effects as covered by the nuclear condensate.

If a Bose condensate is formed among all the nuclear components inside the reactor, then all those components may want to become energetically equal through a multi-particle entanglement process in terms of nuclear binding energy.

As nuclear energy is removed from the condensate through the action of black thermal radiation from the metalized hydrogen, total binding energy in the condensate goes up.

Small nuclei that are larger than hydrogen can combine into bigger ones and release energy. By releasing energy, they increase their nuclear binding energy. But in combining such nuclei, the amount of energy released is much smaller compared to hydrogen fusion. The reason is that while the overall process releases energy from letting the nuclear attraction do its work, bose condensation energy must rebalance nuclear forces between all the elements in the process of condensation.

Nuclear energy is removed from the nickel nucleus until the nuclear binding energy is maximized. 

The nuclear energy is removed from all the elements under the influence of the bose condensate and moved to the metalized hydrogen EMF surface field which continually leaks energy away as hawking radiation in the thermal spectrum.

The most enhancement of the LENR reaction might be to use pure Ni58 which has the most energy to give over to the LENR process before the Ni62 ash product is reached.

It might also be that when nickel is a liquid, its flow allows more nickel to be converted to Ni62 than if it were a solid.

he adds:
What is telling in understanding that binding energy is the critical quantity in the LENR nuclear equation is because Ni64 becomes Ni62. This happens because by giving up its nuclear energy to the condensate, its binding energy is increased and maximized as Ni62.


James Gleick on the Common Character Traits of Geniuses


  1. An intelligent layman cannot present a clever idea to the physicists of the world and trigger a new discovery, this is because the layman does not speak in the technical language that the expert uses, and there is no way to convey your thoughts in a clear way that will be useful to them. But I have noticed a human-behavioral phenomenon that seems to come and go over time, and that is our predilection to remain comfortable within our sphere of knowledge, why disturb the status quo when the present course and heading seems stable and safe? One of the things that tend to periodically shake up the science world are when discoveries of an exponential scale are made, I am thinking of times like when we found that nebula were actually distant galaxies far away from our suddenly smaller feeling Milky Way galaxy. You would think that once such a stunning discovery ruptured and destroyed our concept of the scale of the cosmos, that we would from that point on keep in mind that the actual size and scale of anything we can conceive should be subject to a completely open mind. The range of our thinking on how small or how large anything can be, should be virtually unbounded and considered to be possibly infinite, and this “scaling factor” should always be in the back of your minds while pondering the mysteries of science of any kind. Human kind started off being small and thinking small, the world to our ancestors was a tiny area on the Earth where we lived and died, but over time our knowledge expanded and our view was periodically updated, usually on a colossal, mind blowing scale. Now we hear whispers from CERN that a new discovery may be eminent and that this discovery will expand our concept of size on an exponential scale. I think we shouldn’t be so surprised by these discoveries that tend to shock us from our small zones of comfort, and we should learn to expect, predict, and accept these events as normal.

    1. 2016 will be the year that something huge will be revealed about the fundamental workings of nature, that wonderful revelation is LENR. LENR is responsible for dark energy and dark matter. LENR is what makes the universe so friendly to life. LENR is more than excess heat, it is the force of life in the universe. Let the force be with you.

  2. Rossi is complaining about a 'failure to thrive' condition such as losing weight without reason. We might consider that a primary symptom of chronic radiation exposure is unexplained weight loss.

    Andrea Rossi
    March 3, 2016 at 9:07 PM
    Jed Orwell:
    I continue to lose weight and we do not understand why. I am going to make a lot of “scopies” you name one, I scope it, but I feel well and work my 12 hours per day on my E-Cats; today another important loophole with the E-Cat X.
    Anyway: yes, I am ready to pass to my Team all the skills necessary to make without me, just in case. But I never in my life worked as well as I am doing during these days. Obviously, the faster we go, the better. Until the horse is good, better ride him.
    Warm Regards,

    LENR could be producing a form of stealth radiation; radiation that damages structure and tissue but does not produce a reading on a radiation meter.

    John Fisher has detected 1.5 MeV alpha particles radiating from a central point of causation. Yet a gamma is not detected that should be there when that alpha particle hits the CR-39.

    It is well known in many LENR experiments that helium is detected without the generation of gamma radiation. This implies that alpha particles are produced without the generation of the gammas that usually accompany the alphas.

    How could this be possible, that alpha radiation can exist without the detection of gamma radiation? It could be that a general state of multi particle entanglement between the alpha particles and their center of causation... let us call that cause an exotic neutral particle (ENP)... transfers all gamma radiation through a quantum mechanical pathway to the ENP.

    However, the damage that the alpha particle produces through kinetic impact still occurs. Also, there is evidence that the ENP and float in the air. If this is in fact true, this particle can be taken into the body where it can catalyze nuclear reactions in tissue... and here too the gamma radiation is hidden.

    This possibility entered my mind when Mark LeClair claimed that he and his research partner were sickened and entered the hospital after a experiment with a cavitation based LENR system. Could LeClair have taken into his body a large number of these ENPs.

    It is important to understand how ENPs work if they exist to protect the thousands of replicators that will be getting into the science of LENR.

    Like Marie Curie, Rossi might have sacrificed his health to the unknown dangers that one must face in the LENR science.

    1. I am sure the radiation inside the plant was measured by any possible instruments. Losing weight is natural for some people in certain limits. A problem of microbiome.


    2. I am sure the radiation inside the plant was measured by any possible instruments. Losing weight is natural for some people in certain limits. A problem of microbiome.


  3. You can hardly solve problems by creating personal realities, as the LENR flock is so keen to do. It's good to brave but better to remove the blindfold.

    1. Dear Timo,

      Can you explzin this in a better manner- what is according to you personal reality? What blindfolds?
      Be more explicit please!


    2. Dear Timo,

      Can you explzin this in a better manner- what is according to you personal reality? What blindfolds?
      Be more explicit please!